Verderflex Peristaltic Hose Pumps Industrial Applications


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Verderflex® peristaltic hose pumps and tube pumps are the ideal solution for pumping liquids and dosing chemicals. Ranging from smaller Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) pumps to the world’s largest hose pumps used in very heavy industrial applications.

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  • Verderflex Peristaltic Hose Pumps Industrial Applications

    1. 1. Verder Industrial Applications PAUL NELSEN MANAGING DIRECTOR
    2. 2. Introduction Verder, Inc. • Main stocking facility located in Macon, GA • Master Distributor for: – Alfa Laval / SSP Industrial Rotary Lobe Pumps – Verderflex Peristaltic Hose Pumps – Verderair Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps • Large stocking/Repair facility for all product lines
    3. 3. Who is Verder, Inc? – Part of the Verder Group, founded in 1959, international headquarters located in Holland – North American headquarters (warehouse, sales, & assembly) through Verder, Inc., Macon, GA – Offices located in 14 countries across the globe (UK, Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, Poland, China, Czech Republic, South Africa, Norway, Romania, Austria, Slovania) – 450+ direct employees worldwide, 60 in the US branch
    4. 4. Who is Verderflex? – Largest Peristaltic Pump Manufacturer in the world • Smallest size is 5mm ID • Largest size is 125mm (5”) ID – Leader in product innovation • Dura product line • Smart tubing pumps – Superior Hose life • Longest lasting in the industry • Color-coded for easy recognition
    5. 5. Principle of Operation •Slow speed rotor with 2-sliding shoes alternately compress and relax a rigid but flexible hose providing accurate and wear resistant operation
    6. 6. Application Keywords • Abrasion resistant – Hose life is not related to a product’s abrasive qualities – The hose fails due to fatigue or chemical action, not abrasion • Solids Handling – Able to pump liquids containing up to 80% fine inorganic solids (Slurry) – Up to 10% sludge capabilities • No moving parts in the liquid stream – No contamination of product, pump or gearbox – No metal to metal contact – Smooth liquid passage (no valves, dead corners, or mechanical parts)
    7. 7. Application Keywords II • Self priming / Dry Priming – Up to 95 % vacuum or 31’ lift of water • Dry-Running – The hose is lubricated from the outside – Able to pump air or products that “off-gas” (NaOCl, Yeast) • Reversible rotation – The pump can be used to empty lines or clear blockages • No internal backflow – Accurate Dosing (true positive displacement) – Rotary pinch valve – repeatability ± 1%
    8. 8. Application Keywords III • Shear sensitive products – Suitable for handling Flocculent/Coagulant, Polymers – Product is not damaged, Process Performance Improved • Easy maintenance – Low cost of ownership (hose is only wearing part) – Easy and completely cleanable without disassembly – Reduced down time (maintenance in place)
    9. 9. Dosing - The Key Advantages • Abrasion resistance • Suitable for handling shear sensitive products (floc) • Has no internal backflow giving accurate dosing - no slip - repeatability ± 1% - metering ± 5% • Able to pump liquids containing up to 80% inorganic solids and can also pump air or products that “gas”
    10. 10. Dosing Formats • There are 2 standard dosing styles • Fixed speed: constant dosing rate • Inverter control - – variable dosing over a range by manual or feedback control – 4-20 mA loop or SCADA via inverter – Flow-pacing
    11. 11. Linear Speed/Flow Characteristic •This is the key parameter for variable speed dosing applications - to increase the flow by 10%, increase the pump speed by 10% Speed - Flow Relationship for VF25 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 RPM Flow(litres/hour)
    12. 12. Polymer & Coagulant Dosing • Many polymers & coagulants are highly shear sensitive • PC and other pumps will reduce particle size by around 50 to 70%, increasing coagulation time and polymer usage and reducing throughputs • The gentle pumping action of peristaltic pumps maintain particle size and maintain designed performance
    13. 13. •Breweries – Diatomaceous earth – Kiezelguhr – Brine solutions (salt water) – Yeast after storage (Gelager) – Yeast after fermentation – Fresh yeast dosing – Additives for taste, extending shelf live – Polyvinyl Pirolidoom PVPP Filter •Wineries – Diatomaceous earth with yeast – Wine dust •Flavoring – Adding flavors and colors… other additives. Breweries and Wineries
    14. 14. Brewing - Dosing Yeast • Why use Verderflex ? • Yeast is very abrasive • Yeast is shear sensitive • Pump can run dry • Pump self primes • Traditional solution was a • Rotary lobe pump • High stator wear • Cost of ownership • Costly downtime Customers include BASS / INTERBREW (HEINEKEN), GUINESS and CARLSBERG
