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Vensoft Technologies is a Electronic Design Services (EDS) for VLSI / EMBEDDED and MATLAB, delivering a wide variety of end- to -end services, including design, development, & testing for customers around the world. With proven expertise across multiple domains such as Consumer Electronics Market, Infotainment, Office Automation, Mobility and Equipment Controls.

Vensoft Technologies is managed by Engineers / Professionals possessing significant industrial experience across various application domains and engineering horizontals.Our engineers have expertise across a wide range of technologies, to the engineering efforts of our clients. Leveraging standards based components and investments in dedicated test lab infrastructure, we offer innovative, flexible and cost-effective services and solutions.

“We are sure you don’t want to say “This is what I said but not the one I want” when we deliver. So before we start any custom application development project, we always ask our client to define scope of the project. Without having defined scope, you will not be able to measure whether we have satisfied your requirements. It does not mean that it is your duty to give us defined scope. We are here to help you with that. Our experts will be in touch with you during this phase and prepare requirement spects and get it signed from you once you are happy with the same.”

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vensoft technologies gsm based pre paiid enerrgy meter based on avr (1)

  1. 1. VENSOFT Technologies Email: Contact: 9448847874 VENSOFT Technologies Email: Contact: 9448847874 GSM Based Pre-paid Energy Meter based on Atmel Microcontroller ABSTRACT The present system of energy billing in India is error prone and also time and labor consuming. Errors get introduced at every stage of energy billing like errors with electro- mechanical meters, human errors while noting down the meter reading and error while processing the paid bills and the due bills. There are many cases where the bill is paid and then is shown as a due amount in the next bill. There is no proper way to know the consumer's maximum demand, usage details, losses in the lines, and power theft. The remedy for this drawback is prepaid energy billing, which could be titled. Pay first and then use it. There are clear results from many countries, where prepaid system has reduced the usage (wastage) by a large amount. Another advantage of the prepaid system is that the human errors made reading meters and processing bills can be reduced to a large extent. Many works in the field of prepaid meter have already been done but they have used Atmel controller for their operation. In this paper, the idea of pre-paid energy meter using AVR controller have been introduced. In this method 8051 has been replaced by AVR controller because, it is energy efficient i.e. it consume less power, it is fastest among all the microcontroller families, it has inbuilt ADC and have advanced RISC architecture. In this paper, energy meters have not been replaced which is already installed at our houses, but a small modification on the already installed meters can change the existing meters into prepaid meters, so this meters are very cheaper. The use of GSM module provides a feature of pre-paid through SMS. One can recharge meter with the help of mobile through SMS, on the basis of recharge amount, AVR controller count the amount of energy consumed and display the remaining amount of energy on the LCD. If the amount falls below certain minimum amount, then it will be indicated by the controller through buzzer. This project uses regulated 5V, 750mA power supply. 7805 three terminal voltage regulator is used for voltage regulation. Bridge type full wave rectifier is used to rectify the ac output of secondary of 230/18V step down transformer.
  2. 2. VENSOFT Technologies Email: Contact: 9448847874 VENSOFT Technologies Email: Contact: 9448847874 BLOCK DIAGRAM: POWER SUPPLY: Power supply Step down transformer Rectifier Filter Regulator CONTROLLER LCD Display MAX232 LOAD-2 LOAD-1 GSM RELAY RELAY ENERGY METER
  3. 3. VENSOFT Technologies Email: Contact: 9448847874 VENSOFT Technologies Email: Contact: 9448847874 Hardware Requirement: 1. GSM MODEM 2. MAX232 3. ATMEL CONTROLLER 4. GSM MODULE 5. BUZZER 6. RELAY 7. LOAD 8. LCD 9. ENERGY METER Software Requirement 1. AVR STUDIO4 2. KEIL SOFTWARE 3. RIDE SOFTWARE Advantages: 1. Low cost 2. Easily install. 3. Easy to implement. Applications: 1. Homes 2. Industries