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Yalta digital in_photos

  1. 1. 5 reasons5 REASONS to visit Ukrainian Cote D’Azur
  2. 2. 1. Where? Welcome to Crimean Riviera Black Sea!Crimea is worthily called a natural pearl of Europe. Here, at thejoint of temporal and subtropical latitudes the most variablenatural landscapes: mountains and valleys, ancient volcanoesand modern mud mounds, seas and lakes, forests and steppes,nature of the Crimea sub-Mediterranean and semi-desert ofPrisivashye.This corner of the world from long times ago started to attractattention of people and during last tens of years became a realmekka for millions of lovers of high quality natural rest.
  3. 3. In the South of the peninsula the Crimean Mountains lie spreading like an arch for 180 km from South-West (from Sevastopol) to North East (to Feodosia). Mountains include three ridges that have typical steep southern slopes and plate Northern plains. The highest one is the Main Crimean ridge has the height of 1545 m (Roman-Kosh Mountain). It combines mostly mountain rocks of Age of Reptiles. Its top plain almost free from forest surface is called yayla. Yayla consists of marble limestone, has karsts form of landscape: here more than 850 caves and wells are located.Balck and Azov seas make the most Eastern end of the chain of seas that spreads from the Atlantic Ocean. Thus the Crimean peninsula is as ifwatered by the waters of Atlantics. Black sea is a pretty deep (to 2245 m) almost closed oval water reservoir. The area of its surface is 413488km3.These lands have a wealthy history that combines events connected with existence of different people, different nations and cultures. Theresidues of ancient cities, villages, churches are an excellent step into the world of past that attracts millions of tourists every year. Plunge intothe world of ancient Greece, Byzantium and Tavria! Feel the difference between those cultures and culture of nowadays! Release your mindfor attraction by the real natural monuments!One of the discoverers of the wealthy of this unique Crimean land is Academician Zuev. Visiting Crimea in 1782 he called it small land..rich ineverythingfrom the nature provided. Another Academician from St.Petersburg Pallas compared the nature of peninsula with the book inwhich he the naturalist can find a lot of things that can explain everything about the content of our planet. And our contemporaryAcademician Fersman, from young ages being studying Crimea, treated it as nature museum and his first university. A. Pushkin visiting Crimeain 1820 called this wonderful land a mysterious area, Gorky was walking around the roads of Crimea in deathly-still delight looking at thebeauty of nature of this world corner cherished by sea.
  4. 4. In the 1783 Crimea became part of the Russian Empire.That was the beginning of a new period in the history of Tavrida. New roads andparks were laid out, beautiful palaces and villas s built, educational and medicalinstitutions were opened. On the slopes of the mountains there were laid out newvineyards and young len wine was aging in oak barrels.In 1860 the ninent Russian physician Sergey Botkin discovered salubriousproperties of the Crimean climate and the Crimean South Coast line "the summercapital" of the Russian Empire. As soon as the Russian royal family bought theestates in Livadia, Oreanda, Kharax, Todor, Chayir, a holiday in Crimea came intofashion among aristocracy, nobility and merchants that were coming here. Theywere followed by intellectuals and others.
  5. 5. Yalta Digital Forum & The PROpeller DigitalAward will take place in the most awesome placeon the cost!Palmira Palace Hotel****.The most fashionable Crimea resort.The hotel is built on the place of Great PrinceDmitriy Konstantinovitch palace with thecarefully preserved tercentenary park.Not far from the Hotel there is a famous TsarTrail.
  6. 6. This trail begins at the Livadia Park. Find it could beanyone, because the park has a lot of pointers. Thelength of this trail health - about seven miles. It stretchesfrom Livadia and ends at Gaspra.Anyone who has ever walked this path one day, he isable to write very deep about status life in socialnetworks, because such beauty found within the cityvery difficult.Initially, this trail connects the LivadiaPalace and the estate of Grand Duke Mikhail Romanov,"Ai-Todor.“Walking through the vineyards, the Crimean forest,passing the cliffs, the trail, though hardly in the originalexpansion. It is for this wonderful feature called hernovels, Michael The horizontal path. Nicholas II, afterMichael showed him the path, he decided to continue it.And so in 1901 came to light and royal path. Romanovfamily loved to walk on it.Today trail passes by the mountain peaks of GreaterYalta as Mount Phillips, Ai-Nikola (St. Nicholas), Hachla-Kayaksy or white-headed, as well as mountain pie.Walking along this trail, you can visit the Church ofArchangel Michael, or visit the Swallows Nest. Theunique nature, the beauty of the Crimean forests, prettysimple way to clean air, wonderful combination of seaand mountains make this an unforgettable trail.Visiting the Palmira Palace Hotel you can also have theroyal walk on this trail!
