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A magazine published in Abu Dhabi, serving residents and tourists.

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Abu Dhabi Tempo Magazine (Issue 9)

  1. 1. Free ISSUe FUN | FAMILY | FOOD | FRIENDSHIP | FASHION | FITNESS the rhythm of your city M AY 2 010 ray for rry! Hur o loiSTiCS TheUS hABi ClAS D S Ha iNAB alDkfC k i l no c w t! you ou “i leFt my heArt Win Abu DhAbi Free in Abu DhAbi” pg 8 ECo CarWasH kit Pullout guiDe
  2. 2. VOLUME 9 | MAY 2010 th e r h y th m o f your this month city hello Abu Dhabi !! Harry Connick Jr is one of those quintessential crooners who 4 Your Say has his own definitive style and doesn’t fit neatly into a specific 5 ShopCall genre. I’m tempted to go not just because I love his cool jazzy 5 Shop Call numbers, but to find out what kind of crowd mix he would draw in the wonderful mix of nationalities we have here. 6 What’s Hot in Abu Dhabi It is public events such as this (and think Womad here as an 8 My Abu Dhabi example), that you see the vibrant kaleidoscope of races that is Abu Dhabi. You get people from all walks of life, and every 10 City Bytes corners of the globe, living and working together--and getting the opportunity to learn about each other. I think that’s what 12 People Meter & Meet your Neighbour makes Abu Dhabi fun like London and New York; its about people getting out of their own cultural comfort zones to meet. 13 Making a Difference If that isn’t cool, I don’t know what is. 14 Handy Helper Respect and kindness, 15 Workitude 16 Alive & Kicking Media Licence No. 1/105866/24295 Editor: Sana Bagersh, Editorial Coordinator: Kulsoom Zakir, 17 Beat with Aich Magazine Designer: Praveen Prabhakaran, Website Designer: Rizwan Pervaiz, Marketing Coordinator: Manjul Abhishek, Ahmad Al-Dajani and Venita Subramanian, Production Coordinator : Joel Flores, Editorial Contributors: Aicha 18 My Style Blueprint Diop, Samantha Davis, Randy Parker and Alma Kadragic. 19 Trendsetter Disclaimer: Tempo is a publication of BrandMoxie. Although Tempo Magazine does its best to ensure 20 On the Beaten Path & Arablish the authenticity and accuracy of its contents, the publisher cannot accept any responsibility for errors, mistakes and inaccuracies. The publisher reserves the rights of this product and no part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the 21 Funny thing about Life permission of the publisher. 22 Culture Talk Address: To reach editorial at Abu Dhabi Tempo email: editorial@abudhabitempo.com To reach advertising call 02 6673349 or email: advertising@abudhabitempo.com 23 25 Ask Um Saif & A Yank in Sand Land If you need to find out where you can pick up your copy call: 02 6673349 or check out the list of Tempo distribution points on our website. 24 Lifecoach 25 Home Smart Join Us @ 26 Classifieds This is Abu Dhabi Tempo’s 27 Tempo Fun Page youtube channel. Watch out for regular video updates! Published by: Please recycle this magazine: locations include Spinneys, Al Mamoura Building and behind Riyada Clinic.
