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Innovation day 2012 6. david pas - verhaert - verifying your new concept with your market'


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Innovation day 2012 6. david pas - verhaert - verifying your new concept with your market'

  1. 1. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 2 VERIFYING YOUR NEW CONCEPTS WITH YOUR MARKET CONFIDENTIAL David Pas Innovation & design consultant
  2. 2. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 3 David Pas Consultant Innovation & Design VERHAERT new products & Services nv Guest lecturer Productontwikkeling, Antwerpen Design Coach ‘humin’ Design Ambassador ‘My Precious co-creation’
  3. 3. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 4 verifying new concepts what when who how why innovation strategy ? innovation level development process right tools right time do you know your users ?
  4. 4. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 5 why
  5. 5. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 6 competitive advantage in common ?
  6. 6. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 7 competitive advantage COST DRIVEN DIFFERENTIATION 3 key strategies NICHE / FOCUS difficult in existing market without changing business model - often viable, but how? - on performance or experience ? - strong brands can ‘do more’ innovation strategies
  7. 7. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 8 © Verhaert technology driven innovation strategy design driven innovation strategy more ‘performance’ or more ‘experience’ © Verganti
  8. 8. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 9 inadequate research changing desires poor insights ? concept failure Goffin, Lemke, Koners, redrawn never easy…. “consumers’ desires and habits change as quickly as their mobile devices”
  9. 9. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 10 and if you fail today……. for products & services new threat !
  10. 10. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 11 what
  11. 11. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 12 innovation ‘width’ the touchpoints, merging products and services
  12. 12. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 13 Verhaert
  13. 13. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 14 innovation ‘depth’ novelty and expectations EXISTING OFFERINGS incremental revolutionary NEW MARKET NEW OFFERINGS evolutionary evolutionary EXISTING MARKET
  14. 14. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 15 Norman (1998: The Invisible Computer)
  15. 15. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 16 expectations example EXISTING OFFERINGS incremental iPhone 1 NEW MARKET NEW OFFERINGS evolutionary evolutionary EXISTING MARKET
  16. 16. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 17 example
  17. 17. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 18 when
  18. 18. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 19 viable feasible acceptable design iteration ENGINEERING MARKETING ENGINEERING REVIEW
  19. 19. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 20 almost too late
  20. 20. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 21 exploration verification strategy market company idea concept develop exploration technology product creation verification Verhaert acceptable ? exploration creation verification
  21. 21. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 22 who
  22. 22. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 23 Norman (1998: The Invisible Computer)
  23. 23. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 24 • lead user Professionals, experts at using a particular product or service. • mainstream users Non Professionals, using your product or service • analogue users Possible target group that buys products of the competition or from the same product category. (E.g. Interview buyers from energy bars to understand motivations from buyers of energy drink) • non users Non target groups to understand their barriers of consumption.
  24. 24. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 25
  25. 25. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 26 Social affirmation Indulging emotions Social integration Controlling emotions Mini Citroën C2 VW New Beetle Peugeot 207 VW Polo Suzuki Swift Peugeot 107 Citroën C3 Toyota Yaris Renault Clio Ford Ka Citroën C1 Peugeot 1007 VW Fox Lancia Ypsilon Young female cars Renault Twingo Fiat Punto Mitsubishi Colt Opel Corsa Ford Fiesta Nissan Micra Renault Modus Smart Fortwo Toyota Aygo Honda Jazz Suzuki Jimny Hyundai Getz Suzuki Sx4 Kia Picanto Shy female cars Skoda Superb Skoda Octavia Skoda Fabia Renault Mégane Renault Kangoo Fiat Stilo Opel Meriva Fiat Panda Citroën Berlingo Peugeot Partner Opel Combo Chevrolet Matiz Opel Agila VW Caddy Mazda 2 Hyundai Atos Fiat Doblo Fiat Seicento Dacia Logan Hyundai Matrix Trivial functional cars Suzuki Grand Vitara Opel Astra Seat Ibiza Peugeot 307 Ford Focus c-max VW Golf Honda Civic Seat Leon Ford S-max Citroën C4 Seat Altea Ford Fusion Seat Cordoba Mazda 3 Lively spontaneous cars Ford Focus Citroën Xsara Picasso Peugeot 807 VW Touran VW Sharan Toyota Corolla Renault Laguna Renault Espace Ford Galaxy Opel Zafira Seat Alhambra Toyota Avensis Citroën C8 Mazda 5 Toyota Prius Superficial compromise cars Capable compromise cars Citroën C5 VW Passat Opel Vectra Volvo V70 Peugeot 407 Mercedes Serie A Ford Mondeo Chrysler Grand Voyager VW Jetta Mercedes Serie B VOLVO S40 Volvo S80 Mazda 6 Opel Signum Audi A6 Audi A4 Mercedes Serie S Mercedes Serie C Audi A8 Mercedes CLS Volvo S60 Mercedes Serie E Volvo V50 Peugeot 607 Mercedes Serie M Lexus RX Jaguar X-type Saab 9-3 Lexus IS Saab 9-5 Mercedes Serie R Classy status cars Audi A3 BMW Serie-5 Porsche Cayenne Mitsubishi Pajero LR Freelander Jeep Grand Cherokee Toyota RAV4 LR Range Rover BMW SERIE-X3 BMW Serie-7 Alfa Romeo 159 Honda Accord Chrysler PT Cruiser Toyota Landcruiser BMW Serie-3 BMW Serie-1 VW Touareg LR RR Sport BMW Serie-X5 Alfa Romeo 147 Hyundai Tucson Hyundai Santa Fe Volvo XC90 Nissan X-trail Kia Sportage Audi Q7 Energetic sporty cars
