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New Years Resolutions Veronica


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New Years Resolutions Veronica

  1. 1. New Year's Resolutions
  2. 2. School In 2010 + I will do my homework everyday x I won’t study the last day ? I may pay more attention to the teacher ? ? I might talk less in class be top of the class
  3. 3. + I will help my parents frequently x I won’t be mad with my family ? I may visit my parents more often ? ? I might buy presents for my parents Family
  4. 4. + I will eat less and more healthy x I won’t leave of do exercise ? I may sleep longer ? ? I might do a diet Health Sleep longer
  5. 5. Friends + I will have the best moments ever with my friends x I won’t leave of care my friends ? I may make new friends ? ? I might see old friends
  6. 6. + I will raise my money for my future x I won’t spend my money in foolishness ? I may be more generous ? ? I might give money for the charity be more generous Money
  7. 7. TV + I will have more than 100 channels x I won’t watch gossip programs ? I may watch less the TV ? ? I might see more documental watch less the TV
  8. 8. Environment + I will switch off electric machines at night x I won’t throw away water ? I may recycle my waste ? ? I might walk more or use bicycle Switch off electric machines
  9. 9. Hobbies + I will read more books x I won’t leave of practice sports ? I may make my own designs ? ? I might discover more hobbies
  10. 10. English + I will speak more English in class x I won’t suspended English ? I may watch TV programs in English ? ? I might talk with friends in English speak more in class
  11. 11. Group work Interview a classmate