  3. 3. yoursay SHOPCALL Hi Ed, all consumer societies. Can ‘not having a car’ be the eco-car statement? Tricky stuff! Good luck, hope this helps. Just a quick comment about the ‘eco vote’ (page 11 volume 7). I may be mistaken but 100% degradable bags are possibly John Fuller worse than ‘normal’ bags because they degrade into tiny pieces of plastic (difficult to clean up); they are not organic. Therefore will not become a useful part of any natural cycle Dear Ed, (while paper can decompose to become part of the ‘food’ for I picked up your April issue last night for the first time. I have trees). It’s difficult to find real examples of ‘eco’ because it’s a comments about Abu Dhabi tempo’s On the Beaten Path. different concept - like in medicine, prevention is a different I was having a late night bite when reading the piece, and concept than cure. If we apply that concept, no plastic is all this talk about bad breath really put me off my meal. It’s better than ‘100% degradable’ or even an organic bag - it’s just simply not pleasant. I applaud the fact that Abu Dhabi Tempo Accessorize way better not to make it. If the question is ‘what do we use?’ - is out there competing with other bigger publications. But exactly! What do we use?! when I pick up something to read, I don’t want to read about what other people hate. I don’t care. Especially if it’s half a with Vincci This could be the first step away from consumption and towards conservation by merely challenging ourselves. page on bad breath. I wish Abu Dhabi Tempo the best. Applying this level of thinking is the difficult challenge for Ameera Vincci’s recently launched store in Abu Dhabi Mall is all that ladies seem Raising the Bar to be talking about! Offering stylish shoes, bags and accessories that are high on the luxe and style, it seems Vincci has discovered its niche in attempt to break the previous Guinness World Record of accessorizing the trendy and fashion savvy female residents of our capital 298 kg for the most plastic bottles collected for recycling city with their affordable, yet classy collection of shoes and handbags. They in eight hours, students from the Zayed University collected 394 kg of plastic waste. only produce a few pieces per design so if you like something, grab it quick! tyre Safety: Last month the Department of Traffic and Their fabrics are durable and soft to touch, unlike some rexine nightmares Patrols at Abu Dhabi Police, held a three-day traffic Student Council President Mariam Omran Al Hallami we have seen in other stores lately. This only goes to show that being an campaign to ensure motorists were using safe tyres in said: “After the success of our attempt we are sending envied fashionista can be achieved within your financial budget sometimes. Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. First Lieutenant Hamdan Hassan the collected bottles for recycling and are currently You only need to choose wisely - in addition to waiting for bargain sales of Dhaiban, of Information and Public Relations Section at waiting for the announcement of our accomplishment course! the department, said the campaign was aimed at raising in breaking the previous record from the Guinness World awareness among motorists about dangers, ensuing Records committee” . from using worn out and invalid tyres. nike Aerospace training 20 uAe nationals: In the month of April, Mubadala Aerospace, a business unit of the Mubadala Development Company, has partnered with the Institute of Applied Technology (IAT) to provide UAE Nationals with specialist training programmes to develop them for a career in Abu Dhabi’s growing aerospace industry. The first batch of students have commenced is in town their training at the Al-Ain International Aviation More than a hundred sq metres of Nike Academy (AAIAA). – some have called it a haven for sports “We are delighted to welcome our first group of students enthusiasts. Located in Abu Dhabi Mall, to a career in aerospace,” said Homaid Al Shemmari, this little piece of sports heaven is the first Executive Director of Mubadala Aerospace. “Through our Nike outlet in Abu Dhabi bringing the partnership with IAT, we are committed to developing a total number of Nike stores in UAE to 5. highly skilled UAE National workforce that will lead the Need new sportswear from their Air Max growth of a world class aerospace industry here in Abu collection? Now to know where to look Dhabi. It is one of the most exciting career opportunities for it. NikeiD is another concept by the in the UAE and we encourage all UAE Nationals to footwear giant which has caught the fancy consider a future in this field.” of the common outdoorsy man. You can gram sparks curiosity in choose your signature colours, design and breaking World records: You just can’t contain the The Young Archaeologist Pro children as they are tau ght to use field tools. style online and in four weeks, voila! You will energy and imagination of young minds today. In an have your our very own customized pair of Nikes. Uber cool! 4 Tempo May 2010 www.abudhabitempo.com 5
