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Nutanix .NEXT London 2018


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This presentation from Nutanix .NEXT is about transforming enterprise data protection & resilience for the Nutanix platform

Published in: Technology
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Nutanix .NEXT London 2018

  1. 1. @nutanix #NEXTconf @veritastechllc @nutanix #NEXTconf @veritastechllc Transforming enterprise data protection & resilience for the Nutanix platform Peter Grimmond, Head of Technology, Veritas EMEA 28th November, 2018 | London
  2. 2. @nutanix #NEXTconf @veritastechllc Transforming your business Transformation enablers DevOps Multi-Cloud Automation & Orchestration Analytics & Machine Learning Internet of Things Mobile
  3. 3. @nutanix #NEXTconf @veritastechllc Transforming your business Transformation inhibitors Inflexible or rigid platforms Regulatory compliance Resiliency concerns Security risks Uncontrolled data growth Complexity Skills shortages Technical debt
  4. 4. @nutanix #NEXTconf @veritastechllc Transforming your business How Veritas can help Protect data with scale and performance Improve data governance Reduce storage growth and cost Accelerate cloud adoption How Veritas adds value
  5. 5. @nutanix #NEXTconf @veritastechllc 1. Protect all your data, whatever your choice of hypervisor 2. Improve the performance and resilience of mission-critical workloads 3. Migrate workloads between platforms – permanently or in the event of a disaster Top three Veritas / Nutanix use-cases
  6. 6. @nutanix #NEXTconf @veritastechllc VirtualMachines Acropolis VirtualMachines vCenter VirtualMachines SCVMM Parallel Streaming Framework RESTful API VADP WMI NetBackup Master Server Storage Scale out by adding Backup Hosts Out of the box plugins for workloads NetBackup Backup Servers Nutanix use-cases Protecting data in a multi-hypervisor environment Automated Discovery Agentless, API-based Changed block tracking Image- based
  7. 7. @nutanix #NEXTconf @veritastechllc Customer situation • Nutanix cluster deployed in each of two data centres 3,000km apart • Running a mix of Hyper-V + Windows and AHV + Redhat • Requirement to protect data locally and retain a copy at the remote data centre for D.R. Veritas solution • NetBackup 5340 appliances deployed in each data centre • Native Hyper-V and AHV backups taken at each location; data deduplicated • Deduplicated data replicated between data centres and made immediately available for recoveries Customer Success Story Protecting data in a multi-hypervisor environment Project Insights Global Property Development
  8. 8. @nutanix #NEXTconf @veritastechllc • Hypervisor- and OS-independent • Adaptive High Availability • Scale Performance Linearly • Automated Application Resiliency, through Monitoring and Orchestration • RPO = zero; RTO = near-zero with FSS • Synchronous and Asynchronous Replication with DR Orchestration between Sites also available. Nutanix use-cases Resiliency & performance for mission-critical apps Hypervisor Hypervisor Hypervisor VM VM VM VM VMVM VM VM Guest OS Guest OS Guest OS App Instance 1 App Instance 2 App Instance N VM Scale-out DAS Cluster (FSS) InfoScale InfoScale InfoScale
  9. 9. @nutanix #NEXTconf @veritastechllc Customer situation • Large retail organisation with highly automated warehouses, serving traditional stores and internet sales • Proprietary supply-chain automation application requires sub-60 sec RTO and RPO • Application deployed on Nutanix cluster running VMware and Red Hat Linux Veritas solution • InfoScale Cluster Server & Clustered File System (CFS) deployed in each RHEL guest • Each application instance write in parallel to CFS • Application RPO=0, RTO<30 secs Customer Success Story Resiliency & performance for mission-critical apps Project Insights Retail Warehouse Automation
  10. 10. @nutanix #NEXTconf @veritastechllc Nutanix use-cases Migrating workloads between platforms 00111010100100001111001010110101010100000111100 00111010100110101001000000111010111010001111010 Hyperviso r Hyperviso r Hyperviso r VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VMVM VM VM VM VMVM Resiliency Manager Virtual Appliance Replication Virtual Appliance Hyperviso r Hyperviso r Hyperviso r VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VMVM VM VM VM VMVM Resiliency Manager Virtual Appliance Replication Virtual Appliance Encrypted, Cross-Platform Data Movement Orchestration of Compute (VM) resources • Seamless workload orchestration across sites and platforms • For VMs, Applications and Virtual Business Services • Platform-independent data replication with 5 min RPO • VMware & Hyper-V support • Automated Rehearsal, Fail-Over and Fail-Back • Utilize the public cloud as a DR target • Just in time provisioning in the Cloud • Manage migrations to the Cloud as needed • Integrated with InfoScale & NetBackup
  11. 11. @nutanix #NEXTconf @veritastechllc Customer situation • Deployment of a new, private-cloud environment, based on Nutanix and VMware • Requirement to provide DR capability with a sub 5-min RPO • Required a future-proof solution that could accommodate fail-over to public cloud. Veritas solution • Deploy Veritas Resiliency Platform • Delivers sub 5-min RPO • Integrated with NetBackup to provide recovery to a different point-in-time, if required Customer Success Story Migrating workloads between platforms Project Insights European Aerospace Manufacturer
  12. 12. @nutanix #NEXTconf @veritastechllc Summary Transform or Die Companies that embrace digital transformation achieve +11% CAGR compared to those that don’t Beware the transformation inhibitors! • Inflexible platforms • Resiliency concerns • Uncontrolled data growth • Skills shortages • Regulator compliance • Security risks • Complexity • Technical debt How Veritas can help • Protect data at scale with performance • Accelerate cloud adoption • Reduce storage growth and costs • Skills shortages Top 3 Veritas / Nutanix use cases • Protect all your data, regardless of hypervisor • Resiliency & performance for mission-critical apps • Migrate workloads between platforms Source: McKinsey Quarterly – The Case for Digital Reinvention, Feb 2017
  13. 13. @nutanix #NEXTconf @veritastechllc @nutanix #NEXTconf Thank You! Peter Grimmond |