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Your email is a tool that helps you stay engaged with your customers and prospects as well as helping you grow your business. You can strengthen your relationships and customer loyalty with an effective email. Do you have an effective email? Do you have an email at all?

Join the VerticalResponse marketing experts as they discuss how to build a valuable newsletter.

• Learn ways to create quality open and click rates
• Find out tips on avoiding the spam folders
• Explore the content you should be sending in your newsletter
• Receive design tips to make your newsletter reader friendly
• Learn from other VerticalResponse customers as we show off some of our favorite emails

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Successful email2013

  1. 1. How to Create a Successful EmailJill BastianVerticalResponse Marketing TeamHashtag #VR4SmallBiz
  2. 2. Agenda• Why have an email• Keys to a successful email• Design tips for your email• What you can learn from your email• Resources
  3. 3. Why Have an Email• Emails build relationships, retention and loyalty• An excuse to talk about your company• Stay in front of your audience• Educate/entertain• Establish yourself as an expert• Sell your products & services
  4. 4. Keys to a Successful Email• From label• Subject line and Pre-Header• Content ideas• Call to Action• Images
  5. 5. From Label• Let your audience know who you are• Be consistent
  6. 6. Subject Line• Stick to 40-50 characters• Let people know what to expect• Don’t repeat your from label• Don’t use all caps• Avoid overusing punctuation
  7. 7. Pre-Header textPre-header text: A message supplementary to your subject line that gives more information, hopefully further compelling your recipient to open your email.• The preheader and subject line should be different. Saying the same thing doesn’t add any additional value.
  8. 8. Pre-Header text
  9. 9. Content Ideas• What is up with your business?• Testimonials – don’t overlook their power.• Promote Webinars• Holidays• Social media• Questions & surveys – improves engagement
  10. 10. Content Ideas• Include a link for a good cause – it feels great!• Special offers• You or your employees smiling face• Tips or ideas for your customers • How to – Are great for B2B!• Awards you’ve won• Related articles
  11. 11. Content Basics• Keep readers coming back for more• Limit to 3 to 5 topics/articles• Short blocks of copy• Include lots of links• Personalize your message• Assist in scanning • Bold headlines and keywords • Bullets • Whitespace is a good thing • Columns
  12. 12. Content Basics cont.Design for quick downloading – not too many imagesMake it easy on the eyes •Arial, Times New Roman & Verdana fonts •Use reverse text sparingly Don’t do this! •Avoid text over distracting backgrounds •Emphasize with bold •Italics are hard to read online •Underline text often mistaken for a link •Less is More, Keep it Simple •Use Black or Grey font. Avoid using light or bright colored fonts.
  13. 13. Remember to Link• Give your recipients lots of opportunity to get to your website• Allow your recipients to read long articles easily• Make them social by including a link to post on Twitter or Facebook• Use Call-to-Action buttons (
  14. 14. Call to Action• Urge the reader of a message to take an immediate action.• Clear and concise• Send people where they would expect to go• CTA Buttons – Increase click throughs – Increase sales – Stand out•
  15. 15. Images• Engage your audience• Think about your audience• Link your images!• Always add Alt Text• 80/20 rule (text/images)
  16. 16. Page 34 | VerticalResponse, Inc.
  17. 17. Alt Text
  18. 18. Blocked Images
  19. 19. Learn from Your Email• Reporting• Tracking• Feedback
  20. 20. Reporting Tools
  21. 21. Summary• Emails build relationships• Best practices for emails aren’t all about selling• Represent your brand• Think about what your audience will see• Learn from every email
  22. 22. Resources & Links• How to Do Everything• VR Marketing Blog• Customer Support 866.683.7842x1•• Marketing guides: • 8 Email Marketing Basics to Remember • Email Checklist • Email Marketing Reporting Basics
  23. 23. Pro Webinar