  4. 4. What's n Abu t oNly yoU iHoDhabi MMA Weight Divisions Bantamweight 125 to 135 lbs (56.7 Featherweight 135 to 145 lbs (61.2 Lightweight to 61.2 kg) to 65.8 kg) hArry! abu Dhabi 145 to 155 lbs (65.8 to 70.3 kg) Welterweight harry Connick Jr. live in concert: 16 may, ADneC fighting 155 to 170 lbs (70.3 to 77.1 kg) Born Joseph Harry Fowler Connick, Jr., Harry is a Grammy and Emmy winning performer Middleweight accustomed to wearing many hats. An accomplished actor, singer, theatre performer, 170 to 185 lbs (77.1 to 83.9 kg) Championship Light Heavyweight composer, pianist and jazz musician, he can easily be mistaken for King Midas. As 185 to 205 lbs (83.9 to 93.0 kg) an artists who has earned more number-one albums than any other Heavyweight in the history of US jazz, Harry Connick Jr. is also one of the 14 May, abu Dhabi Hall, aDnEC 205 to 265 lbs (93.0 to 120.2 kg) top 60 best-selling male artists in the United States by the The official ADFC weigh-in will take place at Recording Industry Association of America, with 16 million After witnessing the action-packed UFC event, Abu Marina Mall on May 13. Don’t miss the chance certified albums. Well, with seven top-20 U.S. albums and Dhabi has got a taste of martial arts fights and guess to see champion fighters like Jeff Monson, Johan ten number-one U.S. jazz albums, we reckon he should what? We want more! Abu Dhabi Fighting Championship Romming, Sergei Kharitonov, Przemylaw Mysiala, is the emirate’s very first open-weight Mixed Martial Arts be! This jazz idol who has sold 25 million records Marcos Oliveira, Neil Wein, Marcio Cruz and Grand Prix. Think of it as a combination of lightening fast worldwide, is currently promoting his newest album Shamil Abdurahimov up-close! speeds and deadly moves, which will be demonstrated “Your Songs” which is a compilation of 14 classic by 8 renowned international super-star fighters. Clashing in the open-weight ‘Battle of the Champions’, this popular songs. The album is a collaboration with a televised event will decide which fighter deserves the record company producer, the multiple Grammy One Million Dirham grand prize. The championship will award winning music executive Clive Davis. Doors take place over three events, the first of which is on 14th open at 6:30 pm and the concert will begin at of this month. 8:30 pm. See you there! ADFC will also serve as a platform for 12 local fighters to exhibit their skills and talent and to propel them into the international spotlight through side-fights where they listen will be pitched against international fighters. This will test their discipline, skill, agility and most importantly, mental strength since Mixed Martial Arts is a hybrid sport allowing the participation of all martial arts and hand- 14 May, to-hand combat styles such as Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Karate, Abu Dhabi theatre Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Kung fu, Take Kwon Do, and Muay Thai. Check out some of the demo videos on their website www.abudhabifc.com Abu Dhabi Classics Best of British Gala continues to entertain as this month will see - or rather listen - to the music 15 May, Emirates Palace Auditorium of Evelyn Glennie, who is the first person in musical history to Abu Dhabi will be regaled by the music successfully create and sustain a full- of London’s BBC Concert Orchestra in a time career as a solo percussionist. Her traditional evening of stirring and beautiful irrepressible, contagious energy and classics from the British Isles – including Elgar’s famous Pomp and Circumstance enthusiasm make her one of the most March (“Land of Hope and Glory”) as well as colourful and innovative musicians “Rule, Britannia!” The evening will recreate the on the scene today. Abu Dhabi unique atmosphere of this thrilling BBC event you will be sorry if you miss this at London’s vast Royal Albert Hall which is event! This exciting concert is broadcast to millions of music lovers all over guaranteed to divert, entertain the world. and to teach us how to listen. 6 Tempo May 2010 www.abudhabitempo.com 7
  5. 5. MyABU DHABI “i left my heart in abu Dhab i...” making it was indeed a memorable one, which is why I keep telling people that I have left my heart in Abu Dhabi with his portrait. t: how does it feel to be the preferred artist of many portrait of Late Sheikh Zayed though is one piece I did fall in love with. Normally, when I travel I carry my art materials with me – brushes, canvas etc. They inspire me, keep me rooted to my work, and anchor me to this world. When I left I Abu Dhabi, I left them here so that one day I shall go influential and elite personalities all around the world? back for them. u: I am touched by their regard for my work and I am also very honoured to meet people who have made their mark t: you have been involved with many humanitarian as creating your own artwork. It is a big step to leave a in the world. To tell you the truth though, I don’t feel that causes across the globe; tell us about why these causes secure line of work and more so because people are not they are so different than the people we meet everyday. are so close to your heart? aware of the changes they will need to make for it to work. Each