Increasing Revenue For All Four Season V2


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Increasing Revenue For All Four Season V2

  1. 1. Increasing Revenue for All Four Seasons We are your Mobile 1 Marketing Partners
  2. 2. Some of our Clients Hospitality Clients Brand/ Retailer SKI Resort We are your Mobile Marketing Partners
  3. 3. Challenges of Traditional Media Advertising to new customers and retaining old customers has never been more Expensive and Difficult. Although we often use traditional Media like Television, Radio, and Print; Tracking their effectiveness is a challenge, leading to a “Shot Gun” Approach; hoping that something resonates. We are your Mobile Marketing Partners
  4. 4. What if….? Now imagine communicating with customers at anytime regardless of location with an instant promotion, inviting them to patronize your resort. We are your Mobile Marketing Partners
  5. 5. Proven Results: With Vesta Mobile Solutions you will have instant access to your customers via their Mobile Phone. Your customers are 100% opt-in! This means…they are Proactively asking to receive SMS promotions from your resort sent to their phone. We are your Mobile Marketing Partners
  6. 6. Mobile Phone, The Fastest Growing Medium Mobile Marketing Statistics 80 33 38 90 Percentage Percentage Average Percentage of of all mobile age of of text Americans phone users people who messages who own a who regularly read within mobile regularly send/ 10 minutes phone. search the receive text of delivery. mobile web. messages. We are your Mobile 6 Marketing Partners
  7. 7. 10 Number of minutes it takes for 95% of your customers to read your Text Message We are your Mobile Marketing Partners
  8. 8. 15% - 22% Average response from a SMS call to action We are your Mobile Marketing Partners
  9. 9. Increasing Sales: Easy as 1 2 3 Vesta Mobile Solutions will help you… 1) Build a MobileClub™ database: a database of your customers cell phone numbers. 2) Access TextFlow™ Vesta Mobile Solutions Online Mobile Marketing Software. 3) Begin to send out messages to your customers promoting the resort. We are your Mobile Marketing Partners
  10. 10. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Inbox From 63218 I want you to have some fun this weekend. Come to SKI America Resort and save 20% off all activities by showing this text! Exp 3/15 TEXT “SKI” to 63218 Options Reply We are your Mobile Marketing Partners
  11. 11. Why Does Mobile Marketing Work? What’s the quickest way to contact you? Through M obile M arketing , the quickest way to break through ad clutter and get your message across. We are your Mobile 11 Marketing Partners
  12. 12. The Bottom-Line RESULTS THAT PAY OFF Text Club Size 150 Low Avg. National Response 17% Expected Patrons 25.50 Avg. Amount Spent/ Patron 50.00 One Campaign Results $1275 Potential Annual $45,900* Revenue *sending 3 per month for 12 months We are your Mobile Marketing Partners
  13. 13. Investment •Campaign Options Mobile Club • Account Manager Mobile Marketing Consulting (3 retain hours) Technical Support Campaign Setup and Support Best Practices support •Software and Messaging Access to shared short code User access to text flow for live results 5000 messages (3.5 cents per month over the message bank) Investment Set-up Fee Duration $500/Campaign $250.00/campaign 12 months We are your Mobile 13 Marketing Partners
  14. 14. 1101 East 33rd Street Suite b306 Baltimore, MD 21218 Brandon Davenport p: 443-451-7150 e: We are your Mobile 14 Marketing Partners