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How to gain audience attention through story telling


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Make an instant story right there.
Story about you or a monomyth.
Go for a sparkline.

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How to gain audience attention through story telling

  1. 1. How to gain audience attention through story telling Make an instant story right there. Story about you or a monomyth. Go for a sparkline.
  2. 2. 1.How to cook a story right there Answers to these questions will form a good story- What are the challenges you faced regarding the topic? How did you manage to overcome them? What are the factors that helped you or misguided you? Finally, what you exactly want your audience to gain or learn from your story
  3. 3. 2.Story about you or a monomyth Now, tell a story about you so that you let your audience know why you're so passionate about the topic. Monomyths are tales of a Hero who was on an adventure or a historic triumph. People are naturally drawn towards Wisdom tales Stories or tales make it easy for people to percept things with reality.
  4. 4. 3.Go for a Sparkline Sparklines compare 'what is' with 'what could be'. This helps in instilling new ideas in their society, life, business and anywhere. Ultimately, if you expect for a reform to be kindled in your audience's thinking, sparklines are a real head- turner.
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