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Learn how the leading provider of enterprise data integration software                                                   b...
case studyhelp us with new feature and function deployment.” She noted that                “ erticurl’s unique IP,        ...
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Verticurl Case Study on Informatica Demand Center Support


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Learn how Informatica benefits from an efficient lead management program leveraging Verticurl's demand center services.

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Verticurl Case Study on Informatica Demand Center Support

  1. 1. Learn how the leading provider of enterprise data integration software benefits from an efficient lead management program leveraging Verticurl’s demand center services.Forstudy USA, Preparation is Key to Effective Organizationcase CHEP Informatica’s Regional Marketing Pallet Management… and Marketing Automation Revenue Generates 34% of When Informatica Corporation committed to the Eloqua marketing automation solution, the global software organization chose its Asia- Pacific region for the trial and test. The region, among the most The Challenge: diverse in the company, encompasses Australia, China (Hong Kong and Taiwan), Japan, Korea, New Zealand, and South Asia (including Informatica Corporation needed to build India), spans eight time zones, and its employees speak one or more an efficient and scalable demand center of five languages. While a roll-out of any new technology is never easy, in its Asia-Pacific region using Eloqua’s marketing automation platform. The this particular implementation presented an opportunity to build more region’s size and variety of languages efficient lead management processes across diverse geographies. compounded the complexities of Narelle Wilson, regional vice president of marketing, based in Sydney, implementation. was more than up to the challenge. “It was important to the organization to build an efficient and scalable demand center,” Wilson said. “We recognized that the marketing challenges—including multiple The Solution: languages, varied cultures and disbursed teams—could be effectively Demand generation consulting firm Verticurl addressed through automation, and we were willing to do what it took to was tapped to partner with Informatica. make it happen.” Working closely with the region’s marketing team, roll-out was achieved in six months, “We had a vision that with structure, rules and guidance, the robust and a strategic demand center was created software solution that is Eloqua could have significant and positive to drive revenue growth. impact on this region, and our entire organization.” Objectives: Getting Started: Outsourcing is Key • An effective and efficient marketing As a company, Informatica, based in Redwood City, California, is operation to maximize productivity. committed to leveraging the services of outsourced partners. The world’s • High level of marketing automation number one independent provider of data integration software, serving performance to optimize lead generation, thousands of enterprises, focuses on its core functions, tapping experts to nurturing, conversion. provide ancillary services. • Communications strategy to support corporate strategy, assure goals aligned. “We knew we needed a partner that could help us optimize marketing automation and lead management processes over the long term,” Wilson • Resource redundancy to assure continuity said. “Eloqua introduced us to Verticurl early on. We made a connection of lead management campaigns. and within one month had engaged the consulting firm to build our demand center,” she continued. From the start, Verticurl staffed the Results: Informatica demand center with consultants that provide strategic services Marketing-sourced deals in Informatica’s as well as those that serve as arms and legs to the marketing team. Asia-Pacific region reached 34%, a “Verticurl has expertise at the VP level,” said Wilson. “They also have substantial increase in just three years. technical consultants that know the Eloqua system inside and out to 404.891.1515
  2. 2. case studyhelp us with new feature and function deployment.” She noted that “ erticurl’s unique IP, VVerticurl even has professionals who speak both English and one or market understandingmore of the five languages needed to communicate to customers andprospects in the region. and analysis enables Informatica to betterInformatica’s marketing managers appreciate working directly withthe Verticurl team, allowing them to tap into the Gold Certified Eloqua engage, influence andpartner’s expertise. Informatica also values Verticurl’s proven ability to convert prospects toscale. “Verticurl is growing with our business … they continue to meet customers.”and exceed our expectations over time,” Wilson said. —Narelle Wilson Informatica CorporationSolution, Partnership Benefit Entire OrganizationThe benefits of Verticurl’s demand center, or “central hub” as Wilsoncalls it, is multi-faceted. “We benefit in a variety of ways from Verticurl’sapproach.” In addition to access to all levels of expertise, Wilson values:• Standardized processes implemented across the region assure operational consistency and efficiency.• Best practices (for example, delivery frequencies) applied to About Verticurl communications programs allow for continuous program improvement. Verticurl is a demand generation• Productivity of the Informatica marketing management team is consulting firm, helping companies enhanced because of Verticurl’s contributions. worldwide improve processes, drive• Centralization of marketing automation operations ensures continuity leads and grow revenues. A Gold and enables re-use of assets to save time and money. Certified Eloqua partner, Verticurl• Five-language support needed to meet communication needs of this works closely with clients to get up large region is provided. and running quickly to maximize the• Accountability by Verticurl consultants of all facets of engagement, benefits of marketing automation. including goals related to service and results, is key to program success. With extensive expertise in marketing, segmentation and analytics, campaign“Verticurl is a vital part of our team. The consultants attend our fortnightly planning and management, ourdiscussions, our monthly meetings, and our quarterly reviews. They’re consultants work with clients to buildwith us every step of the way, helping us with campaign roll-outs, event strategic demand centers that drivemanagement, pay per click programs, everything we need to better growth. Founded in 2005, the consultingengage, influence and convert prospects to customers,” said Wilson. firm works with organizations rangingSuccess Realized from small regional businesses to global multi-national corporationsIn 2010, the International Data Corporation (IDC), the premiere global to implement and integrate theirmarket intelligence firm, placed Informatica in the Leadership Quadrant marketing automationof its Marketing Performance Matrix, noting high efficiency and vision. The companyeffectiveness throughout the marketing organization. is based in Singapore“The IDC ranking is directly attributed to the partnership between with offices in NorthInformatica’s marketing team, Eloqua and Verticurl,” said Wilson. America, EMEA“Results demonstrated in lead management pipeline, campaign and APAC. For moremanagement, sales enablement, and marketing operations—as well as information, visit in revenue and market share—were the result of hard work onthe part of all involved.” 404.891.1515