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Veritas Professional Services eBook


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Veritas Professional Services eBook. Better prepare, design, deploy, operate and optimize your information management environment. For more information, please visit:

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Veritas Professional Services eBook

  1. 1. DATA ≠ INFORMATION VERITAS PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Helps you turn raw data into valuable business insight
  2. 2. 40Zetabytes 2020 1 GLOBAL DATA Talking to architects about analytics at a recent event, I kept hearing the familiar theme; data scientists are spending 80% of their time on ‘data wrangling’ leaving only 20% for delivering the business insights that will drive the company’s innovation.2 2015 7.9Zetabytes 2010 1.2Zetabytes 1 Symantec Blog, “It’s Time to Keep Pace with Data Growth,” March 30, 2015 2 “Roger Nolan, “Stop Trying to Manage Data Growth!(?),” Informatica, February 16, 2015 2 Copyright © 2015 Veritas Technologies LLC
  3. 3. BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN THE TECHNOLOGY YOU HAVE, AND THE INFORMATION AVAILABILITY YOU NEED Veritas Professional Services A suite of solutions to help you better prepare, design, deploy, operate, and optimize your information management environment. Education Business Critical Services Managed Services Consulting Services 3 Copyright © 2015 Veritas Technologies LLC
  4. 4. HARNESS THE POWER OF INFORMATION PREPARE Gain knowledge transfer from staff education and expert consultation DESIGN Partner with experts to meet any information management challenge DEPLOY Minimize time-to-use and time-to-value with expertise from support staff and Veritas Consultants OPERATE Reach peak efficiency with on-call support, proactive services, rapid issue response, expert guidance, and full remote management OPTIMIZE Let designated experts familiar with your infrastructure help you access services, meet special needs, or manage your environment 4 Copyright © 2015 Veritas Technologies LLC
  5. 5. GAIN VALUE THROUGH KNOWLEDGE Education Increase productivity and effectiveness with expert instruction from Veritas Education Services: • Fully utilize all software capabilities • Maximize efficiencies • Enable best practices • Minimize operator error Transfer the expertise that helps you get more from your information technology: • Anytime, anywhere online learning • In-class or virtual instructor-led education • Certification for validated expertise 5 Copyright © 2015 Veritas Technologies LLC
  6. 6. ENJOY THE HIGHEST LEVELS OF RESPONSIVENESS Business Critical Services BCS Premier offers: • A named services expert designated for your business • Rapid response issue resolution • Proactive planning and risk management • Included access to Veritas Education BCS Remote Product Specialist offers: • A designated Veritas engineer, with expertise in a specific product family and who is familiar with your infrastructure Designated expertise helps ensure optimal performance: • Gain a single point of contact • Reduce risk and mitigate the impact of failure • Customize support to fit your business needs 6 Copyright © 2015 Veritas Technologies LLC
  7. 7. LEAVE DAY-TO-DAY ADMINISTRATION TO EXPERTS Managed Services Expert, full remote management for NetBackup, NetBackup Appliances, and Enterprise Vault for maximum efficiency: • 24X7 monitoring and remediation • Expert application management and upgrades • Operational reports and service reviews Save time and money: • Relieve your staff of day-to-day management duties • Free IT for more strategic tasks • Improve efficiency, predictability and cost of backup and archiving procedures 7 Copyright © 2015 Veritas Technologies LLC
  8. 8. ACCESS BROAD EXPERTISE AND DEEP KNOWLEDGE Consulting Services Veritas Consultants can help you assess, design, implement and administer systems and protocols in • Backup and Recovery • Information Availability • Information Intelligence Gain the expertise to solve even the most difficult security challenges: • Advisory Services to assess current state and solution architecture • Implementation Services to accelerate solution deployment • Operational and Value Realization Services to maximize value through solution optimization 8 Copyright © 2015 Veritas Technologies LLC
  9. 9. Benefit from Veritas expertise throughout the information lifecycle SERVICES TO HELP YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY 9 Copyright © 2015 Veritas Technologies LLC Prepare Design Deploy Operate Optimize Consulting Services Managed Services Business Critical Services Education            
  10. 10. better prepare, design, deploy, operate, and optimize your information management environment. ProfessionalServices 10 Copyright © 2015 Veritas Technologies LLC