Verayu-Build your own application with Rich LaaS API


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Verayu is a system for capturing the location of mobile devices and to use this information to make useful interpretations

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Verayu-Build your own application with Rich LaaS API

  1. 1. TM Nivaata Systems Pvt. Ltd. LOCATION AS A SERVICE
  2. 2.  Nivaata Systems is a new generation technology company that offers the game-changing location intelligence platform Verayu™  Raised venture funding in 2010 and 2012 to develop the Verayu™ cloud platform for location Intelligence  Nivaata’s innovations like Verayu™, Routematic™, Travelert™ and Mobile Workforce Manager is helping enterprises automate, analyze and optimize key business areas such as sales force effectiveness, transport automation, asset monitoring, logistics, distribution & planning  Founding team drawn from premier institutions like IISc and ISB with 150+ years of combined experience in taking advanced mobile and Web 2.0 products to market
  3. 3. Location Intelligence is at the heart of any mobile business process Location Time Business Context Effective Mobile Business Process  Enterprise grade – “Where are you?” instead of check-in  PaaS - Delivers Location Intelligence over the cloud via REST APIs  Abstracts routing, location acquisition, tracking for the enterprise – focus on building business workflows Verayu Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) cloud platform delivers the core infrastructure over which mobile business processes can be rapidly developed and deployed
  5. 5. • Light weight & compact form factor • High-end GPS module with GSM/GPRS modem • Superior Battery Performance – 3 months standby, 20 days active tracking • Available in 2 models – mini-USB and direct 2-wire 6-32V interface Yantra Tracking Device Power Efficient Tracks in both GPS and non-GPS scenarios using patented PACCT® algorithm • Very low memory footprint. • Runs silently in the background • Maintains state across power cycles • Multi-platform support - Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, J2ME Works across all GSM/GPRS/3G networks Operator independent Mobile Client Library  Yantra hardware tracking device -OR- the Mobile Client can be used as the location acquisition module depending on the use case  Mobile client available as a client side library on Android and BB
  6. 6. Routing Real Time Alerts & Reporting Scheduling Verayu LaaS Platform Two Way Communication Tracking Geo Fencing
  7. 7.  Ideal for routing a fleet of vehicles or creating the beat plan for a large field force EFFICIENT FAST takes few seconds for a 1000 data set Optimizes fleet/field force size maintaining capacity constraints  Reduces cost by optimizing the fleet/field force size  Delivers fuel savings  Near real time response -accommodates last minute modifications  Self learning system which remembers human intervention ADAPTIVE CONFIGURABLE Learns and adapts towards optimality over time Programmable constraints like max travel time, max distance per trip
  8. 8.  Mark points of interest (PoIs)  Assign beat plans to field agents  Create beat plan  Schedule tracking against the beat plan Server side APIs for planning and scheduling provides centralized control. Role based access for various zones (teams) for easy administration.
  9. 9.  Locate nearby trackees Track using IVR (CALL2TRACK)  Track against beat plan  Monitor battery status Track using SMS (TEXT2TRACK) APIs for setting up real time tracking on Google Maps interface, IVR and SMS based tracking
  10. 10.  Define geo-fence  Record arrival/departure time of trackees for each geocode lock  Record geo-fence violations  Send SMS alerts for each arrival, departure and violation Geo fence violated  Get post trip report and real time alert for each status
  11. 11. Mobile Client Drag and drop form elements Visual form creator      Collect field activity through forms and geocoded picture uploads Create forms easily through a drag and drop interface or using APIs Push forms globally or selectively to trackees Push forms based on location triggers Extract form submission data through reporting utility Verayu is much more than a tracking system. It enables the enterprise to stay connected and exchange information with its field force
  12. 12. Alerts Notifications Reports • Over speeding • Unscheduled halts • Beat Plan Violation • Geo Fence Violation • Reach and Leave • Data Submission • Rich API set for report extraction • Distance covered (useful in billing and reimbursements) • Field data collected Rich set of reporting APIs. Alerts and Notifications for real time exceptions and detailed reports for post event analysis.
  13. 13. System Integrator Partnerships Mobile Applications Routematic Travelert SAP/ERP Xtn CRM Apps Dist. & Planning Apps 3P Server Side Enterprise/ Consumer Applications Control Panel (Browser) TMS API EM API Map based tracking, Visual Forms Frameworks Creator, Reports etc. Developer APIs LaaS API Client APK Scheduler Location Acquisition Module (Yantra ULC Device/ Mobile Agent) Tracking & Device Control Module Triggers Rules Engine Data Pump MIS/ Reporting + Analytics engine Routing (5SR Algo) Core Technology Layer LaaS Core
  14. 14. getTaskStatus EM API called by 3rd party app. sendTaskList LaaS API called by 3rd party app.
  15. 15. Patented Technology  PACCT algorithm for tracking in both GPS and non-GPS scenarios Designed for the Enterprise  Where are you? instead of “Check In”  Scheduler based – Track only for company hours  5SR routing algorithm  Industry leading battery performance – High availability  Location based triggers  Yantra hardware Programmable Platform (PaaS)  Verayu™ features available through rich LaaS APIs – Enterprise can build business layer over the location intelligence data acquired from Verayu™  Trackee available in hardware (Yantra Device) or mobile client (android, BBM) – choose for use case  Scalable architecture – Superior performance at ‘000 trackee scale  More than Routing & Tracking – Two way comm, MDM  Seamless integration into existing CRM, ERP, transport management systems  “Visual Forms Creator” enables rapid mobile application development, without writing a single line of code  Programmable rules engine – set up location triggers as per business rules, extraction engine for MIS  Support for geo-coded, authentic picture uploads from field  MDM API – for device security (IMEI, SIM Locking), remote data backup, device data wipe on loss or theft  Role based access for easy administration  Special API extensions for TM, EM  Integrated with IVR and SMS gateways for CALL2TRACK and TEXT2TRACK features
