Ventac Industrial Noise Control - Brochure


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An overview of our building, industrial and environmental noise solutions.

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Ventac Industrial Noise Control - Brochure

  1. 1. Industrial Noise Control www.ventac.comVentac © 2015. All rights reserved. Your Partner In Noise Control Delivering Comfort Improvement
  2. 2. Who We Are A Complete Service Solution Provider Industrial, Building and Environmental noise can present many challenges to try and overcome. When it comes to knowing which materials and parts to use, how to size components, and where to position, the options can seem endless. At Ventac, we use a wide variety of techniques to identify the source and type of noise that needs treating. Our expertise and knowledge of materials combined with our wide experience of manufacturing solutions, coupled with the research and testing facility we have, allows us to develop the most cost effective solutions to any noise problem. backed up by our technical ability and our research and testing facilities at Ventac. ity to meet demanding business needs, on time and on budget. Headquartered in County Wicklow in Ireland with an office in The Netherlands and employing over 34 employees, the strength and depth of Ventac's resources has helped the company develop a reputation for unrivalled service and innovation. Ventac have remained consistent in providing high quality products and services with comprehensive technical support. Our value is in our ability to reduce noise levels and optimise costs Ventac have provided solutions and quality products to businesses and the public sector for over 30 years in many noise control sectors, building trusted relationships and helping organisations reach solutions through the use of our products. With the skills and knowledge to facilitate the most effective noise control solution across many sectors, Ventac and its team of highly skilled technical consultants offer practical bespoke solutions at affordable prices. At Ventac, long-standing relationships are based on transparency and the abil- Page
  3. 3. How We Can Help Identify the problem Clearly quantifying the problem can often be the most critical step. Sometimes the noise is from an external source - such as traffic noise, in other situations. 'Hard surfaces' in rooms (floor and ceiling) can cause any sound generated in the room to reverberate or 'echo'. Our Acoustic Engineers have over 30 years experience in noise control and have completed hundreds of successful installations. On existing structures, the initial survey will often include detailed dimensional measurements as well as acoustic tests. We will also carry out a detailed review of any plans. Design The Solution Having clearly quantified the potential problem areas, we can then select the most appropriate solution. This solution will also take into account factors such as aesthetic requirements, room or building layout, budgetary considerations, and the desired acoustic targets. Implement The Solution Many acoustic installations fail, not because of poor materials or design, but due to fundamental errors being made during the installation process. Our installations are carried out by experienced tradesmen who have specialist training in noise control and acoustics. Their focus is always on ensuring that the installation meets the acoustic design criteria and highest quality finish. Final Inspection & Validation A review of acoustic performance is always carried out prior to completion. In this way we can ensure that the installation has met the acoustic design criteria. Combined acoustic absorber and barrier Acoustic louvres & attenuators Solutions for every vibration problem Page
  4. 4. Noise Surveys & Noise Reduction Programmes for Large Industrial Facilities Ventac have extensive experience in conducting noise surveys of large scale operations. These surveys are conducted using state of the art precision equipment by highly trained professionals. Testing Capabilities:  Class 1 precision integrating sound level meters  Frequency analysis , for tonal noise identification  Time history analysis , for event identification  Digital recording , for noise source identification  Statistical parameters, for regulatory compliance  Noise mapping software, for impact assessment Personnel Qualifications:  Third level qualifications in Acoustics/ Noise Control  Third level qualifications in Environmental Science  Third level qualifications in Health and Safety  Membership of professional body, Institute of Acoustics What sets Ventac apart is our experience in not only identifying noise issues and then making recommendations, but our experience in delivering and installing the solutions. This experience is invaluable in identifying and achieving the real life noise reduction from utilising noise control measures, identifying problems or issues at all stages of the noise control project while taking into consideration any practical issues to work around customers schedules. At the Ventac facility there is a purpose built acoustic laboratory, including a suite of reverberation chambers, where innovative new noise control materials, composites and constructions are developed and tested. Noise surveys to optimise operating practices Noise Reduction Programmes Ventac have extensive experience in every stage of noise control projects for both large and small scale installations including;  Design; The noise control solution is based on an acoustic assessment to ensure the required targets are met. This assessment is based on technical knowledge, precision measurement and experience. It is designed to be repeatable after the noise control works to verify their performance.  Lab testing; Ventac can acoustically test materials and constructions to a laboratory standard which allows us to constantly develop new solutions appropriate to individual sites and noise problems.  Manufacture; Many of the noise control solutions are manufactured in-house which allow for a high level of attention to detail; a factor critical for enclosing complex noise sources that for example incorporate numerous pipes and services.  Installation; The Ventac contracts team have extensive experience of both oversight of the installation process and installation of a project themselves. As the success of a noise control project is dependent on the fine details, the combined knowledge of engineering and acoustics has proved a critical element in the success of the projects. Test & Research Laboratory Bespoke Pump Jacket Page
