2 bacterial affections sheep


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2 bacterial affections sheep

  1. 1. .Caseous lymphadenitis -1 .Leptospirosis -19.Listeriosis -2 .Pink eye -20.Brucella melitensis -3 .Foot rot -21.Brucella ovis -4 .Foot abscess -22.Actinobacillus and Histophilus spp -5 .Strawberry foot rot -23.Jhon‘s disease -6 .Campylobacteriosis -24.Necrobacillosis -7 .Actinobacillosis -25.Salmonellosis -8 .Dermatophillosis -26.Colibacillosis -9 .Staph dermatitis -27.Pulpy kidney -10 .Mastitis -28.Struck and Braxy-11 .Yersinosis -29.Lamb dysentery -12 .Chlamydiosis -30.Black disease -13 .Anaplasmosis -31.Tetanus -14 .Eperythrozonosis -32.Black leg -15 .Ring worm -33.Hemorrhagic pasteurellosis -16Pneumonic pasteurellosis -17.Tuberculosis -18
  2. 2. Abscess in a parotid lymph nodeand another node near the base of awattle Supramammary lymph nodes and other lymph nodes in the perineum are infected
  3. 3. Lamellated lesion in a goat Lesion in sheep liver and lymphlymph nodes )onion node)appearance Abscess in Abscess the liver in sheep lung
  4. 4. Facial paralysis with Characteristic head tiltinability to masticate in a ewe Head pressing in affected sheep
  5. 5. Focal encephalomalaciaand microabscessation inthe brainstemFacial paralysis in alamb
  6. 6. A thickened, leathery placenta Focal necrotic lesions in the liver of a still birth lamb Facial paralysis in a Focal encephalomalacia lamb and microabscessation in the brainstem
  7. 7. A stillborn with necrotic placenta A positive response toNecrotic cotyledons in retained Brucelline allergic test in the placenta lower eye lid
  8. 8. The right testis is severely atrophiedin this chronic infection Seminal fluid with ruptured macrophage filled with red staining Brucella organismCross section of thetestis and epididymisshowing markeddistension and fibrousthickening of the tail ofthe epididymis, while thetestis is normal
  9. 9. Fibrosis and enlargement of the tail of the right epididymis due to Histophilus ovis. The left testis is .atrophied the marked unilateral swelling and erythema.Histophilus ovis was isolated The affected epididymis )lower testis( is enlarged and the tunics is thickened. Actinobacillus seminis wasSwelling and crusts are isolated associated with a draining fistula
  10. 10. Chronic lymphangitis in the mesentery An emaciated goatAcid fastbacilli in ilealmucosa Ziehl-Neelsen stain Calcified lesions in an enlarged mesenteric lymph node
  11. 11. Sheep ileum infected with a Complication of the disease bypigmented strain chronic salmonellosis Sheep caecum infected with a pigmented strain
  12. 12. Focal liver abscess Abscess in the lung
  13. 13. Engorged liver with distention of the Enlarged posterior mesenteric lymph gall bladder node )arrow( from whichSalmonella organism can be cultivated late in the course of the disease Hemorrhagic enteritis
  14. 14. Enterotoxigenic E. coli with adhesive EnterotoxigenicE. coli adhering pili )left( by electron microscope to microvillus by electron microscope
  15. 15. Necrotic cotton wool kidney Severe congested small cortex intestine Excessive pericardial fluid
  16. 16. Hemorrhagic enteritis in theStruck Focal hemorrhagic necrosis in the abomasum in the Braxy
  17. 17. Acute hemorrhagic enteritis Blood stained tail and hind quarter
  18. 18. A focal necrotic lesion in the liver
  19. 19. Note the characteristic tail position Characteristic rigidity in a recumbent )) opisthotonus
  20. 20. Note the blackened area of acute muscle necrosis
  21. 21. Pharyngeal and esophageal Engorgement of subcutaneous necrosis vessels with focal hemorrhage
  22. 22. Acute abomasal ulceration Miliary foci in liver
  23. 23. acute necrotizing pneumonia Hebatisation of the lung in in the cardiac lobe prolonged infection Complicated by abscess Acute Fibrinous pleurisy and formation pneumonia
