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Promoting quality apprenticeships in Europe How Cedefop does it? How can FITT be transferred and mainstreamed? - Ramona C. D. Craescu, CEDEFOP


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FITT! final conference, 16th March Bruxelles
Workshop 2: Institution promoting quality apprenticeship in Europe: how can FITT! be transferred and mainstreamed? Inputs from stakeholders and institutions from Italy and Europe

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Promoting quality apprenticeships in Europe How Cedefop does it? How can FITT be transferred and mainstreamed? - Ramona C. D. Craescu, CEDEFOP

  1. 1. Promoting quality apprenticeshipPromoting quality apprenticeshipss in Europein Europe •How Cedefop does it?How Cedefop does it? •How can FITT be transferred andHow can FITT be transferred and mainstreamed?mainstreamed? Brussels, 16 February 2017 Ramona David Craescu, Cedefop
  2. 2. ApprenticeshipsApprenticeships • companies have formal responsibility for learning and are equal partners with the vocational schools (good governance) • companies co-define the learning content • in-company training has an important share within the overall training programme, cannot be replaced by learning at school • learners in apprenticeship are contractually linked to the company and receive remuneration • companies often do not take formal responsibility for learning • in-company training part may vary in length and weight in the overall programme, may be replaced by learning at school Work-placements in school-based VETWork-placements in school-based VET
  3. 3. Thematic Country Reviews on Apprenticeships (TCRs)Thematic Country Reviews on Apprenticeships (TCRs) • LT and MT • EL, IT and SI • CY and HR The methodology of the TCRs grounds on three pillars: •an analytical framework; •an inclusive, participatory and collaborative approach and policy learning; •an evolving and iterative approach informs the data collection phases, as each one has its own objectives and inform and feed the following one(s). The TCRs strike a balance between the needs of research and constraints of policy advice and address the diversity of “apprenticeships” and the varieties of policymaking challenges.
  4. 4. Cedefop Analytical Framework and ETUC’s quality standardsCedefop Analytical Framework and ETUC’s quality standards for apprenticeshipsfor apprenticeships Exact same order the first 3 areas: 1.Defining “apprenticeship” 2.Stable and clear regulatory foundations 3.Governance and the importance of involvement of the social partners (employers and trade unions) at all levels
  5. 5. Different countries…common challengesDifferent countries…common challenges Lack of constructive communication, understanding and trust among stakeholders No common understanding why apprenticeship is introduced, reformed, etc. and/or for what policy objectives Unclear: status of apprentice and definition of apprenticeship (different models of implementing the same apprenticeship scheme) No or unclear distribution of responsibilities among main stakeholders at all levels; Accumulation of functions on the education side at all levels No or weak strategies/planning at all levels (national, regional, local) No or weak use of intermediary bodies; Overburden of the schools/education and training providers No or weak implementation provisions No or little evidence of the economic benefits for the companies Reconciliation between quantitative and qualitative goals
  6. 6. Contribution of initiatives such as FITT (in the Italian context)Contribution of initiatives such as FITT (in the Italian context) • Legislative framework and juridical nature of apprenticeship type 1 , status of apprentice type 1 • Central (national level) coordination body and mechanisms (programming and co-ordination) • Implementation targeted strategy • Training model for companies
  7. 7. Cedefop’s work on apprenticeshipsCedefop’s work on apprenticeships
  8. 8. Thank you!Thank you!