parasitic affections sheep


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parasitic affections sheep

  1. 1. .Fascioliasis -1 .Coccidiosis -17.Paraphistomiasis -2 .Cryptosporodiosis -18.Dicrocoelium dendriticum -3 .Babesiosis -19.Haemonchosis -4 .Theileriosis -20.Ostertagiasis -5 .Trypanosomiasis -21.Bunostomiasis -6 .Sarcocystosis -22.Trichuris species -7 .Toxoplasmosis -23.Nematodirus species -8 .Sarcoptic mange -24.Trichostrongylus species -9 Psroptic mange -25.Lung worm -10 .Psorergates mange -26.Moniezia species -11 .Chorioptic mange -27.Thysanosoma species -12 .Demodectic mange -28.Coenuriasis -13 .Ear mites -29.Hydatid cyst -14 .Osterus ovis -30.Cysticercus tinuicollis -15 .Limnatis nilotica -31.Cysicercus ovis -16.Coccidiosis -17.Cryptosporodiosis -18
  2. 2. Acute lesion in a sheep liver Chronic fibrous thickening of the bile ductMature flukes in the bile duct
  3. 3. encysted metacercaria on the grass Bone marrow regeneration in chronic parasitism. Note the low hematocrit shown Bile stained egg in feces, showing the characteristic operculum
  4. 4. Immature form in sheep duodenum
  5. 5. Egg in the feces Liver damage in a sheepHemorrhagic liver lesion Fluke containing ingested blood
  6. 6. Loss of body fat in Pale mucous membranechronic parasitism ((severe anemia Barber‘s pole appearance of the adult worm Hemorrhage and ulcer at Bottle jaw attachment point of the worm
  7. 7. Nodular hypertrophy andAdult worm in the abomasum mucosal thickening in chronic parasitism Arrested larvae in the abomasal mucosa
  8. 8. Laceration in goat‘s intestine
  9. 9. The adult worm have elongated narrow neck regions
  10. 10. Acute diarrhea Acute enteritis Size comparison betweenNematodirus spp (left( and Cooperia spp from sheep
  11. 11. worm nodules inmesenteric nodesand intestineWorm nodules (pimply(gut
  12. 12. Worms burrowing into the A worm in the subepithelial mucosa channelFingerprint lesion of villus Widespread flattening of the atrophy duodenal mucosa
  13. 13. Dictyocaulus filariaAdult worm in the trachea Parasitic bronchitis with adult worms in the bronchial lumens Typical sites of pneumonia in sheep lung
  14. 14. Protostrongylus rufescens Parasitic stages in the Focal lesion lung Cross section of an emphysematous lungVerminous emphysema in Subpleural parasitic a sheep nodules
  15. 15. Muellerius capillaris Nodular lesion in sheep lung
  16. 16. A tape worm from an Strobila in the lumen of infected lamb the intestine Tape worm from the intestine
  17. 17. Adult worm in the bile duct
  18. 18. Cyst with multiple scolices in a Cyst with multiple scolices in a sheep brain sheep brain Sheep with sturdy
  19. 19. Hydatid cyst in the sheep lung
  20. 20. Cyst in the liver Cyst attached to the intestine Calcified cyst in the liver
  21. 21. Pale nodules in the muscle
  22. 22. Nodular lesion in the Macroschizonts inupper jejunum as abomasum as tinysmall mushroom like white spotgrowth Nodular lesion in the upper jejunum as small mushroom like growth
  23. 23. Sexual stages of Coccidia Macroschizont (largespp in small intestine meront( (asexual stage( in the liver Macroschizont (large meront( (asexual stage( in the abomasum m.m Sexual stages of Coccidia spp in small intestine
  24. 24. Endogenous stages just under Cryptospordia are just visiblethe cell membrane of the along the borders of the villi ofenterocyte small intestine Oocysts in feces stained by a cold Ziehl Neelsen
  25. 25. Babesia motasi in sheep red cell, notes the pyriform lobes
  26. 26. A rod shaped or spheroid Meront( koch‘s bodies( inpiroplasm in 1-2% of erythrocyte lymphoid cells
  27. 27. Trypanosoma bruei in blood Swelling of lips in a sheep with smear Trypanosoma bruei infection
  28. 28. Paresis caused by infection Focal lesion in the spinal of the spinal cord cord Mature Sarcocysts in sheepMeront of Sarcocystis spp in esophagus the brain of adult sheep
  29. 29. Cyst in the brain of Brain necrosis in thean adult sheep with fetus minimal glial reaction Calcified lesion in a fetal lamb brain
  30. 30. A goat with generalized Cross section of a lesion mite in the skin .Leg lesion
  31. 31. Alopecia and scales can be Tags of wool hang from this seen in this head picture The pedicles are long and Yellowish crust lift jointed with characteristic away from the skin funnel shaped sucker
  32. 32. Damaged fleece and skin Female mite from skin scrapping
  33. 33. Crusting and alopecia on a ram‘s scrotum Thick crusts on the lower limbs of goat
  34. 34. Nodules seen from underside Comparison between damaged of the skin hide and normal one Smear of exudates from a nodules showing the mite
  35. 35. Nodules have been exposed by Nodules surrounding theclip ping the hair and the nares and eyesexudate has been expressedfrom one nodules
  36. 36. Wax blocking ear canal A plug of exudate is present in the ear
  37. 37. Immature larval stage on Mature larval stage infesting the turbinate mucosa the nasal passage Necrotic brain lesion due to migration of the parasite
  38. 38. The parasite in the mouth