person is unique in their own way, famous or not. u: I feel that if my paintings can assist a child in relieving Regardless, I gave it my all and even though my decision some of his pain or bring hope into someone’s life then was very spontaneous, it paid off. t: Which was the most difficult piece for you to it is a worthy cause to support. I have been involved with complete and why? many projects where we try to fulfill the dying wish of t: Were your family and friends supportive of your u: My parents passed away when I was very young. Losing terminally ill patients including kids with life-threatening choice to shift careers? them this early in life made it very emotional for me to diseases. If I can help make the transition better then u: Yes they all were very supportive of my choice and I paint a portrait of them. why not contribute? We have worked with MSF and have am lucky to be surrounded by such helpful people. There contributed to various causes in from Vienna to Lebanon. is a special someone I’d like to mention here. His name is t: has someone ever asked you to re-do their portrait Richard. Infact I even mention him on each Certificate of and make them look better? t: What is your advice to striving artists? Authentication that is issued with my artwork because he u: This happens quite often I am afraid. For the collection, u: Do not be misled by circumstances. Be true to yourself. has been my constant companion and friend for 10 years pieces I can chose to paint subjects as I wish. However, You will receive opposition but be guided by God’s light. now. He, along with my brother, supports me in all that I the private orders are another story. I have to function as Do not give in to temptation and frustration. There is do. a make-up artist and cosmetic surgeon for some pieces. immense pleasure in art. Also, before this interview ends, t: tell us a little about your trip to Abu Dhabi and the They are commissioned so I must paint them as people I would like to thank Salwa Zeidan for providing me the artwork you were commissioned to produce. how do wish. For instance, recently I had to paint a plump lady and opportunity to experience Abu Dhabi and connect with its Abu Dhabi has been home to numerous art festivals and you find this city? she was not satisfied when I painted her as she was. I had spirit. Thank you to all. symposiums over the past month. One artist who visited u: Abu Dhabi to me is a love story. I fell in love with it the to make her slimmer and she said she needed a Barbie the capital city recently is Una St. Tropez who specializes in moment I set eyes on it and as I experienced this city and doll face so I re-worked the portrait till she looked like a painting large-size portraits using a unique combination worked with its people, I was confirmed of my love for perfect doll. I feel it is important to paint people as they of an ultra modern and yet ancient wax technique. She has it! It is such a lovely combination of contrasts; hot days see themselves. I understand that it can be contrary to painted commissioned portraits of some the most influential and cold nights; natural beauty and man-made marvels. reality at times but I am just the means to making good personalities in the world including HSH Prince Albert of I love the natural grace of women and the ethnic pride art so I don’t interfere with their perceptions. Monaco, Princess Stephanie of Monaco, members of the in men. Overwhelmed as I was, I still needed to find Brunei Royal family, Gordon Ramsey and quite recently, Eva elements which I could work with to form art which would t: how long does it take for you to complete a life-size Longoria Parker of the Desperate Housewives fame. portray the city’s spirit. I am grateful to have worked with portrait? how big do your paintings usually go? Salwa Zeidan Gallery for if it weren’t for my visit to their u: The bigger the better if you ask me! I have completed Una’s zealous involvement with many high profile charitable premises, I would never have glanced upon the picture artwork which was 3.5 metres in length. Private portraits events has enabled her to raise over AED 400,000 for different of a man with such a radiant smile and kind eyes that I vary from all sizes, big and small. It usually takes me a humanitarian causes all across the globe. She took time out was captivated by it. The picture was that of H.H. Sheikh month to paint private portraits as I need the time to of her busy schedule and sat down with Tempo for a chat Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan and I wished to paint get to know the person whose personality my painting about her greatest passion in life – art. him. Everyone spoke very highly of him. Later on I had will captured. For a collection, it can take longer for me the pleasure of meeting him in person. It is essential that to finish. Even a year because I am so involved with the tempo: you majored in finance from Westminster I meet the people I paint because it is the sentiment that process of creation. Each collection houses a world inside university in 1997, what lead to you to choose a career I feel when I