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The Vergys IT Portfolio Management Process - Overview

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The Vergys IT Portfolio Management Process - Overview

  1. 1. 4 Steps to Success The Vergys ITPfM Process - Overview
  2. 2. Information Technology Portfolio Management(ITPfM) is the process through which yourorganization can optimize its “return” on ITspending.
  3. 3. A SIMPLE and STRAIGHTFORWARD ITPfMprocess is much more likely to be adopted……which is why our process only requires 4 steps!
  4. 4. The 4-Step Vergys ITPfM Process Validate the portfolio Determine evaluation criteria Evaluate investments Make decisions
  5. 5. Step 1 - Validate your portfolio Identify all of your unapproved ideas or prospects Identify all of your approved projects whether in planning, development or implementation Identify all of your existing assets (hardware, software, etc.)
  6. 6. Step 2 - Determine evaluation criteria Develop criteria based on organizational priorities For instance, each investment in your portfolio can be measured against alignment to corporate strategy, risk, cost, etc.
  7. 7. Step 3 – Gather data Determine how each element of the portfolio aligns to the corporate strategy, how much it costs, how risky it is, etc. Gather all subjective and objective data
  8. 8. Step 4 - Make decisions Get all the key decision makers in a room or on a conference call Present them with the data and empower them to make informed decisions about each element in the portfolio But don’t stop there!
  9. 9. REPEAT the process at regular intervals to ensure an optimized portfolio.
  10. 10. Visit for more information and insight!