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The What and Why of Franchise Operations Manual


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The Franchise Operations Manual encapsulates the franchise proprietary system. Key elements and its benefits are illustrated in this short presentation.

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The What and Why of Franchise Operations Manual

  1. 1. What’s in the and why is it important Franchise Operations Manual
  2. 2. The Franchise Operations Manual contains the franchisor’s secret sauce. It explains in detail how the franchisee must operate the business based on the brand principles. Basically it says, “This is how we do things here.” The What
  3. 3. The secret sauce includes: PROCESSES The big picture of how to achieve a goal or complete a task
  4. 4. The secret sauce includes: The detailed steps of how to perform a task within a process PROCEDURES
  5. 5. POLICIES The rules and guidelines of what can and cannot be done based on the Franchise Agreement and the company culture The secret sauce includes:
  6. 6. The secret sauce includes: PROGRAMS Action plans that bring about the desired results including documentation, training & reporting
  7. 7. PROCESSES PROCEDURES POLICIES PROGRAMS These 4 elements come together to form the franchise proprietary system documented in the Franchise Operations Manual.
  8. 8. The better your Franchise Operations Manual, the your system.better
  9. 9. The Why The Franchise Operations Manual ensures Consistency In customer experience & operating results
  10. 10. Quality Control of products and services The Why The Franchise Operations Manual establishes
  11. 11. Efficiency of operations The Why The Franchise Operations Manual ensures
  12. 12. Brand integrity The Why The Franchise Operations Manual maintains
  13. 13. Is your Franchise Operations Manual doing all it should? If not, we can help. At Franchise Mind we evaluate, create, and update your Franchise Operations Manual to make your system stronger.
  14. 14. Training Programs Contact us Franchise Mind Venu Babla, Director +65 9867-0738 Visit us at: Business consulting and training services include: Strategic Franchise Planning Operations Manuals