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Verity Consulting Limited is a corporate investigation consultancy based in Hong Kong providing a wide range of investigation and intelligence solutions to large and small corporations with extensive experience and networks operating around Hong Kong, Greater China and the Asia Pacific region.

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Corporate Brochure - Verity Consulting Limited

  1. 1. “Verity” represents “truth”. Truth forms the eternal verities of all Nature. 「Verity」代表「真理」。只有真理,才能放諸四海而皆准。
  2. 2. Kelvin Ko, founder and CEO of Verity Consulting Limited, is dedicated in leading the team to provide superior service to worldwide clients through a combination of strong technical and managerial experience and a high level of professional and ethical conduct. Kelvin has extensive experience in the investigation field with more than 15 years in practice. Prior to founding Verity, he was the co-founder and CEO of another Hong Kong investigation firm, provided service to clients in a various sectors. He was responsible for the overall company management including business unit operations, strategic planning, and human capital development. Kelvin gained experience in leading the commercial investigation department as he served as Director in Kroll and Fact Finders Ltd. Moreover, he began his investigation career at the Royal Hong Kong Police Force. Kelvin also holds an Executive Master Degree in Business and Administration from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Mission Contribute to improving integrity by upholding in corporations and societies in Greater China. Vision Serve decision makers in corporations and societies as their long-term intelligence partners, providing true statements that facilitate substantiated decision making, risk mitigation and management, as well as quality strategy planning. Value • Sustain integrity and fairness • Dedicate to excel with ethics and professionalism • Encompass neutrality and objectivity 公司概覽 Who We Are Verity is a leading independent investigation consultancy, providing intelligence and investigation services to a wide range of industries and market sectors. Our team consists of dedicated consultants from diverse backgrounds and experienced investigators with specialized skills. 宏德是一間領先的獨立調查顧問公司,為不同類型的行業及市場領域提供資訊和調查服務。 我們的團隊包括有各行各業背景的專業顧問以及各具專長的資深調查員。 宏德創辦人兼行政總裁高照先生,具有優越的專業 技術和豐富管理經驗,並嚴守其專業精神及道德操 守以領導團隊,為遍及全球的客戶提供優質服務。 高先生在調查領域資歷深厚,擁有逾15年的實踐 經驗。在成立宏德之前,高先生是香港另一間調 查公司的創辦人兼行政總裁,而該公司為廣大客 戶提供調查服務。高先生負責公司的整體管理, 包括商務運作、策略策劃及人力資源發展。 高先生曾在高樂香港分公司(美國紐交所上市公司) 擔任董事,因此在領導商業調查部門方面亦擁有 豐富經驗。此外,高先生是在香港皇家警隊開始 他的調查事業生涯。高先生還擁有香港中文大學 之行政人員工商管理碩士學位。 公司宗旨 為大中華地區企業及團體維持及提高其誠信的形 象及文化。 公司願景 作為企業及社團決策者的長期情報合作夥伴,向 決策者提供真實資料,協助其作出具體決策、減 低和管理風險、以及高品質策略規劃。 公司價值觀 • 維護正直誠信、公平公正 • 謹守道德精神、專業敬業 • 保持客觀中立、不偏不倚 2
  3. 3. Della Yu is one of the founding members of Verity. She heads the research department with focus on comprehensive case research including due diligence, background and asset checks, pre-employment screening, and IP matters, predominately in Asia. Her experience includes previously served as an Associate Consultant at a Hong Kong strategic consulting company, and as a Fund Accountant at a reputable US financial service company in Boston and in Hong Kong. With a Master of Arts degree in International Business and Management from University of Westminster and Bachelor of Science degree in General Management from Boston College. 喻德禮女士是宏德的創辦成員之一。喻女士主管研究部門,專注於綜合性案件研究,包括 盡職、背景及資產核查、聘任前篩選及知識產權事項,主要負責亞洲地區。 喻女士經驗豐富,曾在一間香港知名策略諮詢公司擔任助理顧問,以及在波士頓及香港一 間著名的美國金融服務公司擔任基金會計。喻女士擁有英國威斯敏斯特大學國際商業及管 理學文學碩士學位以及美國波士頓學院通用管理學士學位。 