Computers in banking


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Computers in banking

  1. 1.  Computers in banking is a term used for the process by which banking transactions by bank employees and customers are performed electronically eliminating the need for paper files and physically entering the bank itself.
  2. 2.  Each bank’s websites differ slightly from bank to bank, but managing your finances online is as simple as logging on to the banks website and entering you user ID and password. The site will then guide you through the transactions you want to carry out. Some banks will to communicate with customers by email. They will, for example, send you an email when your statements are ready. And if you have an enquiry or want to order a statement, you are encouraged to email them. Bank employees also use computers to store customers’ records.
  3. 3. Customer Information: Banks usecomputers to track customer informationsuch as name, address, phone number,date of birth, Social Security number andplace of employment.Transactions and Goals: Computers help tellers keep a record of all transactions for the day.
  4. 4.  ATM technology On-line banking Cheque processing (MICR)
  5. 5. Home banking ATM machine Bank teller using computer