  16. 16. 1 2 Select Tracking Client Asset Tracking Fleet Tracking Yantra Tracking Device 3 Provision Verayu™ Tracking Service Manage mobile assets and workforce over the cloud  Easy provisioning – Configure trackee list on Verayu™ server for one click installations  Routing – Upload PoIs, program constraints, generate beat plan, optimize cost function  Role based access for easy administration and management  Real time tracking – Focus on exceptions, Track against beat plan, rule violation alerts (geofence, speeding etc.), Locate nearby trackees etc. CALL2TRACK, TEXT2TRACK -ORMobile Work Force Monitoring – Sales, Service, Distribution, Collections etc. Mobile Client admin Zones Trackees North parveen West rajesh balaji  Setup business rules – Create PoIs, Create and assign forms, Create geofence(s), setup alerts for geo-fence violations, halt time, over speeding etc.  Two way communication – Easily push forms (globally or specific trackees, push based on location trigger(s), form submit and picture upload from the field.  MIS Reports & Analytics
  17. 17. USE CASES
  18. 18. Routing Business Rule Configuration Tracking Comm. & Field Data Collection Reporting Daily Beat Planning Field Force Optimization - 5SR Routing algorithm Fuel Savings – Optimizes for total distance Fast – Takes few seconds for a 1000 data set Adaptive – Learns and adapts towards optimality over time Configurable - Programmable constraints supplemented with local intelligence gathered by field force Delivery boy will be here in 15 mins Efficiency IVR based CALL2TRACk/TEXT2TRACK facility for company and customers – Reduces failed sales calls, delivery attempts and inbound call center traffic Savings Efficiency Tracking & Monitoring Real Time Control - Track against beat plan, GPS based billing Communication - Push forms to field personnel and collect field activity such as delivery reports Compliance and Safety – Geo-Fence Violations, Speeding Alerts, Halt Time Analysis etc. Real Time Control Customer Satisfaction
  19. 19. Verayu Modules Rostering Routing Trip Sheet Generation Real Time Tracking MIS Reporting Fleet Mgmt Billing  Use routing API to optimize fleet size and mix  Use tracking APIs to track fleet against assigned trips  Use alert APIs to record speed limit violations, geo-fence violations, unscheduled halts  Use notification APIs to record reach and leave events  Use IVR and SMS APIs to allow customers to track  Use reporting APIs to calculate distance travelled for GPS based billing
  20. 20. Tracking Geo-Fencing Driver Behaviour Modelling Communication MIS Reporting  Set up geo-fence for high traffic density areas  Observe driving pattern to adjust insurance premium – Usage Based Insurance  Improve response time for accident management and FNOL process – one click connection to FNOL center, locate nearby accident management services (roadside assistance, repair facility, rental company etc.), alert closest surveyor  Reduce fraud – geo coded picture upload from accident site
  21. 21. CASE STUDIES
  22. 22. Client: MNO Use Case: Sales Promotion Scenario: MNO wants to offer customized deals to dealers based on their geography, past performance, future potential. Field force in circle. Possibility for MNO to gain competitive intelligence through data collected from dealer (quantity and performance of competitor SIM cards) Problem: No adherence to beat plan, several outlets missed out. Pen-and-paper systems result in outdated deal-data with RM’s. Dealers don’t get right information at the right time. MNO’s need to study geographic distribution of demand-supply gap, to better utilize sales resources Verayu Solution: Route and assign beat plan to RM’s, push to Verayu app on mobile, generate tracking reports to observe adherence. Customized deals automatically pushed based on RM’s proximity to outlet. Verayu app used by RM to capture competitive info, uploaded in real-time (geo-coded for authenticity, analytics). Capture daily call reports and upload in real-time. Outlets are supposed to advertise MNO through appropriately sized banners – RM captures and geo-coded pic uploaded to Verayu and periodically reviewed Client: Large Newspaper Company Increased Sales Use Case: Distribution Scenario: Leading print media house distributes newspapers throughout the UAE. Supply chain: central -> distribution centers -> hubs -> delivery boys. All distribution to be completed within 6AM (SLA with consumers), capture route deviations by delivery boys. Understand quantity of unsold papers, and take back from dealers Verayu Solution: Entire supply chain routed/monitored/ tracked. Generate daily delivery times per customer. Announce customer’s residence movement to field team, so delivery can be re-targeted Client: Construction Equip. Manufacturer Real Time Control Use Case: Asset Tracking Scenario: Asset worth crores transported by fleet vendor across India. Safety of assets a major concern. Consignments delayed regularly. Fleet vendor over charging Verayu Solution: Yantra as trackee attached to consignment. Geo Fence violations configured. Speeding alerts set up. Travelert to customer. Supply Chain Optimization Customer Satisfaction Cost Savings Real Time View
  23. 23. Routematic is a 3rd party transport automation solution developed using Verayu LaaS APIs Rostering Routing Several thousand employees to be picked up and dropped off, limited fleet available Entire process is human intensive and is error prone Routematic™ Fleet Mgmt. & Billing Live Tracking Employee security during travel is of paramount concern Organizations spend between 50L to 20Cr per month on employee transportation  End to end automation resulting in manpower requirements reduction  10-33% cost savings through efficient routing  Employee safety
  24. 24. THANK YOU Contact Details Sriram Kannan Surajit Das +91 9740092669 +91 9611098989