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The Edcomm Group Banker's Academy Partner with Verio


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Effectively since day one, the EdComm Group Banker’s Academy has trusted Verio as its hosting partner. To validate its decision, the company performed extensive research and testing. If you or your company are looking for a hosting server read more from this case study and see why you too can trust Verio and viaVerio for all of your hosting solutions.

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The Edcomm Group Banker's Academy Partner with Verio

  1. 1. viaVerio Partner Success Story: The Edcomm Group Banker’s Academy Verio Solutions Pass Every Test – Year After Year – at Banker’s Academy In education and financial services, Downtime directly impacts the the web has entirely changed the way company’s bottom line; Banker’s services are delivered. The Edcomm Academy refunds clients if the system is Group Banker’s Academy bridges both less than 99.9 percent available. those industries, with online learning for over two million financial industry Powerful, Secure Servers professionals around the world. Banker’s Academy offers courses through its own sites, and through Challenge Even before the Internet age, Banker’s custom sites that it hosts for clients.Deliver on high service-level Academy was one of the first to In total, the company delivers trainingstandards with banking clients with offer distributed, computer-based across hundreds of different domains. a secure, scalable hosting platform. training. Now, it delivers more than 100,000 eLearning topics with training Effectively since day one, the company in areas such as compliance, AML, has trusted Verio as its hosting partner. Solution To validate its decision, the company teller, corporate banking and systemVerio Signature Solutions simulation. These courses are available performed extensive research andVerio Virtual Private Server in English, Arabic, French, Spanish, testing.Solutions Portuguese, Chinese and many more, via “We turned to Verio at the veryVerio Windows Managed Private the web for professionals at over 2,000 beginning and have never looked back,”Server Solutions financial institutions in over 50 different said David Shapp, partner & senior vice countries! president. “We found Verio to be the Results Banker’s Academy has built a reputation ideal server to host everything we need• Banker’s Academy ramps as a premier educator in the industry, while supporting our growth. Verio’sup training sites for new clients driving significant growth. In an powerful, secure servers are crucial forwithin a few hours. average week, the company acquires the eLearning programs that we deliver dozens of new clients. Continuously to clients all over the globe.”• SAS70 certification reassures increasing traffic, along with rich mediaBanker’s Academy and its banking At times, Banker’s Academy must ramp delivery formats and around-the-clockindustry clients. up sites for new clients rapidly in order operation, require a rock-solid platform. to enable employee training before• The company’s learning “We are ultimately a service business. specific deadlines. The speed at whichmanagement system, Learning Performance and uptime are critical for the company can begin offering coursesLink®, also received a SAS70 us,” said Clifford Brody, founder and impresses clients.rating. CEO of Banker’s Academy. “People are “It’s a tremendous benefit that we can taking training online, and if they can’t deploy a new server or web site within• Verio solutions have get in, we can’t serve them.” hours for brand-new clients,” Brodydemonstrated the 99.9 percent said.availability required underBanker’s Academy clientagreements. Visit at or call 1-888-224-9346 to learn more about us
  2. 2. Title Edcomm Group Banker’s Academy The SAS70 Certified Security 99.9 Percent Availability By nature of the financial industry The company uses multiple Verio clients it serves, Banker’s Academy solutions, including Signature Solutions, scrutinized the level of security on Verio Virtual Private Server Solutions and solutions. Windows Managed Private Server Solutions. Over time, as needs have “The most important thing to our clients changed, Banker’s Academy has – mostly banks – is the security of our migrated to different Verio options. solution,” Brody said. “We can’t get by with cheap collocation or host sites on “Scalability is huge for us as we expand our own. It’s very important to us to our client base and number of courses.“We turned to Verio at the have the strength and security of the We pride ourselves in offering ourvery beginning and have Verio network behind us.” clients no limitations on the number ofnever looked back. We found concurrent users,” Brody said. Verio solutions continue to passVerio to be the ideal server independent evaluations. Most Banker’s Academy sites serve upto host everything we need significantly, Verio achieved third- 100,000 to 200,000 topics every week,while supporting our growth. party validation under the Statement of most of which are rich media such as Auditing Standards No. 70 (SAS70) Type Flash or video. Verio servers stand upVerio’s powerful, secure II certification. to traffic spikes that occur as deadlinesservers are crucial for the for training near, especially in the areaseLearning programs that we “We provide clients a copy of the of compliance and AML training. At the SAS70 audit on Verio,” Brody said.deliver to clients all over the end of each quarter and year, thousands “It’s important that clients know we’re of students go online to completeglobe.” with a top hosting partner that’s well training within the required timeframe. respected in the industry. In our 22+ years of experience, we have never had To date, the company’s serversDavid Shapp, Partner & a security breach!” have demonstrated the 99.9 percentSenior Vice President availability required under service- The company’s Learning Management level agreements with clients, keeping System, Learning Link®, also received clients and their employees happy and a SAS70 rating and has been protecting the bottom line. acknowledged for its high-uptime, ultra-sensitive student data, and Partnering for Future backup capabilities. Growth As a Verio partner, Banker’s Academy Additionally, Banker’s Academy and staff, clients and students receive its clients perform regular penetration responsive support from Verio. testing. Hundreds of third-party testing Brody finds Verio support staff very services have hit Banker’s Academy knowledgeable and dedicated to solving servers and “all passed with flying problems before they impact client colors.” service. Visit at or call 1-888-224-9346 to learn more about us
  3. 3. Title Edcomm Group Banker’s Academy The About The Edcomm Group Banker’s Academy The Edcomm Group Banker’s Academy is a 22+-year-old multimedia education and communication consulting firm specializing in the development of creative business solutions that improve productivity, customer service and market share - providing bottom-line results. The Edcomm Group Banker’s Academy has had the privilege of assisting many distinguished clients with business solutions in the form of eLearning programs, classroom instruction, multimedia production and online and print based documentation. Edcomm Banker’s Academy offers many off-the-shelf and customized courses such as Teller Training, Compliance Training and Systems Training specifically designed for Banks, Credit Unions and Money Services Businesses (MSBs). The Edcomm Group Banker’s Academy ( is headquartered in New York City with locations and representation throughout the world.Visit at or call 1-888-224-9346 to learn more about us