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Fire safety emergency preparedness verde

  1. 1. Inspiring Excellence Fire Safety - Emergency Preparedness Plan and Evacuation Process “Planning is the key to survival” By: Dr (Brig) Hirak Kar Verde Ventures Pvt Ltd. Organised by
  2. 2. Inspiring Excellence What Is A Disaster ?Disaster due to Fire is a sudden, calamitous event bringing great damage, loss, destruction and devastation to life, property and environment.
  3. 3. Inspiring Excellence Everyday News on Destruction due to Fire
  4. 4. Inspiring Excellence Agenda Fire Safety Management • Fire Risk Control • Fire Risk Assessment • Fire Load Calculation Emergency Preparedness Plan Evacuation Process
  5. 5. Inspiring Excellence Fire Threat Perception We must brainstorm the worst case scenario. We must ask ourselves……. What would we do if the worst happened? What if fire broke out in the gas bank? ? What if fire broke out at night? What if fire broke out in the main office?
  6. 6. Inspiring Excellence Steps in hazard identification and risk assessment Identification Elimination and Substitution Engineering Control Administrative Control Protective Equipment
  7. 7. Inspiring Excellence Risk Calculation Methodology A Risk Calculator can be developed to determine the risk level of an organisation based on the following parameters:  Probability of fire  Scale of fire  Fire load  Number of people exposed in the working area  Probable duration of fire if it occurs  Detection time of fire  Severity  Existing control to mitigate the fire Note: Weighted average and onsite evaluation scoring to assess the criticality value have to be considered for each parameter.
  8. 8. Inspiring Excellence Risk Ranking Matrix Likelihood 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 Severity High Risk High Risk Extremely High Risk Extremely High Risk Extremely High Risk High Risk High Risk High Risk Extremely High Risk Extremely High Risk Low Risk Low Risk Medium Risk Medium Risk Extremely High Risk Low Risk Low Risk Medium Risk Medium Risk Medium Risk Low Risk Low Risk Low Risk Low Risk Low Risk
  9. 9. Inspiring Excellence Emergency Preparedness Plan
  10. 10. Inspiring Excellence Emergency Preparedness Plan An Emergency Preparedness Plan is envisaged to provide guidelines for the personnel of the establishment to effectively combat the emergency situations that might arise.
  11. 11. Inspiring Excellence Loss Exposure Analysis The Emergency Response Plan must be based on a systematic and comprehensive assessment of risks to identify emergency needs.  What can happen?  How likely is it to happen?  How severe could it be?  How frequently could it occur?  What shall we do about it?
  12. 12. Inspiring Excellence Essential Components of an Emergency Preparedness Plan • Definition of Roles and Responsibilities • Emergency Reporting Procedures • Designation of Control Centres • Evacuation Procedures • Work Shutdown Procedures • Procedures for Control of Hazardous Materials • Search and Rescue Plan • “All Clear” and Re-entry Procedures • Control of Visitors and Contractors • Plans for “Off-Site” Emergencies
  13. 13. Inspiring Excellence Command And Control The Overall Commander designated in the Emergency Preparedness Plan should take over charge at the earliest. In case he is NOT present at the site, the next incumbent should take over control of the situation.
  14. 14. Inspiring Excellence Emergency Teams • Fire Response Teams • Security Teams • Crisis Management Teams • Rescue Teams • First-Aid and Medical Teams Regular training of these teams is very essential
  15. 15. Inspiring Excellence • Sound the fire alarm • Gather at the safe assembly point. • Switch off the power supply. • Inform security. • Inform the fire brigade if necessary. • Call the ambulance, if required. • Inform all concerned Actions in Case Of Fire • Try to contain and extinguish the fire.
  16. 16. Inspiring Excellence Proactive Safety Management Identify all Loss Exposures Evaluate the risk in each exposure Develop a plan Implement the plan Monitor the plan Emergency Preparedness Plan
  17. 17. Inspiring Excellence Evacuation In Case of Fire • Participation of Senior Management and conduct of realistic drills • A clear chain of command and designation authorized to order evacuation and/or shutdown • System of accounting for personnel following an evacuation • Marking of primary and secondary evacuation routes • Procedure for alerting and evacuating physically challenged persons who may require additional assistance – buddy system
  18. 18. Inspiring Excellence Evacuation in Case of Fire • Evacuation wardens designated for each department to ensure evacuation and and account for personnel • Visible directions to emergency exits • Briefing of contractors and visitors • Provision of training and PPE to „ rescue team‟ • Designate employees who will continue or shut down critical operations during an evacuation. These people must be capable of discerning when to abandon the operation and vacate the area.
  19. 19. Inspiring Excellence Appoint Administrator & Coordinators Conduct Emergency Needs Assessment Develop a Comprehensive Plan Conduct Training Conduct Realistic Drills & Exercises Conduct Lessons Learnt Exercise Review, Update & Improve Take Home Points
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