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How to ptimize my Website for the Future.pptx

  2. DATE: March, 28.2023 5.00 pm The information in this presentation will self-destruct in 5…4…3…2…1… Multisearch vs.SEO NAME: @HollerVeronika #SEARCHLDN #SEARCHLDNonline
  3. Based on new search algorithms like: Google MUM Google Lens BING + ChatGPT ChatGPT overall We often hear SEO is Dead #SearchLDN #SEARCHLDNOnline
  4. It is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve good organic rankings as there are more and more features in search. #SearchLDN #SEARCHLDNOnline
  5. Social media platforms, videos, audios and images are taking up more and more space USER BEHAVIOR HAS CHANGED #SearchLDN #SEARCHLDNOnline
  6. New, modern, multimedia Searchengines shows Videos Images Podcasts Answers etc. Oldschool Searchengines Keyword based shows only Website or Shop results very Ads based Because of these multimedia needs, search engines must change Old New #SearchLDN #SEARCHLDNOnline
  7. Every change is a chance to rebuild the SERPS NOW IT´S TIME TO GO WITH THE FUTURE #SearchLDN #SEARCHLDNOnline
  8. BENEFITS 1.Remove Language Hurdles 2.Understanding Information across Types 3.Multi Tasking 4.Understand the whole page content 5.The algorithm is trained in 75 languages 1000 times stronger as BERT Google MUM #SearchLND #SEARCHLDNOnline
  9. How can we optimze our Website for MUM? • Short Videos • Make the Web more emotional Profile Pages from you/your Sales/Service Team • Podcasts - it makes sence to put them also on your site • Unique Images • interactive Infographics etc. QUITE SIMPLY WE MIX THE WORLDS AND BRING MORE INTERACTION TO THE WEBSITES/SHOPS #SEARCHLDNOnline #SearchLDN
  10. BENEFITS  read handwritten letters  Scan and translate text  Copy and paste text to Desktop  Recognize products and display articles in online shops  recognize plants and animals  Detailed help with homework  Information about attractions, works of art or Restaurants nearby Google LENS #SearchLDN #SEARCHLDNOnline
  11. absolute CRAZY! #SearchLDN #SEARCHLDNOnline
  12. Searched through Google Lens and it's a parrotfish #SearchLDN #SEARCHLDNOnline
  13. #SearchLDN #SEARCHLDNOnline
  14. To optimize your website/Onlineshop for the new generation of multisearch engines, you can follow these tips #SearchLDN #SEARCHLDNOnline
  15. More comprehensive search results: Multisearch engines are designed to understand and interpret a wider range of user queries, including images, videos, and voice commands. Think about what possibilities - multisearch offers for SEOs? #SearchLnd #SEARCHLDNOnline
  16. E-E-A-T Create high-quality content: Multisearch engines prioritize high-quality content that is relevant and engaging to users. This includes content that is informative, well- written, and easy to read. #SearchLDN #SEARCHLDNOnlin
  17. Use visual content: Google Lens prioritize visual content, such as images and videos. By including high-quality visual content on your website/onlineShop, you can increase your chances of appearing in search results for visual queries. #SearchLDN #SEARCHLDNOnline
  18. Faster and more accurate search results: Multisearch engines are designed to process and analyze large amounts of data quickly and accurately, which means that they can deliver search results faster and with greater accuracy than traditional search engines. Think about what possibilities - multisearch offers for SEOs? #SearchLDN #SEARCHLDNOnline
  19. Focus on user experience: Multisearch engines prioritize websites/Onlineshops that offer a positive user experience. This includes fast page load times, easy navigation, and mobile responsiveness, Accessibility. #SearchLDN #SEARCHLDNOnline
  20. Use structured data: Multisearch engines rely heavily on structured data to understand the content of a webpage. Making it easier for multisearch engines to index and display your content in search results. #SearchLDN #SEARCHLDNOnline
  21. More personalized search results: Multisearch engines are designed to understand and interpret user intent, which means that they can deliver more personalized search results that are tailored to the user's interests and preferences. Think about what possibilities - multisearch offers for SEOs? #SearchLDN #SEARCHLDNOnline
  22. Optimize for voice search: Multisearch engines are increasingly using voice search technology to understand and interpret user queries. To optimize your website for voice search, focus on long-tail keywords and use natural language in your content. #SearchLDN #SEARCHLDNOnline
  23. #SEARCHLDNOnline #SearchLDN
  24. If you want to rank organically in the future, you must rethink your website, your online shop. For this you need resources, graphics, videos, possibilities for audios and much more. The C-Suite only needs to know why, how much budget and how much revenue is generated. Keep it short and simple The C-Suite YOU NEED RESOURCES TO OPTIMIZE YOUR WEBSITE/ONLINE SHOP #SearchLDN #SEARCHLDNOnline
  25. HI MY NAME IS VERONIKA Senior SEO Manager CompuGroup Medical #SearchLDN LinkedIN Twitter #SEARCHLDNOnline In a world full of violence, Medical Goods are one of the most important things please donate: Support Hospitals in Ukraine