am with them which translates onto the it, my world. as an artist? canvas. That is how I find expression. I have to live it to tell una St. tropez: Actually it was a matter of listening to the story through my craft. t: is it tough to part away with something like that, my heart and what I truly wanted to do in life. As with any something you’ve spent so much time and energy on? major decision, like studies; choosing careers; or deciding Of course there is another painting which I will always Which piece was, by far, the toughest to part away whether to launch a businesses venture or not - I believe it hold close to my heart. The one - as you might say - I with? is best to stay true to yourself and your desires. I only take was ‘commissioned’ to make. I don’t like using the word u: Making art is a divine process to me. It is tough to the path which is essential to maintaining the essence of ‘commissioned’. It detaches me from the spiritual aspect detach with it but I am happy to do it for a good cause. my being. And art is what I chose (smiles). of my work. Anyways, I was given the honour to paint You see, my artwork is my greatest joy and my greatest a portrait of the Late H.H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al fury combined. I am in the habit of isolating myself when t: how did you make the initial transition from a Nahyan. While painting him, I saw leadership within I work, so I experience the heartbreak and the agony of secure 9 to 5 job to a striving artist who was trying to his features. His eyes were very communicative of the parting with something that had been associated with make her mark in the art world? determination and vision he had for UAE. I learnt about his my lonely world for so long. I never say that I love one u: I always connected to art even with when I was working life and his compassion for his people and I must confess particular piece of my work because it just makes it all the in finance. To me nothing was as fulfilling and rewarding that I am very attached to his portrait. The experience of more tougher to part with it when the time comes. The 8 Tempo May 2010 www.abudhabitempo.com 9
  6. 6. CITY CANTiNA lAreDo Moroccan CiNCo De MAyo CUliNAry This month, starting from the 5th of May, Cantina Laredo in Khalidiyah Week Mall is celebrating the festival, boasting of its rich Mexican culture and cuisine served with a flair. The restaurant serves gourmet Mexican food from aromatic Enchilada Veracruz, succulent Camaron Poblano 14 – 22 May, Yas Hotel Asada to luscious Chocolate Cake, allowing guests to enliven the Mexican soul in its elegant artistry. Moroccan cuisine is as diverse as the Come and enjoy city itself. Wish to taste the flavours the colorful festivity of Marrakesh from the comfort of of Cinco De Mayo Abu Dhabi? Join guest chef, Abdelilah at Cantina Laredo Abounour as Yas Hotel celebrates the featuring a Hot Table Moroccan Culinary Week, dedicated to raffle every hour, for delectable Mediterranean cuisines and the guest to win a free spices. A whole week of brunches, teas, luscious Chocolate Cake traditional dinners, fashion shows and Dessert. henna parties - all in Moroccan style! NOTE: Bring this ABU And what’s a celebration without some DHABI TEMPO issue and festive music? They’ve got that too! enjoy 15% DISCOUNT So go with family and friends or just when you dine. tag along with that special someone but don’t miss this authentic savory offer valid until may experience. 31, 2010 Jun EncArnAcion reSTAUrANT Stepping into this Filipino restaurant, you seriously don’t know what to expect. Their menu is rumored to have almost ‘everything’ on it. We decided it was time to pop in for a meal and see what the place has to offer. Welcoming ambiance; check. If you are not from Philippines you might find it difficult to decipher some dishes on their menu so we enlisted a server for the task. Since out team was feeling adventurous that evening, we decided to only go for dishes which sounded unconventional (read: unheard of to us or tough to pronounce). Right off the bat let us confess that this place is pretty affordable for the vast items (and sometimes out of season dishes) available on the menu. Anyways, continuing with our food-venture, we ordered the Tapsilog and Dasilog. Basically they turned out to be variations of garlic-fried rice and egg with either fish or beef served alongside nicely steamed rice. Their Adobo, which is essentially a beef stew, is also worth a mention. Not too thick; not too runny - just right! Another team member couldn’t resist ordering the Inihaw na Pusit. Apparently the ordering situation had escalated to a game now and we braced ourselves for the outcome. Thankfully a well grilled squid was served to us with fresh rice (you can choose between the rice, French fries or veggies as a side order). All in all, this restaurant and café is worth a visit if you are up for casual dining with friends. location: end of hamdan Street towards tourist Club Area. 10 Tempo May 2010
