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Music video analysis


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Music video analysis

  1. 1. Trina Ft Kelly Rowland -Here We Go Again This is an eye-line match shot of the pictures, being analysed by the character on-screen before these images. This shot is a creative way of showing the narrative, as we see what the character is looking at. The ‘black and white’ effect symbolises a nostalgia or historical moment. This tells the audience that the picture shows a past event.
  2. 2. Trina Ft Kelly Rowland -Here We Go AgainThe location, props and costume used, represents the class which the character(s)belong to. For example, a mansion and a ‘fancy’ car. These two things could makethe audience assume that the character(s), are from a high class (rich).
  3. 3. Ashanti - Foolish Once again costumes, props and setting give the audience an indication of what type of lifestyle the characters are living. The use of the champagne bottles, and the men in suits allow the audience to assume the lifestyle being presented, is a high class lifestyle. The use of the big bed, the stylish lamp and bed sheets say a bit about the character. E.g. they are neat & fancy people. Also the artist’s (Ashanti) hair looks neat, and the material of her gown (silk) makes her look elegant.