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Viamedius destinos-ingles


Published on, a social travek network in Spain that hepls destinations promote within the spanish travelers.

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Viamedius destinos-ingles

  1. 1. ¿Why are ¿What is we, an answer to a new paradigm How can help promote a destination
  2. 2. ¿What is“ is a social network where more than 300.000 travelers inspire themselves for their next trip every month”.
  3. 3. ¿What is an Internet factory with businesses such as e Edipress : A leading tourism communication agency inSpain.T2O: A leading search marketing agency. (SEM y SEO).
  4. 4. ¿Why are we different?We target the leading opinion travelers.Big net of travelers in the world.Experience in the promotion ofdestinations.More than 300.000 travelers everyMonth.More than 3.500 travel journals,22.000 opinions and 25.000 videos andPhotos.
  5. 5., an answer to a new paradigmSocial travel networks have much more power in influencingtraveling decisions than traditional media. Traveler sdecisions are now more influenced by other travelers than bybrands.
  6. 6., an answer to a new paradigmIf we want to influence the traveler decision we have to be able to doso in sites that cover the inspiration and search moments wheretravelers are taking the decision on where to travel. Inspiration, ideas for the trip Sharing experiencs Trip plan Buying travel Travel related products
  7. 7. How can help promote a destinationMixing content generated by real travelers to promote the destination and brand and adding promotion tools and advertising. 2.0 travel Vídeos. content Estrategia Global Online Visibility publicity tools
  8. 8. How can help promote a destinationTravel contentgenerated by real travelers topromote the destination andbrand. Videos, photos, traveljournals and opinions toinfluence the reader in a subtleway.
  9. 9. How can help promote a destination
  10. 10. How can help promote a destination
  11. 11. How can help promote a destination
  12. 12. How can help promote a destination20 minutes videos www.viamedius.tvdivided in severalchapters.Premium content.
  13. 13. How can help promote a destinationDifferent tools tha leadthe traveler to thecontent of thedestination.
  14. 14. How can help promote a destinationBanners in differentformats.
  15. 15. Working methodologyDefine with Content Starting of the Reports andthe destination proposal, campaign with ongoingthe promotion content the visibility information.objectives, production tools and thecontent and approval publicity.strategy and by thecampaign destination.period.
  16. 16. BenefitsHave traveler opinion leadersprescribing your destination.Let travelers communicateaccording to their codes butalienated with the destinationobjectives.More than 300.000 Spanishtravelers. Viral content.Content has not an expirationdate .
  17. 17. Valor añadido de viamedius Email marketing: 500.000 is a flight interested in travelcomparison engine used by information.more than 1.000.000 travelers.
  18. 18. José Luis Martí 659 392 319