  7. 7. people meter Making a Meet People Meter is an offbeat way to learn more about our community and its people, who come from different Each of us can in his, or her, own way make a difference in our world. Sometimes this can be a simple gesture, and sometimes it backgrounds, cultures and walks of life. is a kind word. This page is dedicated to the hero that resides in each and every one of us, and to the sharing of great news that will make our planet a better place for us all. YoUr NeIGHBoUr CHannEl 4’s soCial sErviCE Sounds of Arabia: The third season of “Sounds Adam Ibrahim of Arabia” festival is to kick off in the capital on 6 May and continue till 16 May, presenting for the first time in Abu Dhabi, a number of regional singers MEssaGE Adam hails from Sudan and is living ‘the simple such as Syrian singers Wa’ad Bou Hasoun and Kinan life’ in Abu Dhabi… Al Adhama, in addition to Mustafaa Saeed from Egypt. “Care for them, don’t inflict The new singers will perform in the festival in a new initiative harm on them” “My name is Adam Ibrahim Adam Ali Soney. I was titled “Youth Talents of Arabia” Since the festival will focus on the . born in Bahri, a city in northern Khartoum, Sudan. musical traditions in the Arabian Gulf in particular, it will be a treat to We applaud the Arabic public Upon graduation from an Islamic university, I watch with family! service campaign on Channel began my hunt for a job in media sciences. I always 4 called ‘Rabuuhum, la Adnan Dhani Yassin Salah Elyan wanted to work for radio or television. Luckily Abu Dhabi bag for youth: “Youth of one world” is the slogan of the Pakistani Egyptian tuathebuhu’ which translates enough, I got an opportunity to work abroad after new Kalima initiative that includes the distribution of 1000 bags. Transportation Supervisor Univeristy Graduate Each of these contains ten books of distinguished children’s literature loosely into “Care for them, my first year of graduation. This is how I landed in don’t inflict harm on them.” from around the world, which have been translated into Arabic. This Abu Dhabi city! initiative is aimed at secondary school pupils (from the sixth to the It shows a whimpering child What first word comes to your mind when i say: ninth grade). The bags have recently been distributed to schools in Al who has been beaten up by “I am a very simple person. I am told I have a great Ain and Al Gharbia in Abu Dhabi, with the co-operation of the district Curly Fries her father. It then cuts to her Curly Fries sense of humor and I enjoy the company of old directors of these schools. Shell Ferrari friends as well as making new friends. In my free father receiving people at her Shell Bell Book My father time, I go out to play some sports; read books and new horizons for ADFF: With submissions now open for its funeral, and people shaming Book Read Storm Power newspapers; or go out for a walk to some soothing 2010 program, Abu Dhabi Film Festival has announced a new him instead of offering Storm Loud sight in the city. That’s what I like about Abu Dhabi. competitive section for fiction and nonfiction feature films by their condolences. A brave There are many such places where you can just sit first- and second-time directors. To be called the Afaq Jadida (New campaign tackling a sensitive still and watch the entire city pass you by. Then of Horizons) Competition, this section will focus on the work of new topic. We all know child abuse 2) if you could interview one celebrity who would it be? course there is the high-end lifestyle with loads of talents from all over the Arab world shown side-by-side with that is an abhorrent crime--it luxuries - a fast-paced life for fast-paced multi- of their international counterparts. Films in the competition will vie for ADFF’s Black Pearl Awards for Best New Narrative Film, Best New shouldn’t be covered up in Adnan: I would love to yassin: Miley Cyrus, national people. I admire the lack of lawlessness any society, and it shouldn’t be interview Johnny Depp. Narrative Film from the Arab World, Best New Documentary, Best New obviously because she is so in people; both expats and locals follow the rules. tolerated in any form. I wonder if he really is as Documentary from the Arab World, each with a $100,000 cash prize. interesting. This is something commendable. colourful as the characters he HelpingHand portrays on-screen. tempo’s “If I were to change something about Abu Dhabi, 3) Why did the chicken cross the road? it would be to lower the high accommodation vote! rents so that we expats can save money for our future and support our families better. Also, if the de’) Adnan: I guess he wanted yassin: To catch up with city were to become more ‘expat-friendly’ then we (aka ‘the rahma briga to see what it felt like the handsome rooster on will feel more comfortable here. Sometimes I feel because no one ever made the other side! because of the pressures of expat expenditures it back to tell him about it. people are more materialistic than friendly, i.e., Etihad Airways has announced they look to making profit out of everything, even it will operate five return services Under the Patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, by 4) if you were neil Armstrong and you landed on the a network of friends. per week to