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San Francisco Small Business Week 2013 - Get Started with Email Marketing in the Social Age

As a small business you're busy, but you also know you need to do some marketing to keep your business growing. That's where email and social marketing and come in! If you're still trying to figure out how to get started with social AND somehow make it work with your email marketing, or just trying to get an email out the door, this is the session for you! Join Education & Training Manager Jill Bastian as she covers some basics on how to get your social media and email marketing working together.
• Email marketing best practices
• A basic overview of social media
• How integrate email marking with social media
• Ideas to get started

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San Francisco Small Business Week 2013 - Get Started with Email Marketing in the Social Age

  1. 1. Jill Bastian @jillieb3Training and Education Manager#VR4SmallBizEmail Marketing in theSocial Age
  2. 2. Agenda• Email Marketing Basics• Email Best Practices• Overview of Social Media• Email and Social Media together• Tools & Resources To Get You Started
  3. 3. Why Have an Email• Emails build relationships, retention andloyalty• An excuse to talk about your company• Stay in front of your audience• Educate/entertain• Establish yourself as an expert• Sell your products & services• And…
  4. 4. …And $40
  5. 5. Why Email Marketing WorksEasy to Use• Requires no technicalexpertiseFast• Create a simple email inminutes (700+ templates)• Real time reporting onopens, clicks, and moreAffordable• Free Trial• Pay As You Go or MonthlyPricing options• High ROI
  6. 6. Keys to a Successful Newsletter• From label• Subject line• Preheader• Content• Images• Call to Action
  7. 7. From Label• Let your audience know who you are• Be consistent
  8. 8. Subject Line• Stick to 40-50 characters• Let people know what to expect• Don’t repeat your from label• Don’t use all caps• Avoid overusing punctuation
  9. 9. Pre-Header textPre-header text:A message supplementary to your subject line that gives moreinformation, hopefully further compelling your recipient toopen your email.• The preheader and subject line should be different. Saying thesame thing doesn’t add any additional value.
  10. 10. Pre-Header text
  11. 11. Best Practices for Creating EffectiveEmailDesign for quick downloading – not too many imagesMake it easy on the eyes• Arial, Times New Roman & Verdana fonts• Use reverse text sparingly• Avoid text over distracting backgrounds• Emphasize with bold• Italics are hard to read online• Underline text often mistaken for a line• Use Black or Grey font. Avoid using light or bright colored fonts.Don’t do this….
  12. 12. Content Basics• Keep readers coming back for more• Limit to 3 to 5 topics/articles• Personalize your message• Assist in scanning• Bold headlines and keywords• Bullets• Whitespace is a good thing• Columns
  13. 13. Content Ideas• What is up with your biz?• Testimonials – don’t overlook their power.• Promote Webinars• Holidays• Social media• Questions & surveys – improves engagement
  14. 14. Content Ideas• Special offers• You or your employees smiling face• Tips or ideas for your customers• How to’s – Great for B2B!• Awards you’ve won• Related articles
  15. 15. Creating an Effective Email• Make sure your best content is“above the fold” or in thepreview pane.• 50% of all email users spend 2-3seconds scanning the top 3inches of your email.• For newsletters use the crucialtop area for a table of contentsto get them to click and readmore down below.
  16. 16. Include Logos and Images• Break up blocks of text• Brand with your logo - Email will look moreprofessional• Link your images!• Use Alt Text
  17. 17. Call to Action Buttons• Urge the reader of a message to take an immediate action.• Clear and concise• Send people where they would expect to go• CTA Buttons– Increase click throughs– Increase sales– Stand out•
  18. 18. A Little About Social Media
  19. 19. Facebook Google + Twitter LinkedIn PinterestMarketingProfs statsSocial Media Purchases
  20. 20. Get Started with Social Media –One step at a time• You don’t need to beeverywhere!• Save time by getting the most outof your social presence• Choose the Social Medianetworks where your customersare• Pick 2-3 Social Platforms & focusin building from there• Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest,LinkedIn, Blogs, YouTube
  21. 21. Social Media– Use What You’ve Got!•Promote your pages to current customers: send anemail, add links in emails & blog, website etc.•Content is King•Post often, with relevant & useful material that youalready have:•Hosted link of your emails•Social messages•Videos & photos•Coupons•Sales
  22. 22. Facebook – Gain Likes• Use email to engage people to likeyour page• Share pictures and videos• Coupons or specials• Ask questions• Post regularly• socialsharing toexpand thereach of yourmessages
  23. 23. Tips to Increase Twitter EngagementRepurpose content whenever possible:• Tweet blog posts, company news,contests, sales, etc…• Share media that you consume as wello Industry trends and studieso Relevant blog posts and articles• Follow people and brands you like for good content, andretweet them often• Thank people for mentioning yourbrand & RT positive mentions!• Post regularly• courtesy of shutterstock
  24. 24. Pinterest• Share emails through hosted link• Include a Pin it! button in your emails• Post regularly• Create business and fun boards – mix it up!•
  25. 25. Most Importantly…• Promote your social presence across all your marketingchannels• Email, website, blog, traditional, cross-platform• “Like Us” campaigns, display ads• Your customers can’t find you if they don’t knowyou’re thereBut…• Don’t just lead with the “ask,” give them a reason why• Exclusive content:promotions, up-to-date news, giveaways, access tospecial deals, free downloads, expert knowledge
  26. 26. Use Social Media in Every Email• Increase Social Media presence• Give recipients an incentive to click through toyour Social Media pages• Grow mailing list
  27. 27. Make Every Email Sharable• Forward to a friend• Share on Facebook and Twitter or any SocialMedia platform you are using
  28. 28. VR Tools & Resources• Buttons -• Resources:8 Email Marketing Basics to RememberSimplify Social Media for your BizEmail Marketing Reporting BasicsEmail + Social Media = Success• VR Blog -
  29. 29. Q&A