Jacky Ng is one of the founding members of Verity. A surveillance specialist with more than 15 years of experience, he is Verity’s Operations Director responsible for the management of covert surveillance cases. Under his supervision, a team of more than 20 investigators routinely conducts surveillance operations in respect of insurance, commercial, and matrimonial matters. Prior to Verity, he served at Kroll and Fact Finders Ltd., where he acquired practical expertise in conducting field investigation. With sound knowledge of technical equipments, video recording and editing, and photography, his abilities have proven valuable to a various investigation projects. 吳冠賢先生是宏德的創辦成員之一。吳先生為宏德的營運總監,是一名監控專家,擁有 逾15年經驗,負責管理案件監視。吳先生領導一支擁有20多名調查員的團隊,一般從事保 險、商業及婚姻問題相關的監視業務。 加入宏德之前,吳先生曾在高樂香港分公司任職,並在此獲取了開展實地調查的實際經 驗。吳先生擁有專業設備、視訊錄製與剪輯、以及攝影等扎實的專業知識,其能力早已 在過去眾多的調查結果中得到認可。 Arthur Tang, Specialist in Digital Forensic, leads the technological investigation activities for Verity. With his professional expertise in retrieving and analyzing digital evidence, valuable information are collected and adhere to proper legal procedures. The many computer forensic cases he manages include fraudulent, internal theft, bribery, matrimonial, and internal employee checks. Previously, he served as an Assistant Professor at University of Central Florida and The University of Hong Kong. He is a Certified Computer Information Forensics Investigator by International Information and Communication Technology Council, and holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from Michigan State University. 鄧國鴻先生是一名數碼鑒證專家,負責宏德的技術調查業務。憑藉在擷取及分析數碼證據 方面的專業知識,鄧先生能夠在符合法律程序下收集各種寶貴資料。他負責眾多電腦鑒證案件 涉及欺詐、內部行竊、賄賂、婚姻及內部員工核查。 鄧先生曾在美國中佛羅里達大學及香港大學擔任助理教授。他已獲得國際訊息及通信科技 協會的電腦法證調查員認證,並擁有密歇根州立大學計算機科學與工程學博士學位。 Arthur Tang 鄧 國 鴻 Ph.D., CIFI Consultant 顧問 Jacky Ng 吳 冠 賢 Operations Director 營運總監 3 Della Yu 喻 德 禮 Research Director 研究總監
  4. 4. 經營之道 Our Approach Verity recognizes the importance of knowledge, trust, and collaboration within our company and with our clients. We work hard in building and maintaining a culture where our clients entrust us as we work together to achieve their individual objectives. 宏德深知公司內部以及與客戶之間的認知、信任及合作的重要性。我們努力建設並保持 正面的企業文化,致使我們備受客戶委以重任,並與客戶一起達致其目標。 4 Team of Excellence Our highly reputable team is comprised of members with various specialized skills and experienced experts in the industry. Local field veterans, specialized expertise together with manpower efficiency provide clients with quality intelligence and high success rate for investigations. Professional Ethics Our staff is trained to work with a high degree of ethics, uncompromising confidentiality, and principled behavior at all times. We also employ decent and ethical methodologies, thus leaving no liability to our clients during and after every case project. Superior Customer Experience We emphasize communication with clients by establishing a reporting protocol where they receive updates on key stages of their cases in a timely manner, which also allow them to enjoy peace of mind throughout the projects. Sustainable Professionalism We acknowledge formal training, service and procedure enrichments, as well as client benefits enhancement. We are dedicated to formulate continuous training programs to our staff. In addition, we take the initiative to understand clients’ needs in order to constantly improve service. 傑出團隊 我們的團隊聲名卓著,擁有各具專長的成員及經驗豐富 的業內專家。憑藉當地的資深專業人員、專業技術以及 人員效率,我們為客戶提供高品質的情報,調查成功率 極高。 職業道德 我們的員工訓練有素,具備高尚的道德操守、堅守互訂 的保密承諾及嚴謹的專業守則。我們亦會採用合乎道德 的行事方式,以確保每位客戶在各案件項目進行期間及 過後均無後顧之憂。 優質客戶體驗 我們重視與客戶之間的溝通,所以在委托前雙方會制定通 報機制, 好讓客戶可及時了解其案件的最新情況,以便客 戶在整個過程中能作出及時應變。 恪守專業精神 我們注重正規培訓、服務及程序改進,同時提升客戶利 益。我們致力為員工制定持續的培訓計劃。不僅如此, 我們還主動了解客戶需求,務求不斷改善服務質量。
