7 Reasons to Choose Private Club Membership vs Timeshare Ownership


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Timeshare seekers are moving away from the traditional timeshare ownership to go after flexible Private Travel Club membership. Private Club membership offers more options, such as being able to Travel Anywhere & Anytime. There are neither exchange fees nor Closing fees. Unlike Timeshare ownership there are No yearly maintenance fees. The Private club member is able to book his own online vacation up to one year or 72 hours in advance. The average of timeshare ownership is on average 25 years whereas some travel club gives its members a lifetime membership. In conclusion Private club membership enables avid travellers to Travel More and Save More. Book your FREE Online Tour of our Registry of Resorts and Travel Center. http://wheretotraveldeals.com/onlinetour

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  • http://wheretotraveldeals.com
  • 7 Reasons to Choose Private Club Membership vs Timeshare Ownership

    1. 1. http://wheretotraveldeals.com 7 Reasons to Choose a Private Travel Club vs Timeshare Ownership M o r e f l e x i b i l i t y - M o r e O p t i o n s . . !
    2. 2. http://wheretotraveldeals.com vs [Timeshare] Access 1 Home Based Resort [Private Travel Club] Access 5000 Home Based Resorts T r a v e l A n y w h e r e & A n y t i m e . . !
    3. 3. http://wheretotraveldeals.com Vacation in Multiple Locations in 60 Countries [Private Travel Club] [Timeshare] Vacation in 1 Location in 1 Country vs T r a v e l A n y w h e r e & A n y t i m e . . !
    4. 4. http://wheretotraveldeals.com Don’t Pay Exchange Rate Fees when using any of the 5000 Resorts [Private Travel Club] [Timeshare] Pay Exchange Rate Fees if you go outside your Home Based Resort vs N o e x c h a n g e f e e s - N o C l o s i n g f e e s . . !
    5. 5. http://wheretotraveldeals.com Annual Maintenance Fees wherever you vacation or not [Private Travel Club] [Timeshare] No Annual Maintenance Fees Access 4 & 5 star Resorts for as low as $398/7 nights vs N o m a i n t e n a n c e f e e s . . !
    6. 6. http://wheretotraveldeals.com Flexible Dates Book the Resort of your choice 1 year up to 72hrs in advance [Private Travel Club] [Timeshare] Fixed Dates for your Annual Vacation vs O n l i n e B o o k i n g A v a i l a b l e . . !
    7. 7. http://wheretotraveldeals.com 100 years membership Willable, Sellable & Transferable [Private Travel Club] [Timeshare] 25 Years Membership Average Deed for a Timeshare vs L i f e t i m e m e m b e r s h i p . . !
    8. 8. http://wheretotraveldeals.com $5997 One Time Fee For 10 Weeks per Year, Plus Unlimited Instant Bookings, No Maintenance Fees [Private Travel Club] [Timeshare] $10,000 (average) for One-Week Annual Timeshare plus Annual Maintenance Fees vs T r a v e l M o r e . . S a v e M o r e . . !
    9. 9. http://wheretotraveldeals.com Based on this comparison: Where would you get more value for your money..? M o r e v a l u e f o r m o n e y . . !
    10. 10. http://wheretotraveldeals.com Register for a FREE Online Tour of our Private Travel Club Registry & Travel Center F R E E O n l i n e T o u r . . ! It’s FREE