2011 Antal International Global Presentation


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2011 Antal International Global Presentation

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Executive Level Search<br />Minimum of 10-15 years + Executive level experience <br />CEO, CIO, CFO, Global Director, Regional Director, EMEA Director<br />£100,000 +<br />Senior Management Search<br />Minimum of 6 years + management experience<br />HR Manager, Sales Manager, Finance Manager, IT manager<br />£50,000+<br />Mid – Senior Sales Search<br />Minimum of 2-5 years Experience<br />Acc Man, BDM, Accountant, HR Advisor,IT Technical<br />£30,000+<br />
  3. 3. Belgium <br />Brazil<br />Bulgaria <br />China x3<br />Croatia <br />Czech Rep <br />Egypt/Israel<br />France x2<br />Germany x5<br />Ghana<br />Hungary<br />India x6<br />Italy<br />Latvia<br />Malta<br />Netherlands & Nordics<br />Nigeria<br />Poland<br />Philippines<br />Romania x2<br />Russia<br />Scotland<br />Singapore<br />South Africa x 2<br />Spain x3<br />Switzerland/Austria<br />Thailand<br />Turkey x2<br />UAE (Dubai/Abu Dhabi/Saudi)<br />UK x 12<br />USA x 70<br />Project Management<br />Production/Operations/QA<br />Pharma/Chemicals/Utilities<br />Energy/Renewables/Biotech<br />Real Estate and Construction<br />FMCG – Food and drink / Cosmetics<br />Media and Broadcasting / Publishing<br />IT Software and Hardware<br />Finance/Accounting/Audit<br />Technology/Development<br />Retail/Wholesale/Logistics<br />Sales/Marketing/Service<br />Human Resources/Training<br />Supply Chain/Procurement<br />IT Technical<br />Senior Management<br />Global Coverage<br />
  4. 4. <ul><li>Allows Antal to provide specific discipline coverage across a variety of sectors
  5. 5. Expands Antal’s delivery capability to provide expertise within a range of disciplines
  6. 6. Enables Antal to develop greater relationship with their clients </li></ul>Antal’s Matrix Portfolio System<br />
  7. 7. For all of our clients we offer a Key Account Manager. (KAM) What does this mean?<br /><ul><li>Your KAM will prepare the job brief prepared from discussions with yourself, he will ask you to review and sign off the details
  8. 8. They will locate consultants/researches across the group brief them and initiate the search
  9. 9. They will manage all the internal processes for each assignment
  10. 10. They will provide you with regular update reports on the progression of the assignments
  11. 11. They will provide a Benchmark candidate to ensure the searches are moving in the right direction
  12. 12. They will prepare the set Interview notes structure based on key aspects of your requirement
  13. 13. They will hold the final pre-screening interview before submission of the candidate
  14. 14. They will manage the interview logistics
  15. 15. They will carry out specific psychometric testing at your request</li></ul>So how does this benefit you?<br /><ul><li>Will give a better understanding of your needs
  16. 16. Will provide a clear channel of communication
  17. 17. Ensures assignment is completed in a timely manor
  18. 18. Gives you regular updates on all assignments
  19. 19. Allows access to local market expertise
  20. 20. Allows you to source data on new markets
  21. 21. Gives you one point of contact for any assignment whether this is in Beijing. London or Dublin</li></ul>Account Management Function<br />
  22. 22. Selection - Advertising<br /> Various methods of advertising across numerous forms of media<br /> Worldwide Web – Advertising & Search<br /> Advertise vacancies across the Worldwide Web at a particular target audience<br /> Search - Headhunting<br /> A selection of sourcing methods to secure the right candidates<br /> Antal Portfolio<br /> Using the Antal Network to source candidates across the globe<br />Antal’s Four-Way Methodology<br />
  23. 23. Company Capabilities & Scope<br />We have completed more than 63,000 placements worldwide<br />
  24. 24. How We Operate – Milestone Management<br />This implementation process is designed with the following objective in mind:<br /><ul><li>Consistency of reports, documentation and methodology
  25. 25. Rapid turn-around time.
