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Mokipay projekto pristatymas


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Mobiliųjų mokėjimų projekto "Mokipay" pristatymo, vykusio IT Startup konferencijoje "Going International", skaidrės.

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Mokipay projekto pristatymas

  1. 2. why Mindaugas Rutkauskas Chief Operating Officer Mokipay Europe +370 687 51442 what how
  2. 3. Significant TECHNOLOGY innovation Business model innovation Superior team Unique partnerships Low competition Big potential , Market
  3. 5. The Race has Started Google steps into mobile payments with Google Wallet, integrates with Google Offers UK gets first commercial NFC service with Quick Tap from Orange and Barclaycard May 21 st , 2011 *** *** May 26th, 2011 *** Mokipay and Omnitel launches NFC Mobile payments service in Lithuania August 8th, 2011 Mobile payments is one of the hottest topics among Banks, Telecommunication and technology companies. Sectors of payments and mobile services move towards solutions providing theirs customers possibility to pay for the products and services just using their phone.
  4. 6. The Trend is clear Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is the first choice for Mobile Payments
  5. 7. Mokipay is a Mobile payment and loyalty platform, based on NFC technology Technology Payment and loyalty transactions are initiated by NFC tag attached to the phone by tapping the phone to NFC readers at Stadiums, Arenas, Restaurants, Shops and other venues. Transactions are confirmed using wireless PKI and WIB technologies – the customer receives to his phone request to confirm the transaction and confirms it by entering his PIN code. We solve security issues inherent in existing Mobile payment systems by combining Mobile payment processing technologies with mobile technologies to authorise payment transactions . The technology has 5 PATENTS pending Please see how it works:
  6. 8. 04.18 06.15 08.18 april june july august may september october …… Private BETA BETA 08.31-09.18 GO LIVE! 2012 november quality assurance
  7. 9. Lithuanian mobile network operator Omnitel together with tech start-up Mokipay Europe has launched NFC mobile payments service at European Men's Basketball Championship (EuroBasket 2011) hosted in Lithuania Mokipay – official payment system of Eurobasket 2011
  8. 12. Mokipay is a licensed payment institution We are almost a bank
  9. 13. Questions Mindaugas Rutkauskas Chief Operating Officer Mokipay Europe +370 687 51442