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Venturefest Launch Event - AM Session


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Featuring talks from Peter Clough (Osborne Clarke), Sandra M. Baer (Personal Cities) and Ian Meikle (Innovate UK)

Published in: Technology
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Venturefest Launch Event - AM Session

  1. 1. Peter Clough Partner Osborne Clarke
  2. 2. Sandra M. Baer President Personal Cities
  3. 3. VentureFest Bristol and Bath The Changing Landscape of Smart Cities 3 February 2017 Sandra Baer President Personal Cities
  4. 4. 30 Billion
  5. 5. 30 Billion is the number of endpoints that will comprise the worldwide “Internet of Things” in the year 2020….by the way that equates to a market spend of $1.3 trillion.
  6. 6. Cities are, in large part, responsible for this investment. Yet today the global Smart City market is fragmented, disorganized, continually growing and evolving.
  7. 7. This spells Opportunity
  8. 8. The Age of Accelerations… per Tom Friedman According to Moore’s law, the power of technology—computing power—doubles every two years. Our ability to adapt to it, to incorporate its use and benefit into our lives takes more than 10 years. So your opportunity, your challenge is to help cities, to help all of us adapt to the pace of our world.
  9. 9. In Silicon Valley …everything that is analog is being digitized, everything that is being digitized is now being stored, everything that is being stored is now being analyzed on powerful computer systems, and all the learning is being immediately applied to make old things work better to make new things possible and to do old things in new ways.
  10. 10. Smart City Defined  Aligned! It understands the value of collaboration & the power of partnerships to get things done  Aware of its character, its sense of place. It actively works to communicate its image to all who live, work, play & visit the city  Inclusive. It invests in human & social capital to fuel stakeholder engagement  Views technology as the enabler to create a better quality of life—for livable, workable, sustainable communities  Resilient, regenerative & secure leveraging technology innovation & human talent in optimal ways to create smarter, safer cities  Economically vibrant. it seeks a competitive advantage to spark business investment and attract talent, it envisions the future, acts holistically & invests in the right technology for the right reasons
  11. 11. Investing in cities…matching problems with solutions to create attractive, competitive cities Economic Development & Business Growth—Revenue Generation & Job Creation Safety, Security & Resilience Transportation & Mobility—of Freight, Goods & People Social Inclusion & Access—Diversity & Equity Community Identity, Placemaking & the Built Environment Sustainability—for People, Environment & Growth Health, Wellness & Lifelong Learning
  12. 12. Where is the smart city market moving or… how are cities becoming competitive, collaborative, connected and more secure? Dubai, UAE Nektria Malaga, Spain CIVIQ Los Angeles, California
  13. 13. Your Smart City Opportunity Think big on behalf of the city—endeavor to solve many problems—understand their challenges around economic growth, funding, security, city operations, politics. Align, collaborate, include—build coalitions, work together, find partners, create new partnerships, understand the value of inclusion, of giving people a voice Connect—to people, to culture, to networks, to money, to the real benefits of your big ideas
  14. 14. 85% of your financial success is due to your personality; your ability to communicate, negotiate and lead. Only 15% is due to technical knowledge. Through the benefits of your technology and your leadership to help cities transform, you have the opportunity to make cities smarter.
  15. 15. Thank you! Sandra Baer President, Personal Cities +1 240 876 8131 @sandrambaer
  16. 16. Ian Meikle Director, Infrastructure Systems Innovate UK
  17. 17. Driving innovation in future cities Ian Meikle Director, Infrastructure Systems @meikle567
  18. 18. FULLSIZE IMAGE SLIDE - INSERT TITLE HERE... Small body of copy to support image… Four-stage urban infrastructure evolution …..................................................................  Where are the Cities of Opportunity positioned today in the evolution of urban infrastructure?  What will future infrastructure demands be? Courtesy of PwC
  19. 19. A smart way of adding value
  20. 20. Smart, Resilient Infrastructure 2-5% of Infrastructure spend £8bn to £21bn domestic market in smart systems Smart systems market c. $450 billion a year
  21. 21. Innovators face significant challenges in cities
  22. 22. At-scale demonstrators needed to support UK innovators New infrastructure systems must be tested at scale to demonstrate their effectiveness in enhancing our cities. Future cities demonstrators would help UK companies to carry out ‘first of a kind’ deployments.
  23. 23. 30 cities including Bristol awarded £50,000 each to undertake feasibility studies. Following the feasibility phase, cities reported significant benefits:  New and ongoing partnerships  Most participating cities received further investment from partners  5 cities, including Bristol, secured total of £107 million additional private and public investment Urban Living Programme Bristol received £3 million city demonstrator funding
  24. 24. Supporting businesses across the UK - the Catapults Network
  25. 25. Bristol Data Dome Visualising city data within immersive experience – Bristol City Council and Future Cities Catapult
  26. 26. ‘Project Heineken’ sees Amey and Staffordshire County Council working on solutions to better coordinate highway maintenance and under-road service installation jobs. Collaboration is key to innovation
  27. 27. Connected Cities Mission India November 2016 Supporting UK businesses in going global
  28. 28. Industrial Strategy  Government published Industrial Strategy Green Paper consultation on January 23rd Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund  Led by Innovate UK and the Research Councils.  Programmes delivered by the fund will be industry-led and powered by multi-disciplinary research and business academic collaboration.  It will help identify and develop UK industries that are fit for the future, driving progress in technologies where the UK can become a world-leader in research and commercialisation. Supporting innovation in cities of the future
  29. 29. We can’t stop thinking about the future Ian Meikle Director, Infrastructure Systems @meikle567