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  1. 1. Connecting & Managing - Debtors, Creditors & Credit Coaches - connects potential customers who would like to improve their financial health with a wide range of financial experts to assist in coaching, advocacy and knowledge to help overcome the financial crisis FINXPERT.CA
  2. 2. Real estate agents Mortgage brokers Trustees Credit Coaches Insurance Advisors Registered Education Savings Plan Registered Retirement Savings Plan Income Tax Consultant Credit Card Lenders Debt Management Plans Credit Rebuilding Products - All-in-one lead generation & sales acceleration platform for financial and related services, automating customer acquisition process and matchmaking customers to the right consultants/ agents with data-driven experiments. We deliver highly qualified leads to professionals in our network. FINXPERT.CA Start your financial journey in understanding your personal finance
  3. 3. How it works Trustee Financial Counselling Tax Consulting Insurance Agents Mortgage Brokers Lead Fill out Application @ Email Leads to Unique vendors Step 1 The prospect fills out a small questionnaire Step 2 Choose Financial Goal Step 3 Examine Data Input Step 4 Connect With Experts
  4. 4. Problem People facing ongoing financial problems, debt crisis, looking for credit counselling, hiring a Trustee, consolidating their debt, etc. usually have to shop around for various services. Lack of options for one stop solution in all types of financial help. Cost Structure Development of Software to analyze, process and identify the areas customers needs help. IT Infrastructure and Marketing would be the primary cost involved. Revenue Streams Every Lead claimed by the vendors will be billed at the end of the month. Since a every single lead is aggregated to multiple vendors, the revenue will be multiplied across the stream which every areas customer needs help. Solution Our data driven lead aggregator model screen website visitors with a dynamic questionnaire to match them with right agents and consultants for debt related services in various aspects. Unique Value Proposition Personalized Questionnaire based and Response based solutions based on profile, goals, and credit situation are identified and the leads are passed on to the vendors fitting the customer criteria. Key Metrics Cutting edge matchmaking technology. Our free service works by enabling you to enter basic information, which is then used to match you with lenders that can provide a personalized loan solution. Existing Alternatives There are various debt consolidation services and credit repair programs in the market offering individual services within their expertise. High Level Concept End to End Credit Repair solution with in-depth analysis of customer profiling. we combine expert advice, cutting edge technology, and a lender network to assist in finding the right solution. Unfair Advantage Customer saves time, receive offers from top companies, and can make an apples-to- apples comparison. Channels Website, Web Application, Online Portals, Social Media and financial forums and blogs, Influencer Marketing and agile marketing Customer Segments Customers would be the ones facing financial hardships, debt crisis, home loan defaulters, bankruptcy potential seekers of credit counselling/ coaching Early Adopters Youth who are inexperienced in tackling financial crisis and looking for holistic solution provider.
  5. 5. Industry Facts Between 2019-2020, Canadians on an average spent $1.77 for every dollar they earned. The google search keywords like "bankruptcy attorney" "debt counselling" "financial counselling" have 300% increase in search instances. Roughly 760,000 Canadians applied for some sort of mortgage deferral from a chartered bank since the pandemic began. (Daniel Munoz/Reuters) Roughly 30% of Canadians don’t pay their credit card balance in full each month. Canadians have deferred $1B a month worth of mortgage payments since pandemic began Canadians seeking Credit Counselling has seen the highest surge in demand in the last 2 decades during COVID-19 Pandemic. FINXPERT.CA Global Debt Consolidation Software Market size would reach $ 6.7 Billion by 2027* *Source:
  6. 6. Year over year change in insolvencies, 3-month moving average Credit Market Debt to disposable income Number of Canadians Who Took Deferrals------- 3.1 million % of Canadians with a Deferral --------------------- 11% Peak Monthly Mortgage Deferrals------------------- $1 billion Bank Credit Cards Accounts Deferred------------- 478,000 Statistics of Credit Defaulters during COVID-19 “In these unprecedented times, the personal finances of over eight million Canadians have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and many are coping with job losses, reduced incomes, and minimal access to key support services,” said Michelle Pommells, CEO of CCA. FINXPERT.CA
