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A presentation delivered most recently at OUG Norway on 16/4/2011. It introduces WebLogic terminology, how to install/configure it, high level monitoring and an example of its use to run Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Controle.

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WebLogic for DBAs

  1. 1. WebLogic for DBAs Simon Haslam Veriton Limited
  2. 2. Simon Haslam / VeritonConsultant & Oracle Partner,established for 16 yearsI mainly work on the middle tier ofdemanding web & contact-centre applications:architecture planning to installationto troubleshooting (and most thingsin between!)
  3. 3. AgendaWebLogic Architecture and ComponentsInstalling WLS & Configuring a DomainOracle Enterprise Manager 12cManaging WebLogic
  4. 4. Recap. HTTP(S) HTTP(S) used Web Server to return HTTP(S), AJP etc HTML Application Server e.g. SQL*Net Database etc
  5. 5. Key WebLogic Terms Domain ◦ Grouping of config/resources for an environment ◦ Has one set of administrators/security privileges ◦ Supports one major release of WebLogic at a time ◦ Is run in either ‘Production’ or ‘Development’ mode Admin Server ◦ Only one per domain ◦ Runs the Admin Console Managed Server ◦ The server(s)/JVM that run your app(s) ◦ Cluster(s) distribute your app over several MS Node Manager ◦ Java program that (re)starts your servers (MS & AS)
  6. 6. Example Architecture Note: with 64 bit OS & VMs it’s becoming common to have one app WebLogic server process per host requests webserver plug-in admin console admin A node manager can server manage multiple managed domains, though this may not be desirable server domain node host managerEND
  7. 7. Component Notes A domain only ever has one Admin Server ◦ it looks after the master config.xml The Admin Server doesn’t actually need to be running all the time ◦ Managed Server Independence (MSI) – the MS can start up/run on its own ◦ AS primarily used for changing configuration or deploying apps ◦ BUT… more reliance post-Oracle on admin apps on AS You want Node Manager running all the time to stop/start WebLogic servers
  8. 8. Quick Demo WebLogic Console ◦ machines ◦ servers ◦ data sources ◦ deployed applications
  9. 9. Typical Enterprise Application Load Balancers Web Server Web Server WebLogic WebLogic App App Managed Server Cluster Managed Server Oracle Database Web Services Services Layer
  10. 10. AgendaWebLogic Architecture and ComponentsInstalling WLS & Configuring a DomainOracle Enterprise Manager – 11g & 12cManaging WebLogic
  11. 11. Install Middleware Home ◦ ‘binaries’ which may include various Oracle layered products (such as SOA Suite or Forms) ◦ read-only* Domain Home ◦ configuration and logs ◦ can live happily outside the middleware home: nice! ◦ one middleware home / WebLogic installation can be used to run several separate domains* a few parts of Oracle ignore this
  12. 12. WebLogic Installation Steps1. Install JVM2. Install a Middleware Home and WebLogic3. Configure a Domain Note: I usually install the JVM and use the generic .jar installer (i.e. same for all platforms) rather than using installer bundled with a JVM
  13. 13. 1) Install JVM Sun HotSpot or JRockit (being merged in Java7/8), or JVM for your platform (e.g. IBM or HP) JRockit specific: ◦ Don’t install demos & samples/source code ◦ You probably don’t want JRockit as the public JRE
  14. 14. 2) Install WebLogic E.g. java -jar wls1036_generic.jar silent_xml=wls1036.rsp] [-mode=silent -silent_xml=wls1036.rsp] ◦ On small test environments without much /tmp you can use: -Djava.io.tmpdir=/softlib/tmp ◦ Don’t forget WLS has PSUs (e.g. and quarterly SPUs (fka CPUs) Only most relevant screens follow…
  15. 15. Installation
  16. 16. 3) Configure a Domain You use the config wizard to create domains ◦ $WL_HOME/common/bin/config.sh (.cmd) ◦ there are several other methods too There’s a good chance your app will configure a domain for you (though you may wish to standardise) Only most relevant screens follow…
  17. 17. AgendaWebLogic Architecture and ComponentsInstalling WLS & Configuring a DomainOracle Enterprise Manager 12cManaging WebLogic
  18. 18. Enterprise Manager GC/CC Mostly a big java application Runs an Oracle Management Service (OMS) which OEM Agents (a java process running on each remote machine you want to manage) connect to over HTTPS Has a web application that provides the main EM console (and EM CLI)
  19. 19. EM Cloud ControlFri 11:30 Agent Web Server Oracle Management Administrator Service Managed Server Node Admin Manager Server Software My Oracle Repository Database Library Support Services Layer
  20. 20. (OEM Grid Control 11g) 11g GC was first OEM release to use WebLogic instead of OC4J You had to install WebLogic yourself first, then use SmartUpdate (BSU) to apply WDJ7 set of patches ◦ online or offline ◦ see http://www.veriton.co.uk/roller/fmw/entry/offline_patching_of_weblogic_server If you’re installing now go straight to EM 12cR2 ☺
  21. 21. OEM Cloud Control 12c Installer sets up WebLogic for you Some options to customise to be consistent with your environment
  22. 22. Demo Installation (JDK, WebLogic) Domain creation Startup
  23. 23. AgendaWebLogic Architecture and ComponentsInstalling WLS & Configuring a DomainOracle Enterprise Manager 12cManaging WebLogic
  24. 24. Managing WebLogic Admin console is usually starting point Processes to check ◦ java for admin server & managed server ◦ java for nm Node manager (only use java version)
  25. 25. Admin & Managed server logs are under:◦ DOMAIN_HOME/servers/<name>/logs◦ Accessible through console tooMonitoring dashboard
  26. 26. Monitoring Toolset Pure WebLogic ◦ WebLogic Admin Console WebLogic plus middleware components (single system) ◦ OEM Fusion Middleware Control All products ◦ OEM 12c Cloud Control
  27. 27. Demo Processes Log files Monitoring Dashboard
  28. 28. Check out WebLogic Scripting Tool wlst.sh ◦ sets environment Initializing WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST) ... Welcome to WebLogic Server Administration Scripting Shell Type help() for help on available commands wls:/offline> exit()
  29. 29. WLST Example Fri 15:45def create_ds(DS_NAME, DS_PARAMS, TARGETS, JNDI, DB_USER, DB_PASS,DB_SERVICE, DB_HOSTS, ONS_HOSTS): cd(/) cmo.createJDBCSystemResource(DS_NAME) cd(/JDBCSystemResources/+DS_NAME+/JDBCResource/+DS_NAME) cmo.setName(DS_NAME) cd(JDBCDataSourceParams/+DS_NAME) set(JNDINames,jarray.array([String(JNDI)], String)) ...etc...
  30. 30. AgendaWebLogic Architecture and ComponentsInstalling WLS & Configuring a DomainOracle Enterprise Manager 12cManaging WebLogic
  31. 31. WebLogic is a java application server◦ typically delivers HTML over HTTP(S)All WLS processes run on a JVMMiddleware home is static; domain home contains configand logsWLS Console is usually first point of contact (though don’tforget about WLST for automation)OEM 12c runs on WebLogic but the installer now does theWLS set up work for you
  32. 32. Thanks for listening! Twitter: @simon_haslam Oracle Fusion Middleware Architecture & Admin blog: http://simonhaslam.co.uk Fri 11:30 Fri 15:45