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Best 5 Uses of Google+


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Google+ is a social networking service that is owned and operated by Google. It's robust platform and Google app integrations empowers users to think and share creatively.

This document was created for Concordia University Irvine CU Shine Social Media Sessions. Please ask permission to use it for your own training purposes.

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Best 5 Uses of Google+

  1. 1. CU Shine Social Media Series May 21, 2014 BEST 5 USES OF GOOGLE+ 1. Google+ Hangouts ! ! 2. Google+ Communities ! Google+ Communities allow you to engage with people who share a similar passion or interest as you. Communities offer an environment for sharing rich content such as photos, links, videos and even live Hangouts in a common area that can be made public or private! Posts made to a community will automatically be emailed to you which means no more logging in and checking on the community! ! 1CU Shine 2014 Learn more at: learnmore/ communities/ Google+ Hangouts is a great feature that combines instant messaging and video chat in one handy location. Group conversations are enhanced with Google Effects, Docs and more. Add up to 10 people in one Hangout at once! See what your friends have read while they type back, go back to saved hangout conversations, share Google Docs in a video hangout and so much more! Learn more at: learnmore/hangouts/
  2. 2. CU Shine Social Media Series May 21, 2014 3. Google+ App Integration ! Google offers some of the best online applications such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and YouTube. Now access all the Google apps with a single login and watch the magic of integration take place. Need to meet with someone who is working remotely? Schedule a meeting using Google Calendar and click “Add Video Call”. Now all guests of the meeting can click on the link within the calendar invite and enjoy a productive Google+ Hangout (Note: attendees will need a Google account to participate). While in a Google+ Hangout, share documents or videos using Google Docs or YouTube. The advantages are endless with everything tied together. ! ! 4. Google+ Circles ! Circles make it easy to share the right things with the right people, just like in real life. Group people in circles and filter posts on what you want to read. Search for people you know by using Google’s robust search engine. On Google+ you can share as broadly or narrowly as you want. If you have something to say that the world needs to hear, choose “Public.” To keep your message to a specific group, choose one of your circles. You can even share with individuals -- just type in someone’s name or email address. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 2CU Shine 2014 Learn more at: learnmore/circles/ Learn more at: intl/en_us/about/ products/
  3. 3. CU Shine Social Media Series May 21, 2014 ! ! 5. Personal Brand Recognition Your profile puts a face to your name across Google. Friends, family, and outsiders will be able to see who they’re talking to when you're in a Hangout, send an email, collaborate in Google Drive or search for you on Google. You’re in control of who sees the information on your profile. Keep your cell phone number limited to close friends, but share your hometown with the world. Google’s search engine optimization (SEO) is the best available and allows you to build a name for yourself. Participate in communities, provide relevant content and engage with people online to build a credible reputation for yourself online! ! ! ! Google+ Vocabulary ! +1: Like something? +1 it! Hashtag: A word or string of characters that starts with a number sign (#). Identical hashtags are grouped together in a search thread. Pages: Pages are created and managed by businesses. Follow business pages to see their posts on your home wall. Post: Anything answering the question "What's on your mind?” +Reply: The +reply (or @reply) means a Google+ tag that is directed to another user in a post or reply.  Stream: Similar to Facebook news updates but you can see updates for particular circles rather than updates for everyone at once. ! RESOURCES !,2817,2388307,00.asp ! CONTACT INFORMATION !Google+ Set-up: Google+ Settings: Google Troubleshooting: General Google+ Questions: 3CU Shine 2014 Learn more at: learnmore/profile/