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Corporate Investigation in Hong Kong and China


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Corporate Investigation Services in Hong Kong and China

Verity Consulting Limited is a corporate investigation consultancy based in Hong Kong providing a wide range of investigation and intelligence solutions to large and small corporations with extensive experience and networks operating around Hong Kong, Greater China and the Asia Pacific region.

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Corporate Investigation in Hong Kong and China

  1. 1. Corporate Investigation Services Hong Kong, China Verity Consulting Limited
  2. 2. Introduction  Established in 2009  Corporate investigation consultancy based in Hong Kong  Expertise and a wide network in Hong Kong, China and Asia Pacific  Clients and market sectors: • International and domestic law firms • Multinational corporations • Financial institutions • Insurance firms and loss adjusters • High net worth individual clients
  3. 3. A True Statement Committed to provide comprehensive and reliable investigation services for clients in a timely manner  Integrity and fairness  Professionalism and dedication  Ethical conduct and confidentiality  Objectivity, neutrality and impartiality  Commitment to excellence
  4. 4. Who We Are  Kelvin Ko, Founder and Managing Director  More than 17 years of investigation experience  Investigation career began at the Royal Hong Kong Police Force  Experience from US listed corporate investigation and risk consulting firm  Executive MBA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong  Jacky Ng, Operations Director  17 years of experience, expertise in surveillance  Lead more than 20 full time investigators  Experience from US listed corporate investigation and risk consulting firm
  5. 5. Who We Are  Arthur Tang, Consultant  Specialist in Digital and Computer Forensic  Expertise in retrieving and analyzing digital evidence  Certified Computer Information Forensics Investigator (CIFI) by International Information and Communication Technology Council  Holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from Michigan State University
  6. 6. Competitive Edge  Manpower efficiency and field experience  Experienced team of consultants and in-house investigators to ensure reliability of evidence  Abide by laws and regulations, ensure confidentiality and trustworthiness  Tailor-made and cost effective solutions  Cross-border support for Hong Kong and China  Wide network of associates in Asia Pacific  Local knowledge and expertise
  7. 7. Our Workflow Understand Plan Organize Lead ReviewReportControl
  8. 8. Services  Legal investigation  Commercial investigation  Digital and Computer forensics investigation  Human resources investigation  Insurance claims investigation  Individual investigation
  9. 9. Legal Investigation Litigation Support - Provide evidence to deliver data, intelligence, and supporting documentation in versatile formats. Locating Individuals - Ensure witnesses or targets are correctly located for further legal actions. Process Serving - Enable safe and efficient delivery of legal documents at all times. Background Check - Supply important facts and figures which are substantially covered in case evidence. Fraud - Discover the complexities of relationships among individuals and corporations, trace the parties concerned, identify appropriate witnesses, and gather crucial evidence. Matrimonial - Uncover truth in regards to complex relationships, examine if children are treated properly.
  10. 10. Commercial Investigation Due Diligence - Comprehensive research and intelligence gathering to mitigate risks prior to establishing new business partnerships and transactions. Fraud, Abuse, and Mismanagement - Investigate existing partners and management personnel in question, gain solid evidence to minimize potential damage. Intellectual Property - Tailor made investigations for corporations suffering from counterfeiting operations, trademark and patent infringement, data security and leakage. Business and Market Intelligence - Supply critical information required to make sound business decisions to minimize threats, capitalize upon opportunities, and protect vital assets. C
  11. 11. Digital and Computer Forensics Investigation Evidence Acquisition, Preservation, and Handling - Provide expert procedures in evidence handling for fragile, volatile, and intangible electronically stored information to ensure legally sounded evidence acquisition for litigation uses. Computer Data Analysis - Use of multiple perspectives in evidence analysis, including numerical analysis, content analysis, time-frame analysis, and meta-data analysis, to provide a holistic examination of the evidence to reconstruct facts and information related to the case. Evidence Recovery - Locate and extract hidden or deleted evidence by using advanced digital forensic techniques to recover digital evidence that may contain the most valuable information.
  12. 12. Human Resources Investigation Employment Screening - Help identify the right candidates, CV verification, background check on any history of unethical business activities or conflict of interest that may pose potential threat to the company. Employee Integrity and Background Check - Check background and integrity-related behaviors of the employees concerned, review validity of anonymous complaints, verify undeclared assets, side businesses, and more. Employee Compensation and Claims - Investigate doubtful employees’ claims in various areas including injuries, sick leave, expenses, and other employment liabilities. Internal Fraud - Provide investigations including kickbacks, corruptions, information leakage, false documentation, and misappropriation of company assets.
  13. 13. Insurance Claims and Personal Injury Investigation Condition Assessment - Assess the conditions of claims in different aspects, such as personal injuries, hospitalization, and death claims, to ensure our clients learn the causes and accuracy of reported damage, as well as to verify the correctness of expenses claimed. Historical Record Search - Thorough claims authentication process is put in place by inspecting the claimants’ historical background and behaviors for verification to prevent potential fraudulent claims.
  14. 14. Individual Investigation Surveillance – Observe and collect intelligence on individuals’ activities to ensure they are closely monitored anytime, anywhere. Locating Individuals - Provide efficient and effective people search locally and globally, aiming at a prompt identification of the individuals through our extensive global network. Matrimonial Investigation - Offer superior tracing surveillance techniques to reveal deceitful relationships, collect important evidence, and to substantiate matrimonial lawsuits. Children Care - Monitor children’s activities by observing the type of friends they have, possibility of being in touch with illegal drugs, and any other misbehavior, to ensure parents their children are growing in a safe environment.
  15. 15. Awards Verity is honored to have received the following awards Acquisition International M&A Awards 2014 Corporate Investigation Consultancy of the Year Hong Kong Outstanding Entrepreneur Awards 2013 Outstanding Corporate Investigation Consultant HSBC Living Business Awards 2013 & 2014 People Caring - Merit Award Hong Kong Council of Social Services Caring Company 2012 - 2015
  16. 16. For more information and inquiries… Phone: Email: Website: Connect with us: Facebook: Google +: LinkedIn: (852) 2581 9696 Thank You!