  5. 5. 客戶基礎 Our Clients Businesses and industries of every shape and size entrust Verity for our superior service. Our clients consist of a wide range of industries, including multinational businesses and financial institutions, international and domestic law firms, intellectual property rights owners, and insurance corporations and loss adjusters. 宏德的優質服務深受客戶讚賞,委託我們的客戶各具規模且遍佈各行各業,包括跨國商業及 金融機構、國際及本地律師事務所、知識產權擁有人、以及保險公司及理賠機構。 Partnership with Clients Key decision makers in local and multinational corporations have entrusted us as their intelligence partners for a variety of business reasons. Individual clients also trust us to defend their personal and commercial interests. Over the past years we achieved more than 5,000 successful cases for our clients. Professional Solutions A wide spectrum of professional solutions is available for our clients in addressing their specific intelligence and investigation needs: • Legal investigation • Human resources investigation • Insurance claims investigation • Digital forensic investigation • Commercial investigation • Individual investigation 與客戶合作 基於各種商業原因,當地及跨國公司的主要決策者委託 我們作為其情報合作夥伴。而個人客戶亦委託我們維護 其個人及商業利益。過去數年,我們已成功為客戶完成 逾5,000項案件。 專業解決方案 我們為客戶提供廣泛的專業解決方案,以滿足客戶各自 的情報及調查需求: • 法律調查 • 人力資源調查 • 保險索償調查 • 數碼鑒證調查 • 商業調查 • 個人調查 5
  6. 6. 工作流程 Our Workflow At Verity, we aim to provide comprehensive solutions in meeting our clients’ objectives, with proven processes and innovative tools to ensure smooth operation in achieving our goals. 宏德致力於提供綜合解決方案以達致客戶目標,而運用完善的流程及創新的手法,務求能夠 確保順利達成目標。 Understand Meet with the client to obtain an understanding of the case background, objectives, and other materials to facilitate the investigation in providing the best result. Plan Conduct reviews of the documents, desktop researches, and explore more options to tackle the case, followed by a detailed plan proposed for the client’s consideration and approval. Organize Organize and gather suitable investigators and resources for the case, and a briefing session will be hosted to communicate the details and the best execution. Lead Manage and lead the team to ensure the tasks are completed on time, and to meet the case objectives in an effective and efficient way. Control Maintain close contact with the client to provide timely updates, review relevance of possible new leads, and to determine should additional work be undertaken. Report On completion, a full report with all gathered evidence will be submitted to the client with other recommendations for further action. Review Conduct a review of each case to find out areas of improvement in making continuous progress for our future cases. 了解 會見客戶,了解案件背景、目的及其他材料,務求令調查 獲得最佳結果。 計劃 進行文件審查、桌面研究,探索更多可行性方案以解決案 件,最後提出詳細計劃供客戶考慮及批准。 組織 組織合適的調查員及蒐集可用的資源及設備,召開簡報會 交流案件細節及最佳執行方案。 領導 管理並領導團隊,確保按時完成任務並有效率地達成案件 目標。 控制 與客戶保持緊密聯繫,及時提供最新資訊,審查相關的新 線索,決定是否採取其他額外的行動。 報告 調查完成後,向客戶提供一份載有所有證據之完整報告, 並對是否有需要進一步行動而提出建議。 檢討 對各案件進行檢討,力求查找不足,以便未來在處理同類 型案件時取得進步。 6
  8. 8. Legal Investigation Verity is highly experienced in supporting legal firms collect intelligence about people, businesses, and evidence involved in their cases to increase case success rate. Ligation Support Provide crucial evidence in delivering research data, intelligence, and supporting documentation in versatile formats. Locating Witness Ensure witnesses are correctly located in a timely manner globally. Process Serving Enable safe and efficient delivery of legal documents at all times. Background Search Supply important historical facts and figures which are substantially covered in case evidence. Matrimonial Investigation Help uncover true statements in regards to complex relationships. Fraud Discover the complexities of relationships among individuals and corporations, trace the parties concerned, identify appropriate witnesses, and gather financial evidence from around the world. 聯合支援 提供關鍵證據,用於交付各種形式的研究數據、情報及證明 文件。 鎖定證人 確保及時在全球鎖定證人的準確方位。 送遞法律文件服務 確保安全有效地送達法律文件。 背景調查 提供重要人物及公司的背景資料及歷史事實以作為法庭上有 力的證據。 婚姻調查 協助揭開複雜關係的真實情況。 欺詐調查 揭開個人及企業間的複雜關係、跟蹤目標人有關方、尋找適 當證人以及蒐集財務上的證據。 法律調查 宏德具備豐富經驗,可協助律師事務所蒐集個人、商業情報以及各案件的相關證據, 進而提升案件的成功率。 8
