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Curriculum Vitae Marnix van de Veen


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This is my CV. Feel free to share!

Published in: Career, Business, Technology
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Curriculum Vitae Marnix van de Veen

  1. 1. Social Med vation ia Inno End -Us er Marnix van de Veen Curriculum Vitae E nthu siasm - The fun (to read and to make) versionDoing it Differently Prese nting c at ionNew Bus inessmod mu ni els Com
  2. 2. This is meMy strengths are in (social) media, communication and innovation. I’ve done some stuff already...
  3. 3. The beginning1982 Born - Deventer1999 HAVO - Deventer2000 VWO - Zwolle2001 Off to Utrecht for some studying!
  4. 4. ’01-’09 Studying: Communication & Information Studies - University of UtrechtTheoretical: Practical: Philosophy of New Media Student Radio New Media & Copyright New Media Lab Media; Science & Debate
  5. 5. ThesisHow Apple reshaped content intointerface and revolutionized the smartphone business Click the image to download (Dutch)
  6. 6. ’09 Creative City Lab Goal: Transforming existing residential area’s into sustainable ones My team and I created a social media marketing tool, TriQlI presented in front of 200 people, what a thrill! Watch a video explaining TriQl (Dutch)
  7. 7. Biggest supplier of energy’10 SalecoGroep advice in NL 2010:My tasks: 40.000 households approachedInternal & External communication 12.000 EPA-reportsTrain (Sr.) Project Managers and Energy LabelsVisualize and enhance workflowsDevelopment of outbound callcenter
  8. 8. Current: Futureproofing BusinessVision Broker at Media Plaza Meetings WorkshopsTasks: Presentations Presentations Experience Room Social Media Twitter Blogs Inter views & Research
  9. 9. Social Med Lu st for ia expertis e Innov ation End -Us Driv er en Enthu siasm Awe someDoing it Differently Prese nting skills I New ive on at ti re ica C n Businessm odels mu om
  10. 10. I’d love to tell you more! Contact me anytime... +31 6 19 410 888 www.rnix.nlDownload ‘normal’ resume here (Dutch)