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Land Banking Seminars With Konrad Bobilak


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Land Banking Seminars With Konrad Bobilak

  1. 1. Land Banking Seminars With Konrad Bobilak21st Century Property Direct, co founder and CEO of 21st century property direct is also a soughtafter speaker that has helped many aspiring investors in Australia, Fiji and New Zealand. He iscurrently running the 21st century property direct with founder Jamie McIntyre. Konrad was a formerbanker for Henry Kaye until the age of 30 but pursued his passion for properties. Konrad Bobilak didnot work for a year until he discovered land banking. He has an extensive experience with ManagedFunds, Risk Insurance, Property Investing, Commercial Lending and Asset Finance. Konrad is nowhappy to handle over 250,000 members in 21st century property direct.Konrad Bobilak is also known to be one of the cleverest investor in his time. He mostly talks aboutland banking which he is most familiar with now since he is currently under that industry with 21stcentury property direct. Konrad states that land banking is the ability to secure a land and get 10%capital growth every year. With the help of 21st century property direct, Konrad Bobilak has acquiredthe strategies for every aspiring investor to succeed in this field. He conducts seminars for hopefulinvestors and if you are one of these would be financiers; you should join Konrad Bobilak’s seminarsand let him motivate you to reach your land banking dreams.Konrad Bobilak is a jovial shareholder in four major banks in Australia and he has acquired all thesestrategies that he has from exposing himself to successful people. Mr Bobilak has earned valuablewisdom in actively trading options and investing in real estate. Join Konrad Bobilak as he shares hisunique insights with you in his seminar. If you are not available to attend, you can log on to 21stcentury property direct’s website and register for a bronze, silver or gold membership to be able tojoin Konrad Bobilak’s web seminars. Land banking is a very interesting and profitable field thatanyone could venture. According to Konrad, land banking has been around for decades and it is anart where you can secure a land without really needing a big amount of money. You do not need toborrow funds and you can walk away anytime without suffering too much risk. Become a member at21st century property direct and reap the rewards of property investment through land banking withthe help of 21st Century Property Direct.Konrad Bobilak