  7. 7. --- credit counselling --- bankruptcy attorney This is the first unique challenge and opportunity: bankruptcy clients rely heavily on Google to find a lawyer to file bankruptcy. This means that your prospective clients don’t already have someone in mind when they decide to explore bankruptcy. Google Search trends for "---credit counselling" & "---bankruptcy attorney" GeoLocation Google Search trends for "---credit counselling" & "---bankruptcy attorney" Google Search Trends - 2020
  8. 8. FINXPERT.CA Our Web Application will act as a gateway for consumers looking for Debt Consolidation and Credit Counselling services online. We have intensive Digital marketing strategy to reach the audience looking to address their needs. Dynamic Debt Assessment Questionnaire- once the lead fills the application, our system would assess their financial condition and predicts the services customer needs to connect them with the right experts Once the domain experts contact the leads for various services the customer gets an analysis over email about the next steps further and once customer agree to terms and conditions, customer account is activated For every lead claimed by the vendors in our network they would be billed at the end of the month. We have a set amount package of leads will be provided every month to the vendors. *Refer Revenue Projection sheet We would run a referral and affiliate marketing program which pass on discounts to the customers who help us drive in more prospects. Awareness Acquisition Activation Revenue Referral
  9. 9. Tech Process Flow FINXPERT.CA
  10. 10. Pricing &Revenue Projection Real Estate Agents 750 $10 $7,500 $90,000 Professional Referrals/ Month Cost Per Lead Monthly Total Annual Total Mortgage Brokers 750 $30 $22,500 $90,000 Trustees 500 $100 $50,000 $600,000 Insurance Advisor 500 $100 $50,000 $600,000 Payment Protector 100 $100 $10,000 $120,000 RESP 10 $100 $1,000 $12,000 RRSP 10 $100 $1,000 $12,000 Income Tax 100 $25 $2,500 $30,000 FINXPERT.CA
  11. 11. Professional Referrals/ Month Cost Per Lead Monthly Total Annual Total Debt Management 750/ Month $30 $22,500 $90,000 My Marble 100/ Month $15 $1,500 $18,000 Total $160,000 $,1920,000 GIC Loan 750/ Month $10 $7,500 $90,000 Every leads claimed by the agents are billed monthly basis Each Agent has a set pool of minimum leads subscribed by them every month FINXPERT.CA
  12. 12. SWOT Analysis Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats FINXPERT.CA The current market environment possess high potential for people looking for financial advisory and our reputable team can offer solutions which fir the buyer persona. Strengths Lack of infrastructure to provide immediate solutions to client base. Weaknesses bankruptcy clients rely heavily on Google/ Online resources to find a lawyer to file bankruptcy. Opportunities Direct Competitors, Government regulation (if any) Threats
  13. 13. Social media post and ads Email marketing Promotional video Press Release TOFU (Top of the Funnel) Discounts Exclusive offers Free Debt Assesment Test DemoFeedback Success stories Comparison sheets MOFU (Middle of the Funnel) BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel) Marketing Funnel FINXPERT.CA
  14. 14. Buyer/ Debtors Characteristics Bankruptcy filing rates are the highest in middle age with over 50% of debtors being between 35 and 54 for each year in a study 67.5% of fillers reported the main cause of their bankruptcy to be the loss of a job others divorce, medical expenses and family problems The average age of a debtor is 47 years The rate of repeat insolvencies is 22% 53% of debtors are male, 47% of debtors are female 16% of insolvency filings are from rural areas, 84% of insolvency filings are from urban areas 22% of debtors are divorced or separated FINXPERT.CA Canadians among age group 30-36 are most likely to seek financial advice in the next 3 years
  15. 15. STRATEGY TACTICS Connecting financial experts/ related agents to Immediate Leads through digital Marketing with a free Debt Assessment Test. Develop highly targeted marketing strategies that directly address target clients and Implement best-practice digital marketing strategies EXECUTION Our one-stop shop makes exploring options simple and safe. We match people seeking debt solutions with proven companies they can trust. FINXPERT.CA Connect with more potential customers & Generate more leads and conversions
  16. 16. MISSION Reduce the stress experienced by indebted clients in the quest to become debt free. Hassle free management of process by debt counsellors VISION Our vision is to be known throughout Canada as the most convenient and trustworthy insolvency professionals to help you build a successful plan to become debt free. VALUES An integrated an effortless system that presents you with all the tools needed in one centralized and accessible place for Credit Counselling. FINXPERT.CA