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  1. 1. Contactless fundraising technology. delivering solutions for charities since 2006. online donation portal contactless kiosk solutions campaign & pledge management solution
  2. 2. is a complete fundraising and donor management solution. It enables nonprofits to raise more money and cultivate valuable donor relationships by minimizing time- consuming administrative tasks and organizing constituent data easily and effectively. Neon One powers the future of philanthropy. Combined, our platforms have helped organizations raise more than $166+ Million
  3. 3. The COVID-19 pandemic has created numerous barriers to fundraising. Kiosk is a custom hardware solution that is seamlessly integrated with our cloud infrastructure for an unmanned fundraising environment. We’re here to reduce those barriers with COVID-friendly contactless fundraising solutions and guidance for charities during this difficult time. KIOSK
  4. 4. Highlights Total Payments Processed 659K $166 Million Receipts Processed 74.5k Total Donors Premium Merchant Rates 0.25% + $0.25 Accepted Payment Methods cash credit card cheque e-transfer Crypto
  5. 5. Subscription Management Automated charging setup with deadlines Discount management Start & End dates Project Management Customized Project setupMonthly charge controlTax deduction controlSub Projects for categorization & reporting Donor Management Centralized CRMRelationship tracking Reporting Helpful Audit Reports (10+ years of CRA Audits)Mailout Mail-merge friendly expert integrated email/newsletter system Grave Management Tracked Inventory for Grave LotsCentralized Burial/Use Tracking Workflow Donations & Transactions Batches for Bank Deposits Audit for NSF / bounce trail portal
  6. 6. Features Instantly email receipts without having to print or write. All transactions are tracked and auditable. PAPERLESS / FULLY DIGITAL / ONLINE DATA SECURITY & ENCRYPTION STANDARDS All payment transactions through are secured by 256-bit SSL encryption between the clients and the server. The APIs use HTTPS and no credit card information is stored in MOHID INTEGRATION WITH BANKS Easily process EFT with your current bank, IRM will export the file for your bank needed to charge the contacts YEAR END TAX DEDUCTABLE RECEIPT Post annual audit, all organizations can generate tax deductible receipts for all donors with 1 click with cutline support
  7. 7. make paying Zakat and Sadqah simple and hassle-free. Our Islamic donation forms take just a few minutes to complete and only asks for important information. Donors can donate to your organization, no matter where they are in the world. Religious Fundraising
  8. 8. Islamic Foundation of Toronto Masjid Usman Pickering Islam Center Masjid Darussalam Toronto Madina Masjid Toronto Jame Masid Missisaga Some of the clients we work with Malton Masjid Masjid Usman Pickering Islam Center Masjid Quba Masjid Ibrahim Bramption Jame Masid Missisaga
  9. 9. Roadmap for 2021 Q1 Launching our Donation Merchant Services 2021 Q2 Launching our Unmanned donation KIOSKS system 2021 Q3 Launching Event & Ticket Management System 2021 Q4 Launching our integrated School Management System 2022 Q1 Launching into complete North American Market Market
  10. 10. Contact Us EMAIL WEBSITE