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The European Alliance for Apprenticeship - Norbert Schobel, European Commission DG EMPL


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FITT! final conference, 16th March Bruxelles

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The European Alliance for Apprenticeship - Norbert Schobel, European Commission DG EMPL

  1. 1. The European Alliance for Apprenticeship FITT – Final conference Brussels, 16th March 2017 Norbert Schöbel, Team leader European Commission, DG EMPL, E.3 1
  2. 2. European Alliance for Apprenticeships Photo: World Skills Leipzig 2013 2 A multi-stakeholder platform
  3. 3. DG EACDG EAC State of play
  4. 4. DG EACDG EAC Concrete figures 524,500 new apprenticeship and job opportunities 390,000 apprenticeships under Youth Guarantee + 2013-2020 2013-2016…
  5. 5. DG EACDG EAC EAFA Roadmap – 2017 • Highlights: • EAFA High-level event: 4 years, 30-31 May, Malta • Proposal for a Quality Framework for Apprenticeships, July (tbc) • Cedefop Policy Learning Forum, 7-8 September, Thessaloniki • EAFA meeting with 2016 Petronor EAFA Award company, 14-15 September, Spain • EAFA seminar: Supporting candidate countries, 26-27 October, Montenegro • Launch of Erasmus+ call for proposals on joint qualifications, October • EAFA meeting (focus on digital skills and on EAfA Awards), Brussels, 22 November, in context of 2nd European Vocational Skills Week Limited reimbursement available (only for EAfA members) 5
  6. 6. DG EACDG EAC Action Plan 2017-18 10 working areas
  7. 7. DG EACDG EAC Apprenticeship Support Services
  8. 8. DG EACDG EAC Malta, High-level event, 30-31 May 2017 4 year EAfA - 3 thematic themes •Boosting mobility for apprentices •Apprenticeships support services: Making it Happen! •Towards a European Quality Framework for Apprenticeships Launch of a new European Network of Apprentices In cooperation with the European Youth Forum and OBESSU and with participation of the EAFA Award winners Apprentice 2016 Welcoming newcomers Signing of new national commitments and pledges, and statements from selected stakeholders 8
  9. 9. DG EACDG EAC 9 Erasmus Pro For a million young ”European apprentices” by 2020 MEP Jean Arthuis Pilot project - Towards a single European apprenticeship framework Long duration mobility of Apprentices
  10. 10. DG EACDG EAC Erasmus+ New design for Key Action 1 on VET mobility New strand for ERASMUS PRO (long duration mobility) LOT 1 – "Leonardo da Vinci" (current existing support) for short duration mobility in VET (on average: less than 6 months) LOT 2 - "ERASMUS PRO" (new strand of support) for long duration mobility of VET work placements including apprenticeships (6-12 months) Targets for the 2014-2020 period: Participants: •650.000 VET learners •200.000 VET Staff Budget: € 2 Billion Targets for the 2018-2020 period: Participants: •50.000 work placements (re-assigning existing resources E+ 15% flexibility, and MFF review)
  11. 11. DG EACDG EAC European Alliance for Apprenticeships EAfA newsletter: Please send an e-mail to our functional mailbox: LinkedIn  / #ApprenEU
  12. 12. DG EACDG EAC Commissioner Thyssen announcing the 2017 Week!Kc37jF 12
  13. 13. DG EACDG EAC