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New growth platforms (by Dany Robberecht)


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Develop challenging new avenues for growth from an innovation

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New growth platforms (by Dany Robberecht)

  1. 1. New Growth Platforms Slide 1 CONFIDENTIALCONFIDENTIAL Dany Robberecht Director Consulting Office New Growth Platforms Discovery driven growth through innovation Increase the success of innovation Theme 1: Innovation Management
  2. 2. New Growth Platforms Slide 2 CONFIDENTIAL As a marketeer I help companies in developing new product portfolios and new businesses creating growth. Dany Robberecht Program Director
  3. 3. New Growth Platforms Slide 3 CONFIDENTIAL 5% 15% 30%
  4. 4. New Growth Platforms Slide 4 CONFIDENTIAL 1 The definition of growth Grow centric around your current activities 2 Grow at your armslength 3 Boldly go beyond your current reach “Obviously is not just a matter of your aspiration.”
  5. 5. New Growth Platforms Slide 5 CONFIDENTIAL Bridging the strategic gap • New markets (regional, thematic) • Acquisition • Innovation NGP‟s need a top down drive … How? “Objective driven innovation starts with pointing financial expectations.”
  6. 6. New Growth Platforms Slide 6 CONFIDENTIAL 1 The challenge upon innovation for a new growth platform INTENSIFICATION 2 ENHANCEMENT 3 ENLARGEMENT Question: Where does new growth come from, real, profitable, strategic growth that leverages your capabilities and know-how?
  7. 7. New Growth Platforms Slide 7 CONFIDENTIAL In essence the value proposition remains the centre of gravity … DESIRABLE FROM A CUSTOMER POINT OF VIEW • Does it allow to do something in a more convenient, less costly way or with a truly different experience that is attractive to customers? • Does it allow to do something that customers where unable to do before because lack of knowledge, resources, money, ...? COMPETITIVE FROM MARKET POINT OF VIEW • Why is it better than the alternatives available anywhere in the world? • Why is it 10 times better than an established incumbent? What is the „magic‟ and unique elements you are bringing to the approach? SUSTAINABLE FROM A COMPANY POINT OF VIEW • What special company knowledge, experience or asset has allowed you to come up with this special solution? • What is the „secret sauce‟? What is special about your solution?
  8. 8. New Growth Platforms Slide 8 CONFIDENTIAL Competition / industry consolidation Obviously you need to find foothold for change … New or converging technologies Changing regulatory environment Social pressure Opportunity to satisfy some unmet or latent customer need Identify potential NGP‟s (existing or new markets) CAPABILITIES BUSINESS PROCESS SYSTEMS ASSETS Assemble the right portfolio required to deliver products & services:
  9. 9. New Growth Platforms Slide 9 CONFIDENTIAL Social pressure or technology revolutions definitely drive change ... FACT: 1 in 3 of us will be diagnosed with cancer during our life Note: there can be a material difference between interesting and important
  10. 10. New Growth Platforms Slide 10 CONFIDENTIAL • 60% of the people will live in cities by 2025 • + 80% of the cost of beer is in the logistics • Cost of packaging is high, kegs are often lost • Consumption shifts away from the traditional bar • Draught stands for quality, but installations are expensive Important problems are typically relatively easy to qualify The opportunity urged for radical technological innovations: → novel keg solutions → draught technology → fill line technology
  11. 11. New Growth Platforms Slide 11 CONFIDENTIAL Why should you work on a big idea? (it‟s not just about money) “The chance to work on a big idea is a powerful reason for people to be passionate and committed. For people to be great, to accomplish the impossible, they need inspiration more than financial incentive.”
  12. 12. New Growth Platforms Slide 12 CONFIDENTIAL Formulating new growth platforms NGP‟s are at the intersection of forces of change, what a company‟s actual or potential capability set and unmet customer needs.Trends would enable markets to grow faster or bigger? Can we make a difference? Customer problems that make difference? new domain
  13. 13. New Growth Platforms Slide 13 CONFIDENTIAL Basically you have 2 approaches to build your new growth platform a new promise diversify the business#NBD
  14. 14. New Growth Platforms Slide 14 CONFIDENTIAL 1) Enhance the business by developing around a new promise / proposition Developing new product lines, line extensions, services, functions and features around the expectations and motivations users have. Core Activities Developing a tag line
  15. 15. New Growth Platforms Slide 15 CONFIDENTIAL Towards interactive devices for smart cooking A novel function leads to a more experience centric value proposition.
  16. 16. New Growth Platforms Slide 16 CONFIDENTIAL Towards creating healthy spaces Turnaround from an aluminium processing company manufacturing sunblind systems, etc. to a company that helps you living healthy.
  17. 17. New Growth Platforms Slide 17 CONFIDENTIAL The power of “job to be done” concept the job and not the customer - the fundamental unit of analysis customers DO NOT BUY products or services they hire various solutions at various times to get a wide array of jobs done
  18. 18. New Growth Platforms Slide 18 CONFIDENTIAL
  19. 19. New Growth Platforms Slide 19 CONFIDENTIAL meaning function cost status lowest cost does the job tells others about me tells me about me COMMODITY EXPERIENCE different experiences different levels of need different innovation opportunities Different jobs to be done, different valuation
  20. 20. New Growth Platforms Slide 20 CONFIDENTIAL 2) Diversification – set up a separate new business A few considerations: • Make sure it happens, often #NBD initiatives don‟t lead to anything • Avoid cannibalization, often they are picked up by the organization hence just replace something 60% Percentage of companies that will not see a ten year anniversary Core Activities New business line #NBD