    15. 15. Diatomaceous Earth Filter Presses •Yeast is a challenging product to pump Blue Verderflex pumps are supplied by Seit Schenk in Waldstetten, Germany as part of their diatomaceous earth or Kieselguhr Brewery filter press systems •These replace Screw fed Centrifugal pumps due to excessive wear and yeast damage
    16. 16.  Bentonite & Cement slurries  Cement & Sand Slurries  China Clays (Kaolin)  Foamed & Re-enforced Mortars  Fly Ash  Gypsum  Plaster  Pigments  Water Based Paints Building & Ceramic Industries
    17. 17. Pumping Building Mortars •Verderflex pumps are ideal for pumping building mortars due to their abilities to pump a slurry with a high solid content, provide consistent dosing and reduced maintenance costs •Several pumps use hydraulic motors that are connected to mobile power packs to give a mobile pumping solution
    18. 18. Pumping - Submerged Structures Key attributes •The ability to pump the pebbles in the mix •The ability to pump a high solid content •The abrasive nature of the product •NR hoses used
    19. 19. Dosing Roof Tile Pigments •Many Verderflex pumps are used to dose pigments in roof tile manufacturing, offering flexibility in performance as the pump duty can be changed by adding or removing shims •Customers include Lafarge (Redland Roofing (UK)), Marley group and Braas & Co (Germany)
    20. 20. Pumping Clay in the Ceramic Industry •Verderflex pumps can be used in the ,manufacture of many ceramic items such as roofing and bathroom tiles and other clay based products •Typically, they replace AOD pumps which have high spares costs due to the abrasive nature of clay and clay slurries
    21. 21. • Hydrochloric acid (<38%) • Sodium hydroxide (caustic) • Potassium hydroxide • Water based paints • Latex • Ammonia • Phosphate slurry • Sulphuric acid Chemicals, Soap & Detergents • Adhesives • Dosing perfume for soap production • Toothpaste • Shampoo • Liquid soap • Abrasive cleansing products • Dyes • Perfumes • Micro Capsules
    22. 22. Chemical Filter Presses •VF50 feeding Aluminium Oxide to a filter press •In this application, the back pressure and gearbox combination resulted in the pump reversing while maintaining 15 bar – fitting a drive brake onto the gear motor eliminated this problem
    23. 23. Steel Treatment Feeds •SADEF in Belgium use a number of VF15s and VF32 to dose treatment chemicals including HCl as part automotive steelwork preparation for Mercedes, Volvo and DAF
    24. 24. Transfer Pumping •Customer is a Korean plastic components sub-contractor for Daewoo and Kia cars •VF50 unloads 1000 litre tanks of Polypropylene Glycol •Reasons for using Verderflex include: Pump is Self Priming Low Shear Rate (no product damage) High spillage costs of the replaced centrifugal pumps
    25. 25. Rail Tanker Unloading •A VF80 pump is used to unload rail tankers of HCl at a chemical plant in Austria Key reasons for using the pump included the suction capabilities and chemical resistance of the hose
    26. 26.  Liquid soaps  Shampoo  Cosmetics  Perfumes  Hydrocolloids (Pectin)  Bio polymers  Aromas Cosmetics & Pharmaceutical
    27. 27. Pharmaceutical Filter Press Customer is Leciva, Prague Requirements were for a seal free pump with consistent dosing Pump also hold high discharge pressures for filter press Secondary benefit is more consistent filter cake
    28. 28. •Fish industry – Dry fish waste – Salmon food, meat with flour – Oysters – Fish slurry – Fish filet •Animal food – slaughter waste for pet food – Poultry waste – Potato waste – Fish waste Fish Industry and Animal Food
    29. 29. Fish Processing Waste •VF80 pumping highly abrasive post-macerator waste at French fish processor •Waste includes fish heads and bones
    30. 30. Transferring Waste Potato Peelings • Customer : Golden Wonder, GB • Problems were - Air in product Variable viscosity Product slip • Replaced Tuthill rotary lobe pump – Unable to suck the sludge out of collecting bin Pumps clogged up as RLs do not have 100% positive displacement capability I.e. there was slip • Benefits - Less downtime, reduced maintenance cost
    31. 31. Potato Peel 2 •The hose compresses 100%, so there is no product slip or air pocket created in pump •Peelings are also abrasive - no contact parts to wear : only the hose which is abrasion resistant
    32. 32. Packing Pet food •Customer – CERVO, Holland •Pumping deep frozen wet pet food containing bones and other solids •Pump chosen for suction performance, lack of product damage, consistent dosing and ease of cleaning and maintenance •Similar applications pump whole fish heads, chickens including bones and feeding fish at a Tuna farm
    33. 33. Food & Sugar industry •Mayonnaise •Orange peelings •Bio-coatings •Soya beans •Jam •Fruit pieces (fresh and dried) •Potato peelings and potato particles •Yogurt •Dosing salt in butter •Cheese whey concentrates •Pet food production •Liquid sugar •Molasses •Fish