  24. 24. N.B: Both sheep and goat are susceptible to tuberculosis, though the disease is fairly uncommon in these speciesMiliary liver tubercles Tubercle in the mesenteric lymph nodescross section of an affected liver
  25. 25. Pulmonary infection in a sheep lung cut in section to show tubercle
  26. 26. Icteric carcass of an infected lamb discolored kidney due to excretion of hemoglobin product
  27. 27. Peripheral An advanced lesionneovascularisation in which the corneainduced by is edematous andMycoplasma opaqueconjunctiva The conjunctiva is reddened and swollen with marked follicle formation
  28. 28. Central corneal opacity in the Advanced keratitis caused byabsence of other ocular Mycoplasma aglactiaechanges is usually associated withBranhamella ovis
  29. 29. Moist interdigital and early under The axial wall is blackenedrunning of the sole and necrotic This lame sheep is forced to graze on its knees as the infection spread
  30. 30. The claws are deformed by a severe, The sole has been under run andchronic infection perforated in several places Fly strike on the hoof of affected sheep
  31. 31. pus is draining at the coronary band
  32. 32. The combination oforf andDermatophilus congolensisproduces hemorrhagic, verrucose lesions
  33. 33. Pleurisy and pericarditis in a Multifocal necrosis in a stillstillborn lamb born lamb specially in the liver Cotyledonary villi packed with cell free Campylobacter fetus subsp fetus organisms
  34. 34. Colitis in the lamb Transmission electron micrograph showing Campylobacter spp in apposition to the microvillus border
  35. 35. Pus exudesfromgranulmatousfacial lesions Large, yellow and encapsulated pyogranulomas in the lung ) occasional )lesion in the lung
  36. 36. Crusty, scaly lesion Thick crust coverinvolve this goat‘s this goat‘s dorsumhead, ears and neck after prolonged exposure to rain Restriction of lesions to white areas suggests that infection induces photosensitivity
  37. 37. This smear from the underside Wool fibers matted togetherof a crust shows the parallel )by exudates )lumpy woolarrangement of the organisms))Gram stain
  38. 38. Alopecia and scaling on a goat‘s ear A chronic ulcer on the fetlock White pustules on the hairless areas
  39. 39. Acute mastitis in a goat, Edema of the skin andcaused by Mycoplasma discoloration of the udder agalactiae) contagious parenchyma) gangrenous )agalactia )mastitis Histological section showing Note the purple a large, red discoloration of the stained fibrin udder and the limp thrombus within teat) gangrenous an artery )mastitis )gangrenous )mastitis
  40. 40. Histological section showing Note the red, depressed healingfibrin thrombi in blood vessels tissue in several areas and theand cellular exudate filling acini large masses of dark, necrotic))gangrenous mastitis tissue that have not yet sloughed, two weeks after the onset of gangrene))gangrenous mastitis The red fingers of tissue represent remnants of blood vessels encased in granulation tissue)gangrenous )mastitis with sloughing
  41. 41. The affected gland isThe udder half on distendedthe left is firm and with reddishswollen and a liquid pus,draining fistula is while theevident )chronic other gland isstaphylococcal atrophied)mastitis )chronic staph )mastitis This udder cross section shows inspissated pus and accumulation of Fibrinous tissue around the abscess)udder )abscess
  42. 42. Necrotic and diphtheritic colitis in a goat
  43. 43. Typical intercotyledonary thickening in a sheep placenta with yellowish surface deposits
  44. 44. Anaplasma marginalis in sheep red cells)) chromatin dot in the marginal of the cell
  45. 45. Ring shapedbacillary orcoccobacillary formattached to thesurface of the redcells and some maybe found in theplasmaPink appearance ofrenal medulla due tohaemosiderosis
  46. 46. Wool loss anderythemaGoat skin withalopecia andcrusting