  9. 9. 人力資源調查 Human Resources Investigation Verity is dedicated to assist human resources managers in mitigating, managing, and avoiding employment risks through investigations on individuals concerned. Pre-Employment Screening Help identify the right candidates, CV verification, criminal record inquiries, trace history on unethical business activities, and integrity and background checks. Employee Integrity and Background Check Check background and integrity-related behaviors of the employees concerned, review validity of anonymous complaints, verify undeclared assets, side businesses, and more. Employee Compensation and Claims Investigate doubtful employees’ claims in various areas including injuries, sick leave, expenses, and other employment liabilities. Internal Fraud Provide investigations including kickbacks, corruptions, information leakage, false documentation, and misappropriation of company assets. 聘任前篩選 協助確定適當人選、履歷驗證、犯罪記錄查詢、追查不道德商 業行為歷史以及其誠信與背景調查。 員工誠信及背景調查 核查相關員工的背景及誠信相關行為、審查匿名投訴的確實 性、驗證未申報資產、副業及其他。 員工薪酬及申索 在各方面調查存在可疑的員工申索,包括受傷、病假、開支及 其他僱傭責任。 內部欺詐 調查員工有否涉及回扣、貪污、洩漏公司資料、提供虛假文件 或侵吞公司資產等的不當行為。 宏德對相關人士進行調查,協助人力資源經理減低、管理及規避僱傭風險。
  10. 10. Insurance Claims Investigation Verity assists insurers to authenticate the integrity of various types of claims to minimize financial loss. Our services signify high success rate and quality evidence collection. Condition Assessment Assess the conditions of claims in different aspects, such as personal injuries, hospitalization, and death claims, to ensure our clients learn the causes and accuracy of reported damage, as well as to verify the correctness of expenses claimed. Historical Record Search Thorough claims authentication process is put in place by inspecting the claimants’ historical background and behaviors for verification to prevent potential fraudulent claims. 保險索償調查 宏德協助保險公司鑒定不同類型索償案件的真確性,以將財務損失降至最低。我們的服務 以高成功率及高質量的證據蒐集著稱。 10 情況評估 從不同方面評估索償情況,例如人身傷害、住院醫療及意 外身故等索償,以確保我們的客戶了解案件的細節及原 因,以及核實索償費用的準確性。 歷史記錄搜尋 我們已實施完善的索償鑒定程序,透過審查索償者的歷史 背景及行為方式進行鑒定,杜絕潛在的欺詐性索償。
  11. 11. Digital Forensic Investigation With our analytical techniques and experience in e-discovery, Verity offers solid support in digital forensic litigation and incident investigation. Evidence Acquisition, Preservation, and Handling Provide expert procedures in evidence handling for fragile, volatile, and intangible electronically stored information to ensure legally sounded evidence acquisition for litigation uses. Computer Data Analysis Use of multiple perspectives in evidence analysis, including numerical analysis, content analysis, time-frame analysis, and meta-data analysis, to provide a holistic examination of the evidence to reconstruct facts and information related to the case. Evidence Recovery Locate and extract hidden or deleted evidence by using advanced digital forensic techniques to recover digital evidence that may contain the most valuable information. 數碼鑒證調查 憑藉我們於電子化搜尋中的各種分析技術及經驗,宏德為數碼鑒證訴訟及事故調查提供 堅實支援。 證據蒐集、保存及處理 提供專業程式處理易損壞、不穩定及無形電子存儲資料的 證據,以確保蒐集合法證據用於訴訟程序。 電腦資料分析 採用多角度的證據分析法(包括數值分析、內容分析、時 間框架分析及元數據分析)對證據進行全面鑒定,重現與 案件相關的事實及資料。 證據復原 透過先進的數碼鑒證技術尋找及擷取隱藏或已刪除的證 據,以復原可能含有最寶貴資料的數碼證據。 11