  26. 26. Better information provided to stakeholders
  27. 27. Assurance that best practice methodology is used on every engagement</li></ul>Each Milestone:<br /><ul><li>Is clearly identified
  28. 28. has predefined deliverables
  29. 29. Has key action items. </li></li></ul><li>30 Step Process<br />
  30. 30. Client Testimonials<br />o       “performed a completely professional job in finding appropriate candidates for this position, were also totally professional in being available, offering constructive advice and following up on this assignment at all stages”.<br /> o       " we've had a very positive experience with Antal who within 6 weeks solved a vacancy which had been dragging for 7 months with another firm…very good understanding of Company profile. All candidates proposed had a very good base fit to company culture.”<br /> o       “Broad international network leading to truly international talent hunt: I have been offered people coming from 3 countries, Italy, Belgium and Germany. I know from search reports that candidates have been identified in an even broader number of countries.”<br />o       “I have been working with Antal International over recent months and the results speak for themselves. The fee was no greater than those charged by other companies, with whom we incur cost even if there is no placement.” <br /> o       “I rarely recommend recruitment firms (once every ten years!), but I think Antal warrant it in this situation. They were great to work with, kept me on the straight and narrow and made sure we kept the process on track. I delegated all of the interview arrangements and they were also helpful in the final closing negotiations.”<br /> o       “Another great strength is their headhunting: They have been able to understand quickly such an unusual market as ours and to find the best candidates even we are very demanding.”<br /> o       “Efficient working process, briefing via teleconference with all countries involved, weekly tracking of search status, permanent availability on the phone, regular e-mail reporting and contacts, quick responsiveness to client's requests. Antal delivered committed results: contract was for them to offer 3 valid candidates by end July. It was fully met.”<br /> o       “Ability to work in an integrated manner across a broad geographical region, with strong centralised key account management ensuring pro-activity, service focus, and quality of delivery. Are always pushing both sides to get things done”<br /> o       “I would like to thank you all for the excellent job you did regarding the recruitment of our Sales Director and for our new Marketing Director Europe.”<br /> o       “Your methodology of selection, the very good understanding of my business and my needs, together with an excellent analysis of each candidate gave me entire satisfaction. The very good follow-up of each step in the recruitment phases really showed your full commitment to the mission given, as well as a perfect co-ordination between both offices. The teamwork was brilliant.”<br />Facts & Figures<br />
  31. 31. ANTAL INTERNATIONAL (“Antal”)<br />STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS<br />General<br />1.1 In these terms and conditions: - “the candidate” shall mean the person or limited company (including any officer, employee or agent thereof) introduced by Antal to the client. The “client” means the employer client (including any officer, employee or agent thereof) to whom Antal will introduce candidates. The “package” refers to the candidate’s first year’s gross earnings and benefits.<br />1.2 These terms and conditions are deemed accepted by the client by virtue of its engagement of the candidate and any business undertaken by Antal in relation to any candidate is transacted subject to these terms and conditions, which shall apply to the exclusion of any others. No variations to these terms and conditions shall be binding unless approved in writing by Antal. These terms and conditions and all agreements with clients shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with English Law and the client agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.<br />1.3 Antal does not take up references on candidates as a matter of course but will be pleased to do so if requested at no extra cost. Introductions are confidential. To pass them on to other persons renders the original recipient liable for the fee in respect of any candidate appointed by these means.<br />Fees: We have 2 levels of fees, all based on the package offered to and accepted by the candidate.