The Foundation of Your Facebook Page Strategy


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When should I ask people to "Like" my Facebook Page? How much content should I have before I open my Page to the world? Do I really need to fill out the "About" section? These are just some of the questions Amanda Day and Derek Overbey from VerticalResponse will answer with regards to the work you do "before" you launch your new Facebook Page. Join us as we provide a roadmap to making your Page the best it can be right from the start. We will also provide plenty of time to answer any pressing questions you may have about this subject matter.

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  • Give background info….What does the growth mean - - recognize the importance of social media – interaction with customersValuable time but impt Intro
  • What are you trying to get out of your social efforts?Test platforms for most engagementSearch - if the conversation is already happening, become a part of it! Don’t reinvent the wheel. Realize this is social. It’s not a selling platform. This is a dialogue not a monologue. Providing helpful information wins out every time.
  • What do you want to achieve with your Facebook page?Brand AwarenessSalesVisitors to your WebsiteWord of MouthHow to be efficient – our VR Social tool – post to 3 platforms at once – track engagementHow will you track the results? (Google analytics/ facebook insights/ lead capture, etc)
  • Don’t just think about your product or service, but the people who make up your team. (Light-hearted, helpful, and funny…)w/ customers – jokes, trivia, quotes… high engagement posts…
  • The rules of engagement
  • For success, it’s important to know what works and what doesn’t. VR Blog -
  • Create a habitone person can be in charge of photo uploads, another in charge of sharing information. Have employees like and share co content – post job openings, etc
  • The Foundation of Your Facebook Page Strategy

    1. 1. The Foundation of YourFacebook Page Strategy Amanda Day Marketing Coach @amandadayca Derek Overbey Sr. Social Media Manager @doverbey
    2. 2. Agenda• Facts about Facebook• Set up a strategy• Create a plan• Resources• Q&A
    3. 3. Some Big Facts to Remember• One Billion monthly active users as of October 2012.• 584 million daily active users on average in September 2012.• 604 million monthly active used Facebook mobile products as of September 30, 2012.• The average visit time on Facebook is 20 minutes.• The Facebook audience skews more female (56%) than male.• Facebook users upload more than 250 million photos to the site every day.
    4. 4. A Recent Survey We Conducted…• 66% of small businesses are spending more time on social media than just one year ago.• 43% spend 6 hours or more/ week on Social Media.• 90% of small businesses are on Facebook, 70% are on Twitter.• Finding Social Media content takes up the most time.
    5. 5. Before You Start…• A Facebook Page might not work for every business.• Is Facebook best suited to your biz objectives?• Are your customers already on Facebook?• Don’t be afraid to ask for advice or borrow ideas.• Why is this good for my business?• Do what you can really do!
    6. 6. Ask Questions as you Build• Who is your target audience?• What do you want to achieve with your Facebook page?• How much time are you able to devote to Social Media?• Be efficient.• How will you track the results?
    7. 7. Create Your Social Voice• By creating a unique voice on your Social Media Platforms, you give your brand an inviting human touch.• “Dialogue not a monologue” – Entertain, communicate, and gain trust.• Make it personal – connect with your community with sincere posts, humor and thought sharing.• Ask questions and engage.• Offer solutions & be helpful. Don’t sell.
    8. 8. Building Connections On Facebook• Invite friends to like your Page.• Share your Page on your Profile.• Comment on comments.• Tag where appropriate.• Share other content.• Post as your Profile.• Share content from your Page on your Profile.
    9. 9. Understand the Basics• Learn About Social Media for Business.• Anyone can have a Facebook account, but not everyone can execute a Social Media Business Plan.• Being an expert requires constant self-education.• Subscribe to blogs with helpful tips.
    10. 10. Source Content• Make a list of all your resources for content (blogs, website, pictures, articles about industry topics/ your preferred publishers).• Determine what content you can create. – Should you publish more of your own blog posts? Can you do 1 per week? Per month? – Should you assign a photographer at your next event? Outing?• What else can you share? (We’re a lumber yard – Can we share home remodeling stories? DIY?)
    11. 11. Create a Plan• Determine which networks you will be active on and how often.• Here’s an example: Number of Interactions Promoted Posts Posts Twitter 2 per day 2 per day 1 per month Facebook 1 per day 2 per day 1 per month• Set a reminder each month to track success.
    12. 12. It Takes a Commitment• This is the biggest challenge for many small businesses.• Schedule the time needed in your calendar.• Small staff? Share the responsibility.• Leverage your employees’ own social presence.
    13. 13. Resources•••••• bible/?nav=mmn• common-facebook-questions-answered-test-your-facebook- knowledge•