  12. 12. Commercial Investigation With an extensive global affiliate network and a strong focus in Greater China, Verity offers effective and efficient cross-border commercial investigations to protect our clients’ interests. Due Diligence Offer comprehensive investigation process, including research on financial assets, examine organizations’ backgrounds, and study past and prospective business partners, to mitigate risks prior to establishing new business cooperation. Fraud, Abuse, and Mismanagement Conduct investigations on existing business partners and management personnel in question, and provide customized training on techniques and system operations for fraud prevention. Intellectual Property Provide a wide range of intelligence and investigation services to organizations that suffer from counterfeiting operations, such as tracing the origins of suppliers, gather important evidence, and collaborate with law enforcement authorities to carry out extensive market sweeps. Business Intelligence Supply critical information required to make sound business decisions to minimize threats, capitalize upon opportunities, and protect vital assets. 商業調查 透過廣泛的全球聯系網絡以及對大中華地區的專注,宏德提供實惠高效的跨境商業調查, 以保障我們客戶遍及國內外的利益。 12 盡職調查 提供全面的調查程序,包括財務資產研究、調查組織背景、以 及研究其過往及未來業務合作夥伴,以便於建立新的業務合作 前減低各種風險。 欺詐、濫用職權及管理失當 對涉嫌的現有業務合作夥伴及管理層人員進行調查,並就預防 欺詐的技巧及系統運作提供度身訂造的培訓。 知識產權 向因假冒偽劣而招致損失的機構提供各類情報及調查服務,例 如追查供應商源頭、蒐集重要證據以及與執法機構合作開展廣 泛的市場掃蕩行動。 商業情報 提供作出合理商業決策所需的重要資訊,以最大限度降低威脅、 把握機會及保障重要資產。
  13. 13. Caring for our Staff We consider our staff to be the greatest asset in contributing to the company’s development. We show care to our staff through providing comprehensive remuneration and benefits, a healthy and safe work environment, and by encouraging personal development. We also grant sufficient annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, study leave, and birthday leave, on top of public holidays in order to allow our staff to spend more quality time with family and friends. Caring for our Society We strongly believe the importance of contributing to society’s well-being. We go beyond donating money and put our support into action to communities by arranging and encouraging staff to actively take part in voluntary services. By advocating social responsibility and promoting community services, we believe it can make a positive difference to ourselves as well as others around us. Caring for our Environment We recognize that a healthy and sustainable environment is crucial to our business and our people. We aim to raise awareness towards environmental friendliness by encouraging participation and educating our staff to contribute to a greener world. Energy-saving and waste management methods have put into place at Verity’s office. 15 Corporate Social Responsibility At Verity, we are committed to serving our community and environment in which we operate. We focus on three main areas: our staff, our society, and our environment. 宏德致力服務我們身處的社區及環境。我們專注於三個主要領域:我們的員工、 社會及環境。 關懷員工 我們認為,員工是推動公司不斷發展的最寶貴資產。我們關懷 員工,為其提供全面的薪酬和福利、健康安全的工作環境,同 時鼓勵員工的個人發展。對於員工工餘後的進修,我們提供百 分百的支持,藉此提升員工的知識及才能。另外為提供充足的 時問讓員工與其家人及朋友共聚,除基本的法定假期外,我們 還給予充足的年假、婚假、產假、進修假、生日假等。 關愛社會 我們堅信為社會的幸福安康貢獻力量的重要意義。我們不僅提 供捐款,亦安排和鼓勵員工積極參與志願服務,以實際行動支 援社區。我們相信,倡導社會責任及推廣社區服務必將對我們 自身及周圍人群產生積極影響。 愛護環境 我們深知,一個健康及可持續發展的環境對我們的業務和成員 至關重要。我們鼓勵員工參與環保活動,並教導其為創建綠色 環境作出貢獻,藉此提升環保意識。宏德的辦公室現時已實施 各種節能及廢物回收管理措施。 企業社會責任