  7. 7. 2. When?April 2013. The spring in Crimea – the mosthealing season on the coast a year!Spring in Crimea begins in early April and isespecially scenic, with Crimeas wide variety offlora all in bloom.
  8. 8. Crimea – is an island of vines and cognacs.There are more than two thousand years of winemaking in Crimea. Winemaking has beendeveloped in the Chersonese, the Bosporan kingdom, principality of Theodoro andGenoese colonies.Prince Lev Golitsyn (1845-1915), the founder of Russian wine in the Crimea, and industrialproduction of high quality sparkling wines in Russia. Wines in Criemea: White: "Rkatsiteli", "Aliquot", "Riesling", "Sylvaner", "Kokur", "Chardonnay", "Sauvignon" Red: "Cabernet", "Pinot Franc", "Saperavi", "Merlot", "table red Alushta" Pink: "Heraclea", "Muscat Alkadar" Wines: Port wines: red - Massandra (Yalta), white - Sudak (Surozh) and Inkerman (port "Sevastopol") Sherry (the main producers: «DIONIS» (Simferopol), "Magarach", "Massandra") Madeira ("Pike", "Koktebel", "Massandra", "Magarach") Marsala: Malorechenskoye (Alushta city council) dessert wines "Sun Valley (wine)" Old Nectar ("Massandra") Sun in the Glass ("Inkerman") Talisman ("Inkerman") Carnelian Tauris ("Magarach") Muscat, including "Red Stone White Muscat and White Muscat Magarach" Flavored wine - vermouth, "Bouquet of Crimea", "Monastic hospitality" Sparkling wine ("Champagne") wine, "Novyi Svet" ("Galitsinskie") and "Sevastopol" Brandy: "Magarach" "Koktebel", "Karadag" and other "Koktebel factory of vintage wines and cognacs"
  9. 9. Ther is in Massandra has been organized the AwardCeremony last year. The participants were able not onlyvisit the vineries of Massandra but also degustate thesewonderful wines just during the Ceremony!The Crimea Wine of Massandra, Inkerman, Koktebel andBakhchisaray, saltwater pool, sea breeze and scent ofjuniper trees – what can be better after the commotionand dust of megapolis? Only the hospitable Ukrainian girls!And they will be there... Harmony primarily!
  10. 10. 3. What?Yalta Digital Forum is the PROpeller Digital InternetAward as the International advertising session at theluxury South Coast of Crimea resort, lots of marketingand new media conferences and master-classes.They deliver the Golden Drums and the Silver Sticks –we deliver the Golden PROpellers for achievements indigital advertising!
  11. 11. The International PROPeller Digital Internet Awardis one of the biggest awards in the field of interactivemarketing of CIS and Eastern Europe. TheInternational PROpeller Digital Internet Award is heldevery year from 2003.The Award is supported by Ukrainian InternetAdvertising Association, Ukrainian Digital AgenciesCommittee, Ukrainian Forum of Internet Workersand Russian Electronic Communications Association.The Award is a status event – the Award’s prizes aretaken into account within the All-UkrainianAdvertising Coalition digital-agencies rankings.
  12. 12. 4. Who?YALTA Digital Forum is an event that units the Internetindustry leaders from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, BalticStates, Israel, Poland and other Eastern Europe states.
  13. 13. 5. NB!If after all this you will still get enough energy, we have veryhuge seminar program for you: 12 lectures sections,seminars, digital marketing as well as on-line, art, politicsand show-biz leading specialists master-classes, in everyfield where the digital technology is applied today:marketing and government, technologies and innovations,health and beauty, the best advertising case-studies of theyear public defense, three days of professionalcommunication, drive and relax on the Black Sea beach.
  14. 14. We will be very gladto welcome you! Detailshttp://digital2012.adreport.ua/en/award.htmlhttp://digital2013.adreport.ua/https://www.facebook.com/yalta.digitalforumhttp://www.facebook.com/PROpellerDigital