2012 2013 parent orientation


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2012 2013 parent orientation

  1. 1. Mrs. Hawley’s 2nd Grade Class
  2. 2.  7:35-7:45 Greet Class 7:45-7:55 Announcements, Morning Work 7:55-8:25 Handwriting, D.E.A.R. Time & Small Group Pull-out 8:25-8:55 Whole Group Reading 8:55-9:15 Grammar & Spelling 9:15-9:40 Guided Reading Groups, Centers 9:45-10:00 Recess 10:00 -10:05 Restroom/Water Break 10:05-10:30 Guided Reading Groups & Literacy Centers 10:30-10:50 Writer’s Workshop & Author’s Chair 10:55-11:25 Lunch 11:25-11:35 Restroom/Water Break 11:35-11:55 Continue Writer’s Workshop & Author’s Chair 11:55-12:25 Social Studies/Science 12:30-1:35 Math, Target Math Wall 1:40-2:25 Specials: Day 1: P.E, Day 2: Music, Day 3: P.E., Day 4: Computer, Day 5: P.E., Day 6: Art 2:30-2:45 Pack it up/Read Aloud (Chapter Book) 2:45 Dismiss Students ~Snacks & Water Bottle- You may bring a healthy snack from home and a water bottle with a top to keep at your desk. ~Conference/Planning Time: 1:40-2:25 (Tuesday is our team planning day during conference time.)
  3. 3.  Behavior Calendar – Check daily & initial Homework :  READ 15-20 Minutes Daily  Students are responsible for turning in homework page stapled to Newsletter each Friday.  Students will present their weekly Reader’s Response Journal each Friday.  Practice Math Facts (No Documentation needs to be turned in)  Practice Spelling Words (No Documentation needs to be turned in) Graded Papers: If grade is below a 70, Please Sign and Return If grade is above a 70, Please Keep (to display on fridge)
  4. 4. General Promotion Requirements 70% end-of-year average in reading and in math work on grade level in math read and comprehend unseen text at an ending 2nd grade level fluency expectation is 10 times your child’s age (Ex. Age 7X10 =70wpm)by the end of second grade demonstrate most of the 2nd grade TEKS in reading, language arts, and math
  5. 5.  Students must sit in the hallway assigned by their teacher. Student may NOT arrive before 7 a.m., as teachers are not on duty to supervise them. Students must practice math facts, read a book, or study spelling words each morning before the bell. Students can only leave with permission. All electronic game devices must be left at home.
  6. 6.  Walk Ask permission before leaving your chair Sit properly in chair Talk quietly Touch only your food- NO SHARING PLEASE!(Students’ behavior is monitored and recorded daily)
  7. 7.  Play only in designated areas. Use equipment safely and appropriately. Leave objects where you found them. Avoid unnecessary physical contact- No tag!
  8. 8. Kuentz School Rules Y.E.L.PYour choices are your own.Everyone shows respect.Listen and follow directions.Position yourself for success.
  9. 9.  Classroom Management Outstanding = (Your child will choose a reward) Making Good Choices= (Extra Sticker) Ready to Learn= (Keep sticker in binder) Think About It= (Walk 3 Minutes at recess) Loss of Privilege=(Walk 6 minutes at recess and fill out “Think Sheet”) Parent Contact =(Walk all of recess and fill out “Think Sheet” and “Parent Contact Sheet”) If your child gets to parent contact I will dial your number and your child will talk to you about the situation
  10. 10.  Every Friday a newsletter will be sent home containing homework assignments, spelling words, and a brief description of curriculum in each subject. Visit my webpage at www.nisd.net for a new copy of the newsletter, information about me, our daily schedule, upcoming events, and some fun websites for your children.
  11. 11.  Report cards will be issued every nine weeks. Your child will receive a numerical grade for Reading and Math. Reading levels this year will correlate with new NISD expectations that match our new reading adoption and testing materials. Your child will receive a letter grade in all other subjects. E-Excellent S-Satisfactory N- Needs Improvement U-Unsatisfactory
  12. 12. Birthday Celebrations  Invitations for birthday parties may be distributed at school if all boys, all girls, or all students are invited.  To celebrate student birthdays, parents may bring store bought cookies, cupcakes, donuts, or packaged snacks.
  13. 13. Attendance is a priority! Any student who arrives after 7:45 will be counted tardy and issued a slip by the office. Any student who arrives after 9:00 will be counted absent unless they have a note from a physician. If a child is sent home before 9am they are considered absent. Any student that is absent for 3 consecutive days must provide a statement from a health clinic or physician verifying the illness. Vacations are UNEXCUSED absences, even if a note is sent in. Personal illness, doctor appointments, family emergencies or a death in the family are EXCUSED absences. Children absent from school must provide the teacher with a note upon their return including the current date and date of absence, child’s name, reason and parent signature.
  14. 14.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns.  My conference time is from 1:40-2:25. I will try to respond to any phone calls, notes or emails at that time.  E-mail- Vanessa.Hawley@nisd.net  Phone - 397-8050 Ext. 3153 FYI: Tuesday is our team planning day during conference time. (**please call the front office before 2:00 regarding any changes in transportation**)