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Guard market


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Guard market

  1. 1.<br />
  2. 2. Basic Concept<br />The basic idea behind Guard Market is to have a shop mainly<br />for dance teams and color guards so they can have a place<br />to design and have custom uniforms sewn, buy bags and sweat<br />outfits distinct to their team and have an overall uniform and<br />equipment headquarters, where all the middle man is handled<br />locally and can be checked on by instructors, assistants, captains<br />etc. This is meant to be a very friendly environment where<br />instructors, and even whole teams at a time can come and have<br />the entire design and uniform fitting process in an easy place,<br />without the fear of having a mishap while getting uniforms and<br />equipment there on time. Guard Market will be an new and<br />innovative step in the world of color guards and dance teams, to<br />enhance Auxiliary performance during marching band, and allowing<br />dance teams and color guards to have a successful season during<br />the spring and winter guard <br />
  3. 3. Services Guard Market will offer<br />Custom Uniforms-designed and made in store<br />Custom Sweat Suits-basic templates set in store, embroidery with team name/logo/member names done in shop<br />Custom gym bags-roomy enough to fit enough clothes and extra personal items to last a few days. Perfect for trips, practices and performances<br />Nice and Big equipment bags-can hold up to a 7 foot pole, roomy enough for 3 to 4 weapons and 3-4 flags. Special compartment for tape and extra bolts and stoppers<br />Miscellaneous items-Guard and Dance shirts, hair ties, ribbons, leotards, dance shoes, team shirts, body sprays and even dance and guard lessons to help hone skills and make for an overall more successful team<br />