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Vertex | Customer Management Outsourcing | Customer Retention


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The cost of retaining customers is far less than the cost of finding new ones. However, managing customer retention issues requires a deep understanding of the customer experience and its impact on the way your business operates. To understand the true picture, we conduct an analysis of: customer interactions, customer journey, customer experience, and customer history. Leveraging this insight, we develop strategies to effectively manage customer retention.

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Vertex | Customer Management Outsourcing | Customer Retention

  1. 1. Customer retention Keeping customers for life Key facts 45% retention of • Retail company – in line with their strategy to diversify • National charity – Vertex provides sales and retention their product offering the client services on behalf of the charity. customers who launched a home phone product. We have a dedicated team of data were ready To support and protect its brand analysts who extract and construct to migrate image, the retailer required data for marketing campaigns. Last a strategic partner to develop and year we delivered 260 marketing implement a robust, qualitative campaigns and helped support operating solution that could be the receipt of £241 million in Supported the launched in ninety days. The membership fees and achieved an receipt of retailer chose Vertex to be its 86.4% membership retention rate. partner. On average, we beat its £241 retention target by approximately 15-20%, retaining over 45% of customers who called to cancel. million in membership fees 86.4% membership To find out more about how we retention can help your organisation, call rate us on 0845 051 8400 or visit www.vertexgroup.comprop/0088/ds/01/oct09/je
  2. 2. We’ll help youincrease profit andbuild customerloyalty With retention scheme Untapped pool of pro tability A 10% improvement in • Revenue growth • Referrals customer retention relative • Cost savings Pro t to your competitors builds to No retention scheme a doubling of your customer base over seven years 0 1 2 3 4 5 Year Acquisition cost How do we do it? Our focus isn’t just on new customers. As customer Invest in your customers management experts, we know the importance of Managing customer retention issues requires a deep retaining existing clients. We focus on your It’s worth remembering that a loyal customer is worth more understanding of the way a business operates and customers’ needs as well as bringing innovation to your organisation than a new one. Your customers need to of the customer experience itself. We work alongside when it comes to your service proposition – and help feel valued, they want lower costs and demand excellent you to deliver results by combining insights from focus and develop your team’s thinking. service. If they don’t get it, they’ll quickly make their feelings known. We ensure that you keep the customers you’ve operational knowledge and the customer journey. Vertex has the industry knowledge and the best invested so much time and money in – and help you to practice tools to ensure that the cost in attracting maximise your return on investment. To understand the true picture, we use an approach centred on; customer interactions analysis, customer new customers and retaining existing ones is journey analysis, customer experience analysis and minimised. We have the processes and systems to reduce customer churn, increase retention andWe can dramatically Your customers can work for you customer history analysis. This allows us to analyse provide solutions across the value chain from and develop strategies to manage customer retention using decision sciences and analytics. offer design, channels management, business Your customers are at the centre of your business and ourreduce the cost of people and processes are focused on improving the customer processes, agent performance and operational management. experience of your product or service. We’ll prove to you thatsales and service just an additional 5% loyalty leads to a 75% increase indelivery lifetime profits from a typical customer. We’ll also identify untapped pools of profitability, understanding the root causes of retention and referrals.