  5. 5. Typical Noise Control Solutions Advice on typical regulatory requirements in developed countries Every acoustic project Ventac engages in is done in compliance with the appropriate legislation and guidance. This requires an in depth familiarity with the provisions of these documents. The relevant legislation and guidance Ventac work to include:  World Health Organisation (WHO) , Guidelines for Community Noise, 1995  European Directive, 2002/49/EC, Relating to the assessment and management of environmental noise  European Directive, 2003/10/EC, on the minimum health and safety requirements regarding the exposure of workers to the risks arising from physical agents (noise). As part of compliance with the appropriate legislation, Ventac conducts its testing and assessment work to the relevant international standard such as ISO. The standards used include:  ISO 1996: 2003 Acoustics- Description, measurement and assessment of environmental noise  BS 4142:1997 Rating industrial noise affecting mixed residential and industrial areas  ISO 3744:2010 Acoustics - Determination of sound power levels of noise sources using sound pressure Engineering method in an essentially free field over a reflecting plane  ISO 4866:1990 Evaluation and measurement for vibration in buildings Noise Control Barriers Ventac have designed and installed barriers of all shapes and sizes, reflective or absorptive. The design of the noise barriers ensures that the composition, construction and dimensions of the barrier will result in a significant noise level reduction at the desired location. Vibration Isolation Structure-borne isolation of a noise source is a critical element to many noise control solutions. Vibration isolation can be very effective if the appropriate engineering is considered. These solutions include vibration mounts, inertial bases and anti-seismic measures. Enclosures/Partial Enclosures Ventac enclosures are designed to suit the requirements of each individual site. Design details include the sound absorption coefficients and sound transmission loss rating of the materials used. Doors, windows and services to the enclosed noise source are all critical elements to an enclosure and are considered in the design. Ventilation & Air Handling Noise control for ventilation systems requires both knowledge of acoustics and aerodynamics. Ventac has over 40 years experience in specification supply and installation of ventilation systems for facilities of all sizes. This expertise complements Ventac noise control capabilities in this specialised area. Page
  6. 6. Acoustic Barriers Sound Barriers Acoustic Screens Where We Can Help Acoustic Screens Industrial Noise Applications Environmental Noise Applications Isolated Acoustic Roof SystemAcoustic Enclosures Power Plants Factory Noise Industrial Applications Acoustic Curtains Industrial Applications Pharmaceutical Processing Page
  7. 7. Where We Can Help Building Noise Applications Other examples of noise applications include:  Lecture Halls  Meeting Rooms  Theatres  Gymnasiums  Swimming Pools  Schools  Bars & Hotels  Conference Rooms  Audiology Suites  Stadiums  Power Plants  Mechanical Equipment  Prisons  Call Centres  Shopping Centres  Factories / Production Facilities  Retail Outlets Page
  8. 8. "On behalf of the school, I would like to compliment Ventac on a job well done. The result is excellent as we can now hear ourselves. Once again many thanks for your professionalism and attention to detail, and I will have no hesitation in recommending your firm to others." - Eileen Burbridge, Chairperson, Kilashee School, Naas, Kildare, Ireland "Ventac’s experience in noise solutions and ventilation expertise made them the ideal partner choice to develop this solution. They put forward great ideas throughout the project. The best part for me was that we supplied the problem and they came back with a finished complete solution. They are very experienced in their field and the area was left as they found it upon completion. Overall we were very happy with the service and solution they provided." - Albert Cummins, Project Engineer, Stryker Orthopaedics, Limerick "Ventac installed a substantial noise barrier on the Luas Green Line on behalf of the RPA. Ventac installed the barrier to RPA’s specifications in the constrained environment of an operating railway. RPA were very happy with the quality of the work. Ventac’s communication was excellent and the Ventac team worked well with the Luas Operator, Veolia and it’s maintenance contractors to ensure that the project was completed to everyone’s satisfaction." - Daniel Vaughan, Procurement Officer, RPA, Ireland What Our Customers Say…... Head Office Fitzwilliam House Blessington Co Wicklow Ireland Tel: +353 (0) 45 851500 Fax: +353 (0) 45 851501 Dutch Office Hightech Automotive Campus Steenovenweg 1, 5708 HN Helmond The Netherlands Tel: +31(0) 492562130 Fax: +353 (0) 45 851501 Czech Office TRIANGL Stojanova 1334 686 01 Uherské Hradiště Czech Republic Tel:+42 0778 042862 Fax:+353 (0) 45 851501