  21. 21. New Growth Platforms Slide 21 CONFIDENTIAL bpost launches totally new service #NBD
  22. 22. New Growth Platforms Slide 22 CONFIDENTIAL Studio 100 starts a thematic TV channel + #NBD
  23. 23. New Growth Platforms Slide 23 CONFIDENTIAL From B2G to B2C – usage based insurance #NBD +
  24. 24. New Growth Platforms Slide 24 CONFIDENTIAL Leveraging capabilities using the dual approach RENSON: solutions for louvre panels, ventilation and solar shading. RENSON® creates innovative concepts and products for a healthy and comfortable indoor environment in homes and buildings, with minimal energy use and an attractive design. 2 #NBD 1 Core capabilities & assets
  25. 25. New Growth Platforms Slide 25 CONFIDENTIAL What do you need to have in place?
  26. 26. New Growth Platforms Slide 26 CONFIDENTIAL Payload System = opportunity sheet. The very top of the rocket is the payload, and it‟s what‟s actually carried into space. This is your precious opportunity, the major enabler is obviously your technology. Combustion Chamber = conceptualization. This is where the classic funnel misrepresents the process. Actually turning a select set of ideas into product concepts requires a both divergent and convergent thinking again. Nozzle = Opportunity finding – In a rocket, fuel flows through the nozzle, which is flared out to propel the vehicle off the ground. Ideas – and a lot of them – are precious fuel in the innovation process. Guidance System = selection – If you don‟t have a way to efficiently make informed choices, then you are lost. Choosing a concept by guts isn‟t measurement.. Ignition = Solve important problems – What is that spark of inspiration that ignites the entire process? Typically it is the recognition of forces of change, let‟s say the „big gorilla‟. A seamless innovation process – VERHAERT ROCKET © VERHAERT - 2014
  27. 27. New Growth Platforms Slide 27 CONFIDENTIAL Initiatives must start from the growth objective … Accelerators can have a mix of objectives ranging from financial to culture → BRANDING – local economy support, employer branding, … → TRAINING – pick up your high potentials and release them again in the organisation → GROWTH – fill your innovation pipeline “We hardly see management pitching the opportunity to employees?!”
  28. 28. New Growth Platforms Slide 28 CONFIDENTIAL Then isolate & create a turbo in the company Put an entrepreneurial tiger team in place and create a rhythm … • Business ownership • Commercial objectives • Operational competences Business generation Co-devCustomer Buy-In Customer Bus.model Value prop concept Industry investigation Ideation Initial validation
  29. 29. New Growth Platforms Slide 29 CONFIDENTIAL Act small, think big! Focus on so called „footprint‟ products Platform Uncertainty of market / organization complexity Technicalcomplexity&potentialreturns High High Stepstone Design your ticket to the future • Tangible real products, but open in terms of use, functions, … • Small initiatives, as small as possible, but with huge impact / leverage • It makes no sense to think about a portfolio or business model before the footprint product is ready.
  30. 30. New Growth Platforms Slide 30 CONFIDENTIAL Embed bolder, but fewer initiatives into the organization • Initiatives must have CEO support • Embed in a way they are supportable for at least 5 years • Accelerator / incubator program • Your 5-year growth plan • VP Strategy and New Business function • … • Build an internal communication platform • Develop a visionary brief where to go • Communicate the „why‟ instead of the „what‟ • Connect to existing or start up new internal communication platforms • Launch multiple small things that fit into the larger aspiration. • Design a scalable / flexible program • Niche focus • Variable costs • Short review, coaching and kill processes
  31. 31. New Growth Platforms Slide 31 CONFIDENTIAL 3 Leveraged resources 4 Networked organisation 5 Emboldening culture NGP‟s develop concentric a seamless innovation process Research outlines that bottom up building is key in success: • Systematic and analytical approach with enough space for creativity & entrepreneurship • Use a value-driven approach to innovation • Connect to the outside world as it comes to strategy, innovation and marketing • Use high quality experts to reverse the learning curve • Be creative when grouping and labeling opportunities in an interactive process • Visualize them and make discovery driven business cases • Select the opportunities where the company can really make the difference 1 Strategic Vision Seamless innovation processes 2 Fail soon, fail often and fail cheap.
  32. 32. New Growth Platforms Slide 32 CONFIDENTIAL Headquarters Hogenakkerhoekstraat 21 9150 Kruibeke (B) tel +32 (0)3 250 19 00 fax +32 (0)3 254 10 08 More at Netherlands ESIC European Space Innovation Centre Kapteynstraat 1 2201 BB Noordwijk (NL) Tel: +31 71 760 05 50 More at VERHAERT MASTERS IN INNOVATION® has an integrated and comprehensive approach to make you successful in innovation. We deliver managed innovation services to create new products and business in an aligned process. We have invested in infrastructure and the sophistication of our methodology to meet the challenges in innovation. Thanks to our rich heritage and wide variety of references, you benefit from achieved knowledge and experience in various sectors. Our multidisciplinary teams of creative high-end professionals are looking forward to maximize the innovation potential of your company. Follow us on Visit, our innovation platform was founded in 2006. The platform is responsible for gathering and sharing knowledge and best practices about product development and innovation management. By doing this, it will make a thorough contribution to a better innovation climate and an increased efficiency and throughput for the general innovation process.