<br />XX% Fee for salaries of £30,000 and above (a)<br />XX% Payable in 3 equal stages for a retained project (b)<br />For (a) Permanent Placement Contingency Fee<br />2.1 Our Fees are based on the candidate’s guaranteed first year’s gross package and are due when a candidate introduced by Antal is engaged in whatever capacity or where a candidate makes an<br />agreement for the provision of services. No charge is made to the candidate. In self-employment cases the charge is based on the estimated fees to be paid to the candidate for the services provided during the first year. For the purpose of calculating fees, a sum of GBP 5,000 (or currency equivalent at the rate effective on the date of signing the contract) is added to the package in respect of a vehicle, where offered. Where the gross package is not known, a notional tax rate of 35% is assumed and the package grossed-up accordingly. All appointments below a gross salary of GBP 25,000 (or currency equivalent at the rate effective on the date of signing the contract) will be subject to a minimum fee of<br />GBP 7,500 (or currency equivalent at the rate effective on the date of signing the contract) The fees as set out herein are standard but in specific instances may be subject to discussion, e.g. where volume or ongoing recruitment is concerned. All search and selection assignments will be advertised on our<br />website and a nominal fee will be charged for this. <br />2.2 A flat fee of GBP 50,000 (or currency equivalent at the rate effective on the date of signing the contract) will be charged where clients engage any member of Antal’s professional staff.<br />2.3 In addition to professional fees, clients will be charged (where applicable) for advertising, artwork and candidate travel expenses. All expenses and disbursements incurred by Antal in providing services to the client must be fully reimbursed by the client on an indemnity basis.<br />For (b) Permanent Placement Retained Assignment<br />2.4 A retainer fee of 11% of the candidate’s estimated first year’s gross package will be charged upon Antal’s acceptance of the assignment.<br />2.5 The client will be charged a shortlist fee of 11% on presentation of candidates accepted for interview by the client. Should Antal not receive feedback (positive or negative) within two weeks (10 working days) then a shortlist fee will automatically be invoiced.<br />Standard Terms & Conditions<br />
  32. 32. 2.6 The retainer fee, shortlist fee and expenses are payable whether or not a candidate is engaged.<br />2.7 The completed placement fee (Final) will be charged at 33% of the candidate’s agreed first year’s gross package less the retainer and the shortlist fees, and is payable within 14 days of invoice date.<br />2.8 The minimum fee for a search assignment will be GBP 8,250, based on a notional gross salary of GBP 25,000 (or currency equivalent at the rate effective on the date of signing the contract) and<br />charged at 33% over the assignment.<br />2.9 In the unlikely event that an appointment is not made under a retained assignment, it is the policy of Antal not to offer a refund of fees but undertake to continue the assignment until the vacancy is filled or otherwise concluded, provided that all fees invoiced and incurred to date are paid. The client may terminate the assignment at any time by giving one week’s notice in writing. On termination, all fees up to and including the stage reached must be paid, together with a cancellation fee of 10% of the estimated gross package. Should an assignment be put ‘on hold’ by the client for a period exceeding three weeks (15 working days) then the assignment shall be deemed cancelled and the standard cancellation fee invoiced accordingly.<br />Rebate Period Structure<br />3.1 Where a candidate commences work and the appointment is terminated within 13 weeks of the start date, for whatever reason (except in cases of redundancy or restructure), then a portion of the fee relating to the placement only will be allocated as a credit against a replacement candidate search performed under a new agreement or kept in lieu of a future assignment. Credits are calculated on a pro rate basis relevant to the tenure of the candidate on the following basis<br />Tenure (weeks) Credit<br />1-4 100% - Free replacement<br />4-6 75% Credit<br />6-8 50% Credit<br />8-10 25% Credit<br />10-12 15% Credit<br />3.2 Rebate periods will only apply if fees are paid within the given payment period. Any late payments will render the rebate period null and void.<br />Payment Terms<br />4.1 Unless otherwise stated, invoices for professional fees are due for payment within 7 days of the invoice date in the instance of retainers and within 14 days of the invoice date in the instance of all<br />other fees invoiced. Antal reserves the right to charge interest at 4% above the Bank of England base rate per month on ALL overdue accounts. Due to the tight payment terms imposed by advertising media and the reimbursement of candidates, invoices for advertising and expenses are payable upon presentation. VAT (where appropriate) is charged at the current rate.<br />Liability<br />5.1 Whilst Antal shall use its reasonable endeavours to give satisfaction in providing services to the client it shall not be liable to the client for any loss, liability, damage, costs, claims or expenses incurred by the client arising from or connected with the engagement of any candidate howsoever arising. Antal shall not be liable or be deemed to be in breach of any contract with the client by reason of any delay in performing, or any failure to perform any of it’s obligations in relation to the services to be provided, if such delay or failure was due to any cause beyond Antal’s reasonable control. Antal shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss or for any loss to the client arising from third party claims howsoever arising, but including without limitation, any delay in providing the services to the client.<br />Standard Terms & Conditions<br />
  33. 33. For further information please contact Leticia Herrán<br />+ 34 91 310 60 15 Lherran@antal.com<br />