Baghdad, operated Chairperson of UAE General Women’s Union and Chairperson of the moon, what would your first words be? two -class Airbus A320 aircraft, and Family Development Foundation, the Diplomatic group for spouses of “My dream is to become a professional reporter will expand its operation with two Ambassadors in the UAE will hold a charity bazaar at the General Women’s to additional A320 return services Adnan: Is this place off the yassin: OOH YEAH! Union on 2nd May. The proceeds will help ease the suffering of Haiti in BBC. I believe one should do something nd Iraq destination – Erbil – real-estate market? Can I meaningful with their life and it should touch victims and will contribute to worthy local charities like the Special Care a seco Centre and Future Centre for Special Needs in Abu Dhabi. Tickets for a nt stay here forever? other’s lives in such a manner that it brings a from June 1, subject to governme raffle draw with exciting prizes will be available at the entrance of the positive change to it. My message to people in UAE and regulatory approvals, UAE venue. Men are welcome to join in the fun and festivity as the event will becoming the first airline in the 5) What one thing do you do everyday to save the planet? is that they should co-exist peacefully and always be grateful to the country which welcomed them feature stalls from various countries. A cultural experience and a good in its heart to make a living and provide for their to fly to Iraq. cause - it’s worth a visit folks! Adnan: I often help kids yassin: I sleep more, it’s and elders cross roads since very energy efficient! family. May God bless you all and I wish you a safe I spend most of my time return home.” around moving vehicles Making a Difference is a celebration of good people and good deeds. Please share with us your ideas, activities and community and bus-stops. ‘public-good ‘ stories. Send them to editorial@abudhabitempo.com 12 Tempo May 2010 www.abudhabitempo.com 13
  8. 8. • handyhelper WHo’s tHe Boss? mAkING GooD moVIe (pArt two) First imprEssions WAtcH This time we will focus on how you can build So choose someone with a moral centre and professional pride; someone your boss will listen to and take seriously; We all know they are important. So let’s not beat a tangible relationship with your boss. All the iron man 2 and most importantly someone with tight lips. about the bush saying there is always a second releasing may 7: Okay everyone probably plotting and planning in the world cannot get chance to make first impressions. There isn’t. Period. knows all the actors starring in this one. you into the good books of seniors at workplace Assert yourself So get it right the first time. Don’t know how? Well, Guys and gals, the most awaited sequel if you don’t analyze their personality and tailor Most of the time, it’s about standing up for yourself. We of the year is finally here. Robert Downey we don’t call this section ‘handy helper’ for nothing. Jr. is billionaire inventor, Tony Stark and is your strategies accordingly. Granted they maybe don’t mean a re-enactment of last night’s WWE match known all around the world as the savior though! Just try not to over-react and lose your cool. of humanity, Iron Man, much to his delight! moody, unpredictable or just plain crazy, but Remain reasonable, calm and confident about your tip #1 Smile your best ‘I-am-a-sane-person’ smile. Make Only now there is immense pressure from there is always a way to work around such issues. the government, the press and the public position. We know this is tough to do when someone sure you practice in front of a mirror if you are unsure to hand over his technology to the military. Read on, we’ve done some extensive research on is yelling profanities at you in a foreign language but of how your smile looks. It should be a warm, genuine While Tony tries to keep the government maintain your poise. Politely explain to them your position smile, something that’s welcoming and immediately from getting their hands on the technology, wacky bosses for this piece. on the matter and inquire exactly what it is about your makes the other party feel comfortable in your there is something far worse waiting to challenge him and threaten with the world. work or behaviour that has upset them. You statements presence. Think Julia Roberts, Oprah or even Sushmita Who cares really? We just want to see Robert like ‘I Think’ or ‘I Feel..’, never use aggressive statements like Sen! reprise a role which he plays really well. ‘ You don’t’ or ‘ You never’. tip #2 Don’t unleash the Spanish inquisition on robin hood Communicate someone you are meeting for the first time. Keep a lid releasing may 14: Directed by Ridley Scott, For some people office work is equivalent to team work on intrusive, personal questions but do ask ones that starring Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, and they like constant input and supervision from seniors. Vanessa Redgrave, Eileen Atkins and Danny require a little more than a simple “yes” or “no” answer; Huston, the movie chronicles the life of While others feel more relaxed if they are left to work then