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  2. 2. The producer has the responsibility of:Instructing, managing, overseeing, and controlling matters such asraising the fund, hiring employees and arranging for distributors. Theproducer is involved throughout the all stages of the film production.My actions as the producer:I have looked through the storyboard with the director. I havediscussed weather conditions with the director, and found solutionsfor any possible constraints.
  3. 3. The location manager has the responsibility of:Finding suitable locations for the director’s vision and plans forscenes. They must also make sure that they can clear the area whileproduction is in session, as outside noise and people will lower theprofessionalism of the film. Shoots must be away from motorwaysand roads as it will create background noise not wanted in the film.My actions as the producer:As our final product will be a music video, background noise will notbe a problem as the video will be muted. I have been locationsearching, and have taken pictures of the possible locations for theoutside of a house, which will be used for filming. Pictures of thepossible houses (next slide)
  4. 4. I have chosen this location because, itfits the type of lifestyle the charactersare representing. It shows a middle-classstatus, and it is not too fancy.Although there are building workshappening, it will not affect the filmingas the soundtrack will cover it.
  5. 5. The camera operator is imaginative and well thought. Camera work is essential inhow successful a film is and how much is portrayed during a film. The use of acamera can give messages to an audience about the characters or locations. Theyare one of the most highly skilled practitioners on a film crew. Camera job rolesinclude: Director of photography, script supervisor, photography Ariel CameraPilot, camera assistant, marine and diving camera crew, grip crane operator,video assistant operator castingMy actions as the camera operator:I’ve been experimenting with the camera, familiarizing myself with it. I didresearch on the camera we are using for our filming. I researched on how to getgood quality, for night time scenes. I also researched tutorials on Youtube, on howto achieve effects such as the ‘motion blur’ effect.