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Content - The Secret Recipe for Business Success


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Content - The Secret Recipe for Business Success

Join us as we cook up the ingredients of engaging content in this recipe for business success.

Kim Stiglitz, Content Marketing Director at VerticalResponse will share:
• Why content is important
• Where to get content ideas
• How to optimize your content for people and search engines so it gets found and read
• Real-life examples of businesses putting content to work

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Content - The Secret Recipe for Business Success

  1. 1. Content - The Secret Recipefor Business SuccessKim Stiglitz, Content Marketing Director@VR4SmallBiz#VRPROWEB
  2. 2. Agenda• Why content isimportant• Where to get contentideas• Using your content cross-channel• How to optimize yourcontent for people andsearch engines
  3. 3. Content – Why It’s Important
  4. 4. Content is All Around You• Stories• Holidays• Photos and Videos• Events• Offers• Questions• Guides, whitepapers• Curated content• User generated content
  5. 5. 17 Ideas to Get Content Flowing• How your business got started• A unique customer• A time when someone on your team saved the day for a customer• An employee who stands out• A challenge you or your customers face• Your biggest obstacle• Your biggest accomplishment• A product or service you are known for• Something hilarious that happened• How your business helps or supports your community• A customer success story• A time when you had to say no to a customer or deal with negative feedback• An event your business has or attends• What you’d like to do better or differently• Something that gets you really excited• The most embarrassing thing that has happened in your business and how you handled it• A change big or small that made a difference in your business
  6. 6. User Generated Content
  7. 7. Cross Promote ContentTwitterFacebookEmailsBlog
  8. 8. Retail ExampleTwitterFacebookEmailsWebsite
  9. 9. Great Content Provides “Youtility”“Sell something and you make a customer today. Help someone andyou create a customer for life.” – Jay Baer•Discover Needs•Map Needs toResources•Answer Questions
  10. 10. Engaging Content
  11. 11. Dive Into Content – River Pools
  12. 12. River Pools- Content Kings
  13. 13. Optimize for People & Search• Keywords– Title– URL– Meta description– Photo name anddescription (if you haveimagery)– Intro paragraph,– In the body of your post
  14. 14. Content Rules for Search
  15. 15. What’s Maple Syrup Got to Do With It?•Canadian maple syrupmaker had a website butnot many people saw it•Conducted a contentreview•Overhauled site•Visits increased 4x•Pageviews increased500%•Visits from Googlesearches were 6X higheryear over year. Source: PRDaily
  16. 16. Don’t Be a Content Thief…•Content Curation•ContentSyndication•Content Scraping
  17. 17. A Crazy Stunt = 33 Million + views
  18. 18. Wrap Up• Content benefits you and your customers• Content is all around you• Share your content cross channel and getmore bang for it• Write your content for people. Optimize it forsearch.• Source all curated content properly
  19. 19. Free ResourcesMarketing Resources – 5 Tips to Effective CopywritingWebinars-• Content is King• 5 Copywriting Mistakes to Avoid• Copywriting 101• Content BundleBlog –
  20. 20. Q&A