Innovation Day 2018

Verhaert's Innovation Day 2018 focuses on ‘innovation for a better world’. Consumers expect that industry contributes to the creation of a better world. A challenge and opportunity for both companies and start-ups. Verhaert's Innovation Day 2018 focuses on ‘innovation for a better world’. Consumers expect that industry contributes to the creation of a better world. A challenge and opportunity for both companies and start-ups. ...Show More

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Innovation Day 2018

  • Sorting waste in the right way is an important part of our circular economy. All too often people doubt in which bin they have to put their waste. What if an app helps you with sorting? By combining AI and IoT technology in a gamification app that adds fun for users, we were able to realize an advertising platform for companies.

  • Sustainability and circular economy are very present in all chemical or material companies. What are the technical and business challenges and opportunities? How can you turn these in advantages and growth?

  • Get to know our newest hands-on toolset by means of an inspiring case study. It will help you to assess your portfolio and check which of your products apply for a circular overhaul.

  • The Belgian start-up Aerocircular introduced a whole new circular approach towards end-of-life treatment of passenger aircrafts. Learn more about Aerocircular’s ambition to disrupt the current aircraft dismantling business.

  • In a world in constant mutation, it’s necessary to create mechanisms capable to relieve the human stress in tasks that can be handled by machines. The conversational bots are starting to have an important role in the customer support, where it’s necessary to make these interactions rich, in both content and experience.

  • What makes blockchain unique is the absence of a central authority or a third-party requirement for overseeing transactions. In a blockchain, in order to execute any transaction, which is to be accepted by the rest of the network, the participants of the network need to reach a consensus, which protects the information’s integrity and prevents fraud.

  • How can you enable older users to fully benefit from the latest technological innovations in order to improve the management of their daily lives and stay physically, mentally and socially active? The Vizier project aims to close the digital gap using a signature user interface.

  • Excitement about AI and Machine Learning is tremendous. But how many mainstream products with AI functions do you know? This talk discusses the importance to have a technical strategy for AI projects to avoid pitfalls.

  • Implementing AI into robotics can truly make the world a better place beyond our imagination. In this session we’ll dive into the basics of how AI works and explore the possibilities using this technology combined with robots in real-life scenarios.

  • What happens when humans and robots start to collaborate? Which different fields of science are needed to create a positive robotic future in healthcare, industry and home. BruBotics enables cross-industry innovation by combining research in engineering, life, computer and social sciences on the topic of human centered robotics.

  • A smart city connects future challenges with different types of sensors and infrastructure. We need breakthrough innovations and disruptive technologies to develop new applications and drastically change our future regarding energy transmission, mobility, economy, living, working etc. By sharing experiences you’ll find ideas for your business.

  • Placing a fly in a urinal might be just what your business needs. Dive into examples and cases where nudging is proven to be more effective instead of forbidding choices or using incentives. Experimenting with nudging can improve your business or can make things so much easier.

  • Devices generating data by collective intelligence are facing us very rapidly. Multi-sided business models are an intrinsic opportunity. Yet, not the best way to start. These collective intelligent systems connect data generated in one market with other market’s needs, and are able to shake up markets.

  • Multiple satellites are creating different types of images that we can use for many purposes to create a better world. Which datasets are there? For which applications can we use them? Many examples will convince you to apply Earth observation data to your business.

  • During the last 30 years of science exploration in space, the complexity of experiments and related equipment has continuously increased, leading more and more frequently to the impossibility to fulfill the quadruple constraints: science, technologies, safety and cost. Since a few year, a fresh approach appears in the new space mood where key words are simpler and faster.

  • Cell based therapy is the most promising innovation in medical. The biggest challenge? It’s a complex, extensive and manual production which results in a small scale and expensive treatment. We’ll dive in the technical challenges to automate and scale cell production and how cell transfection can be stimulated by the technology transfer of optics.

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