listen attentively. an expert archer, previously interested in their own creative zone. So while both employees only in self-preservation, from his service may be extremely productive, a conflict can arise with in King Richard’s army against the French. senior management due to difference in working styles. tip #3 Pay attention; not listening to what the other Upon Richard’s death, Robin travels to person is saying or making distracting movements may Nottingham, a town suffering from the Maybe your boss thinks you are more like the employee make the other person feel that you are not concerned corruption of a despotic sheriff and from the first example when you are really more like the crippling taxation, where he assembles second one! Work with your HR department on the issue. about what they have to say. This will blow all your a gang whose lethal mercenary skills Maybe the organization expects daily updates form your Keep this information handy for your own good. Cut out and save it in a folder. efforts right out of the water. Acknowledge that you are matched only by its appetite for life. Together, they begin preying on the supervisor which in turn causes him to track your work understand what they are saying by nodding your indulgent upper class to correct injustices Why make me suffer? with hawk-like precision. head in agreement. Body movements like this indicate under the sheriff. a listening stance. First of all, never ask them that! No one cares why it’s you, least of all your boss. Direct confrontation over a SoS letters to Juliet workplace conflict never ends well. It only further enrages If all else fails, report to super-senior-level management. tip #4 People don’t like being cut off! Let the other releasing may 14: When a young American supervisors and senior management if you ask them for Be warned though, this is an open battle call to your boss. person do most of the talking, unless you want their (Amanda Seyfried) travels to the city of Blood will be shed, words will be exchanged and someone first impression of you to be that you are completely Verona, home of the star-crossed lover an explanation for their irrational behaviour towards you. Juliet Capulet of Romeo and Juliet fame, she So what do you? We suggest you observe a colleague will get fired. Even if the air clears without much damage, self-centred. joins a group of volunteers who respond to your work relationship with the manager in question, will who is liked by the boss and we mean really observe letters sent to Juliet seeking advice about them (read: not stalk them, just observe!). How do they act never be the same. So be absolutely sure the issue is worth tip # 5 Practice icebreakers. Compliments can do the love. After answering one letter dated 1951, the trouble. she inspires its author (Vanessa Redgrave) to when they are around seniors? Do they treat upper level trick at times. Do make them sound genuine and based travel to Italy in search of her long-lost love management any differently than you do? on something you have learned about the person. and sets off a chain of events that will bring Saying that you love their fashion sense if they are a love into both their lives unlike anything time Management tip # 9* they ever imagined. general Consensus dressed in very casual clothes sounds too desperate, Sometimes it’s not just you. Listen to what others have like you are trying too hard to be a people pleaser. to say about the boss during office lunch breaks. Share Just Wright If you can, do some research before you have your ideas on how you can make it known to him or her that Regardless of the size of your business, there’s no need releasing may 14: Under the direction of conversation to get some background information on Sanaa Hamri, Queen Latifah stars in and their behaviour is affecting everyone’s work. If it is a large for it to be a one-man show. Delegate tasks to fellow the person. produces this movie about Janice Wright, group of people who have worked in the company for a workers in accordance with their skills and working a physical therapist (Queen Latifah) who is substantial period of time, then maybe someone who is hired by an NBA basketball player to help capacities. Division of labour at the workplace helps tip #6 End the conversation on a positive note with a close to the boss can be elected to speak to them about him rehab from an injury. As time goes on, share the load among colleagues whilst leaving you smile or handshake. Exchange business cards so that the player begins falling in love with her. their behaviour privately. Perhaps someone who doesn’t free to manage more pertinent tasks. they recognize your interest to meet them again. This The rest as the say is history but as the smart work directly under your boss but is at the same position movie-goer knows: it’s the journey towards as him in another department of the organization. This is way they too will look foward to speaking with you in ‘history’ that is worth a watch! *Part 9 of a 12 issue series the future. Best of luck! a risky move and once it’s done there is no turning back. 14 Tempo May 2010 www.abudhabitempo.com 15