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The Secret Formula for Facebook Advertising [INFOGRAPHIC]


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- There are 22 billion ad clicks per year
- What is the secret sauce to getting discovered on Facebook?
- How do you nurture and amplify your audience?
- Highly specific targeting
- Pricing and bid strategy for Facebook ads
- Tips for controlling advertising costs

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The Secret Formula for Facebook Advertising [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. 1. DID YOU FIND YOUR INTENDED AUDIENCE? THE SECRET FORMULA FOR FACEBOOK ADVERTISING It has never been more important to include paid social advertising as part of your LEAD GENERATION STRATEGY. For a very low cost, you can get your message infront of a huge number of people with Facebook Ads. If you’re paying to promote Facebook posts, make sure you are only promoting your very best stuff! Avoid diluting the potential impact of your very best content. Follow the 3 R's to boost your relevance score. 22 BILLION THE SECRET SAUCE Getting in front of your existing customers and app users on their favorite social network reinforces your brand, but also gives you the opportunity to increase lifetime customer value, order frequency, and loyalty. DEFINE YOUR GOALS HIGHLY SPECIFIC TARGETING You can target users based on level of education, household size, income, “life events” like getting married or the birth of your first kid, even net worth. PRICING AND BID STRATEGY Budget allocation for paid social can be tricky – WordStream Advisor provides customized tips on how much budget to allocate per ad and when to adjust existing ad budgets. AD CLICKS PER YEAR RELEVANCE RESONANCE HOW ENGAGING YOUR POSTS ARE HOW TIMELY OR FRESH YOUR POSTS ARE NURTURE AMPLIFY 1 2 BY ADVERTISING TO PEOPLE WHO ALREADY FOUND YOUR WEBSITE USE INFO ABOUT EXISTING CUSTOMERS TO FIND NEW ONES 2000 OVER OPTIONS IF NOT REFINE & TEST AGAIN WITH NEW AUDIENCE TARGETING. APPLICABLE FOR INTERNATIONAL SALES & MARKETING CONSIDER TIME ZONES CUSTOM BIDS FOR SEASONAL COMPANIES OR LIMITED TIME SALES OFFER TARGET GRANULAR AUDIENCES BASED ON: ANYTHING TIED TO CREDIT CARD LEVERAGE DEMOGRAPHIC AND ADVANCED TARGETING: PLACES THEY HAVE BEEN THINGS THEY HAVE BOUGHT LIFE EVENTS CUSTOM AUDIENCES LOOK ALIKE AUDIENCES CALL BUTTONS EDUCATION INCOME Using Facebook For Lead Generation- Tips for Controlling Facebook Advertising Costs- and countless other targeting capabilities, not to mention the ability to reach them at any given hour of the day, for a whole lot less than any other available advertising medium of equal scale. This will ensure that leads who are completing actions on your website will be able to be tracked and you will be able to monitor the performance of your campaign accurately. Use automatic bidding, especially if you’re just starting out. It will instruct Facebook to bid for you in a way that will maximize what you can get for your Facebook ad budget. You can choose from a number of different bid setups for controlling Facebook advertising costs. You can edit your campaign’s end date or budget anytime after the campaign has started running. While you can’t change your minimum daily spend limit (it’s set at $50), you can change your daily ad budget, which ultimately is what really controls the cost of Facebook advertising. CHOOSE BETWEEN A DAILY OR LIFETIME BUDGET WANT TO CHANGE YOUR AD CAMPAIGN? SELECT A BIDDING OPTION Controls how much you will spend on a specific campaign per day. Lets you select how much you want to spend over the entire span of time a campaign is scheduled to run. Don’t forget that each campaign has a separate budget, so create a social media marketing plan to keep Facebook advertising prices within your comfort zone. DAILY BUDGET LIFETIME BUDGET If you choose the recommended (and selected by default) option of bidding based on your objective, your bid will automatically be set to help you reach your objective, whereas bidding for clicks or impressions allows for more customization. YOU CAN BID FOR: CLICKS IMPRESSIONS DESIRED OBJECTIVE (Facebook page likes) YOU HAVE ACCESS TO HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF USERS: LOCATION INTERESTS BEHAVIORS INCREASE CONVERSIONS ON YOUR WEBSITE OPTION or & RECENCY HOW RELEVANT YOUR POSTS ARE