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Week Two assignment for Venture-Lab.org

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Butterstix Final

  1. 1. ButterStix A Compelling, Novel ButterDelivery System to build a loyalcustomer base for your Butter Business
  2. 2. Problem: Butter is a generic food commodity Price-point competition is killing your profit margins Solution : Butterstix Make your Butter Brand unique!
  3. 3. Butter may be a generic food commodity, but Butter delivery systems are not! Package your butter into our Butterstix system and set your brand apart from all the rest
  4. 4. Our PromiseWe can provide manufacturerswith a unique system to lock in your butter customers. We use an inexpensive,reusable device to measure and deliver your branded butter to customers
  5. 5. Customers want:1. Accurate measurement of butter2. Dietary information about fat intake3. Clean, hands-free spreading of butter for baking pans and sliced bread4. Easy clean-up and storage between butter usages5. Environmentally friendly packaging
  6. 6. Customer Survey:What customers say they want● Packaging for butter which allows accurate measurement of the amount of butter needed without having to touch paper packaging or move it into a measuring cup.● Packaging with easy marked measurements - each turn of our product doles out exactly 1/8 teaspoon of butter!● Packaging that would allow you to grease a pan or butter bread without getting buttery hands
  7. 7. Butterstix System Design Three part delivery system:1) Your Branded Butter in our retailtube2) Butter extruder/pusher3) Pan and Bread slice Buttering Device
  8. 8. Direct value to customersThe Butterstix system allows people tomeasure their dairy fat dietary intakemore easilyIt also will prevent greasy hands whengreasing a pan or piece of breadOur materials allow customers to workwith melted/soft butter in a neat package
  9. 9. Customers who particularlyValue our Butterstix system 1) People who want to watch their fat or calorie intake. 2) People who bake often 3) Working mothers who want tools to make using their kitchen easier
  10. 10. Butterstix Product DesignCalibrated Syringe-like buttertubes with your Butter Brandprominently featured!Markings on sides of butter tubefor:1) Calories2) Fats3) Cholesterol4) Teaspoons
  11. 11. Picture of our System
  12. 12. How Do Customers Use the Butterstix System ?* Remove from refrigerator* 30 seconds in the microwave (to improve texture)* Place Butterstix into delivery frame* Turn screw until exact amount of butter delivered* Use pan-buttering attachment if desired* Place left-over butter back in refrigerator Couldn’t be easier to use!
  13. 13. Manufacturing Considerations1) Low-cost of manufacturing for filling syringes with butter2) Plastic syringes provide good protection from oxidation3) Syringes pack tightly in shipping boxes without deforming4) Syringe butter volume is similar to existing “4 oz. sticks” of butter5) Can be packaged 4 to a shelf-box like existing square stock6) Can use existing distribution networks and shelving7) Fully Disposable butter packaging8) Low manufacturing costs for extrusion device (approx $4 per unit)
  14. 14. Product characteristics* Fully Microwavable* Easy to store in refrigerator* Reusable Extrusion device is washable* Both Extrusion device and tubes arebrandable* Syringe materials and pan buttering plastics are Recyclable (Type 5 plastic)
  15. 15. Initial Marketing Strategy* Give away the extrusion devices* Use in-store demonstrations* Raffles and door prizes in stores
  16. 16. PromotionsWe will help you build a loyalcustomer base:1) ButterBucks coupon campaign2) Cash and coupons for recycledButterstix casings3) Cooking show promotions4) Internet promotions
  17. 17. Customers will come to rely on your Branded Butter for their butter needs Your customers will butter your bread with our Butterstix device.