    34. 34. Pumping Molasses •Customer BOCM Pauls, Wales •Pump is used to transfer molasses into a cattle feed conditioner •Pump replaced rotary lobe pump due to flow variability and dosing consistency problems •Verderflex pump delivers consistent flow rate, accurate dosing and is able to act as a valve at 230 PSI
    35. 35. • Sludge handling – primary sludge <8% – secondary sludge 8% – digester feed – centrifuges feed – macerated sludges – grit – belt filter press – activated sludge – scum • Chemical dosing – power activated carbon – sodium hypochlorite – sodium hydroxide – lime slurry – ferric chlorite – sodium bisulfite – flocculent / polymer – aluminium sulfate – poly-electrolyte Industrial Waste Treatment
    36. 36. Wastewater Dosing at Daimler Chrysler •7 x VF25 pumps are installed at Sidelfingen plant in Germany, where they treat phosphate treatment plant wastewater •Pumps vary dosed chemicals according to “quality” of waste •Key reasons for use are the abrasive nature of the dosing chemical, dosing consistency and potential for solids in pumping stream
    37. 37. Fish Farm Waste Water Treatment • Nielsen Fish Industries in Denmark use VF15 pumps to dose FeCl3 and VF32 pumps to dose Lime at the fish farm’s waste water treatment plants •Many similar industrial waste dosing applications where treatment chemicals are abrasive or shear sensitive
    38. 38.  Copper thickener sludge  Lead thickener under flow & sampling lead slurry  Zinc sampling & thickener under flows  Silver, sampling sliver slurry  Gold, processing with hydrochloric acid  Nickel, processing nickel slurry  Cobalt, processing with ammonia and sulphuric acid  Uranium, Urinate slurry  Magnesium and lime slurry for processing  Thickened silica slurry  Coal, drainage water with coal  Diamond waste  Liquid explosives  Mine tailings Mining & Mineral Processing
    39. 39. Underflow Slurries : BHP Cannington, Australia •VF100s used to pump thickener underflow slurry •Slurry had 80% inorganic solid content •Other reasons for selection were abrasive nature of slurry and low maintenance costs
    40. 40. Dosing Systems in Lead Mining VF10s, VF15 and VF25s are used to dose CuSO4 , NaCN & Na2Cr2O7 at Casapalca Lead Mines in the Andes  Installation is 4,500m above sea level
    41. 41. • Paper pulp • Ink • Golden paints for labels • Kaolin (china clay) • Black liquor soap • Glue and hardeners • Lime slurry • Kitchen coatings • Titanium dioxides Paper and Pulp Portable Glue Dosing Pump in Singapore
    42. 42. • Hydrochloric acid with solids • Lime slurry • Potassium slurry • Alkali sludges • Sulphuric acids • Sodium Hydroxide • Polymers • Soil Remediation Recycling
    43. 43. Emptying Pumice Waste slurry tanks at LG Philips • Gentle pumping action (eliminated “rat holes” in sludge layer) • High Suction Lift • Self-priming • Replaced AOD pumps • Eliminated need for additional operation (tanker to unload waste pits)
    44. 44. Dosing Activated Carbon into Smoke Stacks 2 x VF32 pumps dose (abrasive) activated carbon slurry as part of an exhaust gas dioxin removal system at a waste incineration plant Typical carbon concentration is 15-20% by volume. Environmental regulators insist if the pumps don’t run then the plant doesn’t run either!
    45. 45. Bacterial Dosing in Soil Remediation  10 Verderflex pumps are used to dose live bacteria for toxic soil remediation in Germany The bacteria is highly shear sensitive and the gentle pumping action maintains a high live content to maximise treatment effectiveness
    46. 46. • Blood for re-use in pharmaceutical industry • Blood, urine and gastric acid • Poultry waste • Slaughter waste Slaughter houses
    47. 47. Abattoir Waste •This Verderflex pumps blood, bones and beaks – The pumping action pushes large particles ahead and behind the rotor shoes
    48. 48. Recent Novel Applications • Pumping radioactive water from turbine room floor at Fukushima Nuclear Plant • Pump Pig Manure at an Agricultural Research station (Japan) • Dosing Waste Oil in Blast Furnaces • Dosing Stabilizers & Hop Flavors at Carlsberg, UK • Emptying a Radioactive Sump at BNFL (UK Government Nuclear Fuel Processor)
    49. 49. Artificial Snow •Customer - Cool Pal, Japan •Product is artificial snow, which is a highly viscous polymer •Verderflex was chosen because it is a – •Low shear pump •Provides predictable dosing of a highly viscous product
    50. 50. Mobile Pumping ! •Self contained sewage sludge/lagoon dewatering system: a trailer-mounted VF65 with pulsation dampener
    51. 51. Space Age ? • A Verderflex pumps cleaning liquid for the world’s most powerful telescope on earth at the European space Observatory in Chile • The pump was chosen because - it is self-priming - has no seals ( the pump is only used once a year) - only the hose is exposed to cleaning solution - the pump self primes and - can run dry
    52. 52. Summary  Verderflex pumps can be used in many applications in many industries  Look for one of the key signs for an existing pump problem as the VF is often used to solve existing problems