  14. 14. 個人調查 Individual Investigation Verity’s investigation expertise can help individuals uncover truths that greatly affect their personal life. 宏德具備專業調查知識,可協助揭露嚴重影響個人生活的各種真相。 13 Activity Tracing Observe individuals’ local or overseas activity tracing with our worldwide affiliates to ensure they are closely monitored anytime, anywhere. Locating Individuals Provide efficient and effective people search locally and globally, aiming at a prompt identification of the individuals through our extensive global network. Matrimonial Investigation Offer superior tracing surveillance techniques to reveal deceitful relationships, collect important evidence, and to substantiate matrimonial lawsuits. Children Care Monitor children’s activities by observing the type of friends they have, possibility of being in touch with illegal drugs, and any other misbehavior, to ensure parents their children are growing in a safe environment. 行動追查 透過我們的全球聯營網絡,追蹤個人的當地或海外活動蹤跡, 確保隨時隨地密切監控目標人物。 個人定位 派遣高效的工作人員在當地和全球範圍內搜尋,透過我們廣泛 的全球網絡迅速識別個人方位。 婚姻支援 提供一流的追蹤監視技術,揭露具欺騙性的婚姻關係、蒐集重 要證據並為婚姻訴訟提供確鑿的證據支援。 子女監護 透過觀察子女的活動、朋友、喜好,以防子女沾染毒品及牽涉 任何其他不當行為,確保子女在安全環境中成長。
  15. 15. Testimonials Verity is proud of the positive feedback received over the years, from our clients to our staff and associates. Please read on to learn what others speak of our services and experiences of working with us. 多年以來,無論是我們的客戶,抑或我們的員工和聯盟,均對宏德讚譽有加。以下是他們分享 對我們的服務以及與我們合作的體驗和評價。 褒獎評價 14 Anthony Chiu, AVP and Associate General Counsel - Law Department “Kelvin Ko and his key team members are known to me for already a few years of time (before I joined AIA). When I was in private practice, I used to instruct Kelvin on a very frequent basis in the investigation of a vast number of insurance, personal injuries and other types of claims. His approach is proven to be practical and suits the clients’ real needs and expectation, and he always acts even faster than the performance pledge. All my previous clients talk highly of him and his team. I am very happy with his performance and certainly have no hesitation to recommend him and Verity to those who desire to achieve positive result.” Anthony Chiu 助理副總裁兼副總法律顧問- 法律部 「在我加入AIA之前,我已經與Kelvin和他的團隊相識多年。 我在私人執業時,曾經常委托Kelvin調查大量保險、人身傷 害及其他類型的索贘案件。他處理的方法證實非常切實可 行,符合客戶的真實需求和期望,而且他總是比原本的服 務承諾更加優勝。因此,我過往的所有客戶都對他及他的 團隊讚賞有加。我很高興他能有今日的成就,對於希望獲 得滿意服務的客戶,我極力推薦選擇他及宏德。」 T. L. Lim, Partner, Mayer Brown JSM "Kelvin and his team are very professional, dedicated and responsive." T. L. Lim,合夥人,Mayer Brown JSM 「Kelvin和他的團隊十分專業和專注,而且反應迅速。」 Prof. Andrew C.F. Chan, Director, EMBA Program, The Chinese University of Hong Kong “I first met with Kelvin in the interview of admission to our EMBA Program back in 2009. During the interview, Kelvin told me his passion of pursuing knowledge with a view to take a better lead of his consulting firm. He also shared with me about his value and eagerness to help others, including his friends, classmates, staff, clients, etc. Throughout the two-year EMBA Program, Kelvin has proven himself to be a very helpful, organized and hard-working person. As a class representative, Kelvin has also demonstrated his leadership talent to unite the class and keep up a close bonding among them. He was graduated with honor and being a member of Beta Gamma Sigma. I trust Kelvin will do his very best to provide his helping hands to the needed person and our society.” 陳志輝教授,香港中文大學行政人員工商管理 碩士課程主任 「作為中文大學EMBA課程主任,我是在2009年招生面試 中第一次認識Kelvin。在面試中,Kelvin告訴我他求知 的熱情,並期待通過學習能更好地領導他的諮詢公司。他 還和我分享他的價值觀,告訴我他對幫助別人的熱誠,不 論是他的朋友、同學、員工、客戶等等。在兩年的EMBA 學習過程中,Kelvin展示了極強的領導才能,使班上五十 多位行政人員能團結、互助及保持密切和友好的關係。 他更以優異的成績畢業並成為Beta Gamma Sigma協會的會 員。我相信Kelvin會竭盡全力幫助有需要的人,為社會 作出貢獻。」
  16. 16. Contact us Address : 4109 Hopewell Centre, 183 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong Tel : (852) 2581 9696 Fax : (852) 2581 9096 Website : Email :
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