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5 Simple SEO Techniques That Will Multiply Your Visits and Sales


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With Google's ever changing algorithm and that huge resource needed to rank for SEO, here are 5 simple trusted techniques that will not only increase your site visits but your sales as well.

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5 Simple SEO Techniques That Will Multiply Your Visits and Sales

  2. 2. Here are five actionable steps you can easily implement yourself (or with a little bit of help) to multiply your search engine traffic and sales. These techniques are tested and proven and are not reliant on backlinking, content I creation or time-consuming outreach programs.
  3. 3. ‘ 7 will 1;. L . .~i= ,l‘= : l‘l= 'f2'*»-‘Elf 3lll"'l; ll > Since at least 2010, Google have used website . 4 * load speed as a ranking factor. Websites that . ‘ " " . . load faster offer a better user experience and . _ ” Google reward faster sites with higher search -V’ . ’/ engine placement. To the contrary, a slow , , . V, '5; ; loading website will negatively impact site '. _‘. ‘_}: -'. -_ _’ ' performance. " - I . “’: 'n* - . ''FU'$’ll -'= 'l'3." ll: ll Hll' H: II urn‘ Every 1 second delay will result in 7% reduction in conversions and 5% reduction in rankings.
  4. 4. RCTION STEPS Minimise the use of heavy Content Management Systems to your blog section and code your main website pages in static. fast-loading HTML. Compress image to files to a minimum. Stop using cheap lousy hosting and move to premium dedicated hosting or specialist managed. high-speed hosting like WP Engine.
  5. 5. ’ Optimise Your Meto Doto For L‘ Higher CTR! Search engine users make assumptions about your site based on the content displayed in it’s search listings. Effectively crafted page titles and descriptions (meta data) can significantly influence the amount of clicks you get. Tests have shown that lower ranking websites can have a higher Click- Through-Rate (CTR) than sites above them if they display a more relevant and appealing result.
  6. 6. Go- gle seosherpa Web »‘-hr-i. ‘. "-n 'l''-’‘ r- '-tilt‘. . 3 ".1 : .~. .'r, r 1-. SEO Sherpa: SEO Dubai Businesses Trust By No.1 SEO ‘. w.'. -. soosborpa com v For SEO Dubai choose SEO Sherpa The onl, SEO Cc-rnpan, mat prom 59 re o. l'. va'ib ~. cl: -nip-: -‘noon in 23 (13.5 or we work. ‘or lr~: <-: - Call Ill-4565352 rods. ’ 2‘: tittt 10Goo9lore-views '. 'r'aearen9w Google " o Rmul2~Dubai-l)n'nedArabEnvtales 0971 4 456 5352 Promise How It Works SEO Dubai SEO Dubai From SEO Sherpa For High Ranking Local -. w.-. -. sooshorpa com sco-dubai - The SEO Dubai rmrvr-:1: from SEO Sherpa -r. -. .pc<i. :f. ‘, d("alqf(‘d lo dt-liver high ranking local search rmull-. IH Dubai Got in touch to rank your UAE business
  7. 7. él‘ ll ll‘ . ~*ee': i». ~ Include your target If you advertise on keyword term in Google Adwords your page title and take your ads with description_ the highest Click - Through-Rate and use their ad copy in your SEO meta data. If you don't do Google Ads. Check the highes rank ads in your market and use their ad copy to guide you.
  8. 8. Use Google Suggest To Identify Long-Toll Keywords Your website is probably getting over 50% of its search engine visits from long tail search terms. The term long tail describes a very specific search string containing three or more words like “best corporate lawyer Dubai. ” In order to capitalise on the high percentage of potential website visitors who perform long- tail search queries, you need to actively research and target more long-tail keyword terms.
  9. 9. I 0. lawyer dubai lawyer dubai lawyer dubai lawyer dubai salary lawyer dubai Jobs lawyer dubai real esta: 0 Lawyers in Dubai - 5 www :1'n.1 : ;-. ‘Lnwyorr. - '7-L Frrrifl Tr- :7}_c' rl5.iw'v_r~r~. V "_1 »'«. :-zip. Quick trail S Chet‘-«nus ‘ P-
  10. 10. RCTION STEPS Use Google Webmaster Tools to identify the keywords bringing most traffic to your site. Perform a search using those keywords on Google. Use Goog| e’s auto suggest function to identify related longtail keywords. then incorporate those terms into the content of you webpage.
  11. 11. Use lnternol Linking to Increase Your Ronking With so much focus placed on external backlinks its easy to forget the power of internal linking to distribute link juice across your site. The key to to effective internal linking is to avoid using rich anchor text and instead use long descriptive anchors that tell users and search engine what they’ll find on the linked-to page.
  12. 12. -». :; . -t at, - Q anchor text an. chor text T ITOLIIT Anchor text are words contained inside a hyperlink on a web page.
  13. 13. FICTION STEPS Identify you most From those pages Use long descriptive high-authority web link across to other anchor text that pages using a tool pages on your site contain your target like AH Refs_ High you want to rank. keyword somewhere authgrity pages have within the the ability to pass text- most link juice.
  14. 14. lncreose Sociol Shores And Reoch —s Other Peoples Audiences There is no real evidence that social signals directly influence search engine rank, but social sharing is still an effective SEO strategy. When visitors share your content they spread the word and encourage more referring traffic to your site. Increased visitors and engagement signals to Google that your content is deserving of higher search engine rank. 006
  15. 15. FICTION STEPS Add social sharing icons to your blog and ask visitors to share your content. Install a blog commenting system such as Disqus. Blog comments promote engagement and attract visitors back to your website Finish your blog posts with a question to encourage readers to participate in discussion.
  16. 16. O60666-$46665-I-600-60066-60-066-Q4666-Ii-ll-I506-Odddfilti-066-Q4666-Ii-I-606-OJ Whilst off-site SEO is critical to achieving results with search engine optimization. it's important not to forget the significance of other factors in driving traffic and sales via search engines. Fixing your site speed. search listing. long-tail keyword targeting. Internal linking and social sharing can all influence your results to an equal degree. The best thing is these steps are easy to implement and cost you little in terms of time and money. O60666-$46665-I-600-60066-60-066-Q4666-Ii-ll-I506-Odddfilti-066-Q4666-Ii-I-606-OJ
  17. 17. SH Llllsltl: Search Exchange Presentation by James Reynolds veravo. com