  26. 26. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 27 how
  27. 27. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 28 “focus groups kill innovation”
  28. 28. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 29 design research outcome Most people swept their floors before they mopped. People assemble a system of largely unbranded products to get the job done. Mops worked mostly by the adhesion of dirt to the mop and people seemed to spend almost as much time rinsing their mop as they did cleaning the floor. People wore old clothes when they were cleaning because it was a dirty job.
  29. 29. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 30 “true innovation comes from recognizing an unmet need and designing a creative way to fill it in”
  30. 30. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 31 an unmet need….scratching an itchy back properly ;-)
  31. 31. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 32 unmet needs known needs hidden (latent) needs needs that have been recognized already addressed by existing products/services needs that are known and articulated by customers not addressed by products/services needs that have not been identified by researchers or customers HUMAN NEEDS
  32. 32. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 33 basic features indifferent features performance features outperforming features painofabsence pleasure of presence Verhaert
  33. 33. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 34 accessories power tuner / receive / transmit TV system (PAL) temperature range connectivity teletext size format contrast incredible surround easylink painofabsence pleasure of presence design ambilight sharpening the value proposition Verhaert
  34. 34. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 35
  35. 35. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 36 implementation goodpoor dissapointed not unhappy happiness delight satistafction basic features performance features outperforming features Kano model, redrawn FEATURES & SATISFACTION
  36. 36. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 37 exploratory research traditional market research R&D Verhaert
  37. 37. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 38 exploratory research Kano model, redrawn
  38. 38. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 39 data reveal what people do, but not why they do it understanding the why is critical to innovation
  39. 39. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 40 exploration verification design researchmarket research participation data design team broader focus recommendations research team concrete general abstract qualitative research cross-disciplinary
  40. 40. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 41 bron : humin amount of interviews/groups 0 20 40 60 80 percentofneedsidentified number of analysts individual interview 1 hour focus group 2 hours 100 6 8 1042
  41. 41. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 42 selecting the appropriate method GOALS&ATTITUDES whatpeoplesay QUALITATIVE insights BEHAVIOUR Whatpeopledo QUANTITATIVE validation focus groups (conceptual) Interviews diary customer journey shadowing eye tracking automated usability testing user survey customer support data analysis site traffic co-creation scenario persona field test usability test
  42. 42. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 43
  43. 43. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 44
  44. 44. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 45 summary
  45. 45. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 46 verifying new concepts what when who how innovation focus always ‘the why’ your target group data reveal what people do, but not why they do it.. ..understanding the why is critical to innovation
  46. 46. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 47
  47. 47. CONFIDENTIAL 26.10.2012 Slide 48 VERHAERT MASTERS IN INNOVATION® Headquarters Hogenakkerhoekstraat 21 9150 Kruibeke (B) tel +32 (0)3 250 19 00 fax +32 (0)3 254 10 08 More at VERHAERT MASTERS IN INNOVATION® Netherlands European Space Innovation Centre Kapteynstraat 1 2201 BB Noordwijk (NL) Tel: +31 (0)633 666 828 More at VERHAERT MASTERS IN INNOVATION® helps companies and governments to innovate. We design products and systems for organizations looking for new ways to provide value for their customers. We are a leading integrated product innovation center; creating technology platforms, developing new products and business in parallel, hence facilitating new-growth strategies for our clients.